How To Transform Your Spare Room Into A Tranquil Hotspot

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Do you find it hard to get away from the children and just have some “you” time? Perhaps you’ve had struggles with mental health and need a quiet space to gather your thoughts and ease any anxieties or stress?

However you’re feeling, if you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your home, transforming it into a safe, tranquil and relaxed space can be a life-changing decision that can not just impact you, but the rest of your family too.

So many of us these days struggle with our mental health, whether it be through addiction and having to go through addiction counselling, suffering from postnatal depression, or struggling with the juggling of work and parenthood, so doing what we can to help manage that is a must.

That’s why having a place you can escape to can be hugely valuable.

So, how do you turn your spare room into a relaxed space for you to look after your mental health?

Choose your colours wisely

Firstly, like any room, you need to pick your colour scheme wisely and opt for calming colours. Pastel shades, beiges, and natural colours like light blues and greens are perfect for this, while don’t go for too many as you essentially need your eyes to relax and drift off in the room.

There’s a really useful guide on choosing calming colours by House Beautiful, which can be found here.

Purchase some comfortable furniture

Comfort is paramount in this room and you need furniture that you can spend a while in and really sink into. There’s little point settling for uncomfortable, cheap furniture as it will defeat the object of going in there and you’ll likely leave after a short period, perhaps more stressed than you were before!

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Comfortable couches, bean bags and soft furniture is ideal for this type of room.

Opt for calming scents

You want to occupy all the scences in this room and smell is one of the most important ones as it will help you leave the house entirely, removing the smells of dinner being cooked or a particularly smelly nappy. 

You’ll find candles to suit all needs these days, as well as diffusers and essential oils which are hugely effective. Scents such as lavender, jasmine, chamomile all offer this, while you can find plenty more available by clicking here too.

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