IPL 2020 to have 15 players instead

IPL 2020 to have 15 players instead of 11 in each team


Fans of IPL 2020 will surely be amused by this news. Their favorite IPL fantasy league 2020 has some surprises awaiting them. This time, the power player concept will be introduced into the IPL Fantasy League. This will change the whole trend of 11-player team in IPL fantasy. IPL 2020 will have 15 players instead of 11 in each team.

So, what exactly is the power player concept?

The IPL 2020 news about power player concept is leaving several avid fans of cricket confused and anxious. They are curious to know how this change will affect their favourite IPL Fantasy 2020 matches. Here we have shared what exactly is the power player concept.

The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket India) plans to revolutionize the IPL T20 Fantasy matches. The power player concept will be introduced from this year (2020). This new concept allows each of the IPL 2020 teams to take in 15 players instead of 11 standard that was followed. As per the rules in the power player concept, a team may substitute a player at the fall of a wicket. Apart from this, they may also replace a player at the end of the over. This can happen at any point in the match. The concept has already been approved. The concept of power player may first be witnessed in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy before being witnessed in the IPL fantasy 2020 matches.

How will this change affect fantasy IPL Matches?

While it all sounds simple, it may not actually be so for the team captains in the IPL Fantasy League. It may take some time for the captains of the teams to grasp the true implications of this change on the way the game is being played. Apart from this, the captains will have to be really wise and strategize their teams. They need to select good players in their team and also use them effectively.

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Here is How the New Rule May Make the fantasy cricket app an Exciting Place to Be

There are two types of avid fans awaiting to know the IPL 2020 schedule. The first is the kind of people who enjoy having a chill time with friends watching the IPL matches online. There are others who possess all the brain skills the cricket captain must possess. The only thing that maybe lacking is the actual ability to play on the field. These are people who choose to reveal their strategic skills on the new fantasy cricket app where their skills are rewarded. If you are one such avid gamers, you may want to know how the rule will change your experience in fantasy gaming online.

Once the IPL 2020 dates are out, you will know when the IPL Fantasy 2020 matches will be held. Take time to read and understand how to choose IPL 2020 players list for online fantasy matches. You also need to sit back and think how changing players using these rules can improve your chances of winning. This may just be a golden opportunity for you to make some few quick bucks on KhelChamps app with your superior cricket skills.

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