how to check amazon gift card balance

Gift Card Balance: How to Check Your Amazon Statement


Amazon gift cards can be redeemed for buying the items on Amazon. The balance of the card will be applied to the selected item after confirmation of buying. Well, Gift cards are prepaid debit cards with a balance of funds for future purchases. The buyer can get a minimum to the maximum loading amount on their gift card. Such cards are used as a gift for various occasions like, birthdays, graduations, Christmas like occasions. To know about the balance, you first need to know how to check amazon gift card balance. It can also help if you received a gift card but have no idea about its worth

How to check Amazon gift card balance on desktop or mobile?

Amazon gift cards can be used for buying anything; it covers products to membership. However, you cannot know about the balance before it gets loaded into your account. But before you confirm the purchase, you can check the balance.

To check the amazon gift card balance in desktop – 

  • Go to the Amazon website and log into your account. 
  • You will get a homepage. Click on Account & List, here you will get an option, choose Your account. 
  • Now, click on Gift cards option
  • The page will redirect to gift card balance, including the list of recent transactions done using the gift card. To check the amazon gift card balance in mobile – 
  • You can download the App. Now login to your account. Here you will get three-panel lines located on the left side of your screen. (ortery) Scroll the list and tap on your account.
  • Now you will get an amazon wallet section, choose ‘ manage gift card balance.’
  • The page will take you to another one where you can get your card balance, including the transactions. To check the amazon gift card balance on an unredeemed case- 
  • Login to the account by using your email and password.
  • Once you successfully land on your account, you will see an option under the search bar. Click on “ Gift cards and registry”.
  • There will be three boxes appearing on your screen, choose the second last box from the row. Click on “ redeem as a gift card”.
  • Here if you already have an Amazon card, you will see a silver strip. The strip covers the claim code written on the card in black color. Either you can use a coin or fingernail or simply scratch the silver strips off. Once you are done, you will get a claim code
  • Now type the code you get in the same way it’s written. 
  • Here you get two options, you can check the balance or apply it directly. To check, simply click on the option for knowing the balance, and here you go. 

How to redeem another card?

To redeem another card, you can click on the Gift card option on the desktop and mobile devices. It will quickly add the cash from your bank account, debit or credit card.

Gift cards have become an ideal option especially when it comes to gifting someone. The gift cards can be useful for buying kindle ebooks, digital content, etc. Knowing how to check amazon gift card balance can always have an idea about the amount left before you do the purchase. 

How to use amazon gift card on amazon payments?

Well to pay for the purchase you made. Firstly, you have to have a login to your account. Choose the amazon pay balance option; this will be in the list of payment method sections. You can complete the payment, combine it with a credit or debit card, or choose net banking and amazon gift card payment. Well, for knowing how to use amazon gift card on amazon payments? Make sure not to use in Gifts & Credit balance with EMI as well as Pay on Delivery as it won’t work. 

What to know before: How to use amazon gift cards on amazon payments?

Before you pay with your amazon gift card, you must have an amazon account and redeem the card. When you do, the amount will be applied in your account directly. Use the balance for buying the products from the amazon site. Make sure that you use the correct gift card as Amazon has different sites for respective countries. The list includes the UK, Australia, Canada, United States, India, etc. 

How do I add gift card balance to my account?

Adding an amount of balance to your account depends on what you are using. For a physical gift card, you can go to the ‘ Add Gift Cards’. Now enter the code which you will get on the gift card. After that, click on add, and the amount will be updated soon.

How do I add a gift card balance to my account for eGift cards?

eGift cards or Email cards are mostly shared via links that can directly add in your account. For that, click on the’ Add to my account’ option. The amount will directly add. However, you will be asked to log in to your account and the funds will be transferred. 

eGift cards include 14 characters extended code, which contains numbers and letters. Do not get confused with gift card reference ID and gift card number. Both are different, and the reference ID contains 16 large numbers only. 

Using these gift cards is simple if you know how to do it. Amazon gift cards are valued but they have limitation periods. The cards can only be used before their valid dates. 

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