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Jeremy Renner Net Worth: Find Out All About ‘Hawkeye’ Actor


Jeremy Renner is famous for his roles in movies like The Town and The Hurt Locker. He gained worldwide fame after portraying the comic character Hawkeye in MCU films. From Jeremy Renner net worth, his personality, a messy marriage, or his recent accident, there is always something keeping him in the headlines.

To get an in-depth insight into the actor, his early life, and the recent update regarding his health, here you have everything covered.

NameJeremy Lee Renner
Known asJeremy Renner
DOBJanuary 7, 1971
Years Active1995 - present
Alma materModesto Junior College
Parent(s)Lee Renner, Valerie Cearley
SpouseSonni Pacheo ( m 2-14. Div 2015)
Instagram Account@jeremyrenner
Twitter Account@JeremyRenner

Jeremy Lee Renner, or Jeremy Renner, was born in Modesto, California, on January 7, 1971. His family included his parents, Lee Renner and  Valerie Cearley, and seven siblings. Renner’s parents managed McHenry Bowl, a Modesto bowling alley, in the 1980s.

Valerie and Lee married when they were teenagers. However, the couple decided to get a divorce. At that time, Renner was ten years old and the oldest of all siblings; the youngest was born in 2011.

He completed his graduation in 1989 from Fred C. Beyer High School in Modesto.  Renee received his computer science and criminology degrees from Modesto Junior College. Later, he switched to drama classes to pursue his acting career.


Renner made his debut in 1995 with National Lampoon’s Senior Trip.  The actor played the role of an underachieving student. The film was critically panned, but he received a guest role for Deadly Games and Strange Luck along with a minor role in A Friend’s Betrayal.

During his early work, he portrayed guest roles and had limited appearances. The actor had to take the makeup artist job to meet the basic ends.

In 2002, Renner received the role of Jeffery Dahmer in Dahmer. The role managed to gain a positive response and a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Lead Male. However, the actor had coping difficulties after playing the serial killer role.

This started his early success; Renner appeared in numerous films. After almost two years, Renner played the supporting role in The Assassination of Jesse James, which received high praise from critics.

He starred in Take with Minnie Driver and had a role in The Oaks’s pilot episode. However, the series didn’t get picked up for continuation.

Breakthrough in commercial films

Kathryn Bigelow directed The Hurt Locker, an Iraq war thriller film that won Renner several awards, including an Academy Award nomination in the best actor category.

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In 2010,  Renner was cast in The Town, starring Ben Affleck, Blake Lively, and Jon Hamm, which received insane positive reviews. This led him to have several nominations for Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and Screen Actors Guild.

With his breakthrough commercial movies, the actor also gained media attention. As per The Hollywood Reporter, Renner is one of the young males pushing or being pushed to become a new A-list actor in Hollywood.

Entry into Marvel

In 2011,  Renner appeared as Hawkeye for the first time in Thor. But the cameo was uncredited and only for creating character familiarity for the upcoming movie The Avengers.  Later, in 2015, he reprised the role in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War in 2016.

Renner also filmed scenes for Avengers: Infinity War, released in 2018, but his scenes were not added. Later, they moved to Avengers: Endgame in 2019.  He played a starring role.

After joining The Marvels, Jeremy Renner net worth also changed drastically along with his fan following. The actor gained a lot of popularity from his character. This led to his miniseries Hawkeye, created by Jonathan Igla for Disney+.

Successful movies and series

Apart from Marvel, Renner worked in successful movies like Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Kill the Messengers, American Hustle, Mission Impossible, and Arrival.

He also started his production company and co-produced films. In 2016, he served as executive producer for Knightfall drama.

Launching his mobile app

Jeremy Renner net worth has also grown from his businesses and ventures. In March 2017, he released the mobile app in his name for Android and iOS. The app created a new space for social media where the community shared selfies, memes, etc. However, later, many users started to complain about the features and claims of censorship and bullying-like issues. Due to this, Renner had to shut down the app.

Personal life and relationship

Renner married on January 13, 2014. The actor tied knots with Sonni Pacheco. She was a Canadian model. Renner has a ten-year-old daughter from the marriage.  His daughter and wife also made a cameo in American Hustle.

However, the marriage didn’t work for long, as in December of the same year, his wife filed for divorce. The reason was stated as the irreconcilable differences. They also shared custody of their daughter after the divorce. The couple officially separated on December 28, 2015.

Before his marriage to Sonni Pacheco, Jeremy had a dating history with Janet Montgomery, Jess Macallan, and Rashida Jones.

The snowplow accident

Renner was hospitalized on January 1, 2023, after he had an accident. The actor suffered from blunt chest trauma. He was hit and run over by a snowplow at his home that weighed 14,330 or 6,500 kg. It was an extremely large snowcat that broke his 30 bones.  Renner was taken to Renown Regional Medical Center by helicopter.

He had to undergo surgery and remained in the intensive care unit. As per the reports, Renner had a critical condition, and the injury was severe. By January 17, the doctor allowed him to return and rest in his home. Also, they said Renner’s health and physical fitness helped him survive such a dangerous accident. After recovering for ten weeks, he started to walk but needed a cane until he made a complete recovery.

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Jeremy Renner net worth

Net worth of Jeremy Renner includes different income sources, primarily his acting career. The rest he generated from his renovation business and other ventures.

He appeared in several successful movies, including The Hurt Locker, Arrival, and The Town. The actor also created his income from songwriting and real estate investments.

YearsNet worth
Jeremy Renner net worth 2023$80 million
Jeremy Renner net worth 2022$75 million
Jeremy Renner net worth 2021$70 million
Jeremy Renner net worth 2020$65 million
Jeremy Renner net worth 2019$57 million


Despite being the widely recognized name and face in Hollywood,  Jeremy Renner has also been at the center of different controversies for a decade. The list includes some of the major controversies so far.

He wanted Hawkeye to die

During a Q&A in 2016, Renner admitted that he wanted his character to die in the first Avenger movie.  He commented it was frustrating for him to see his character’s plot. Adding to it, he said, one minute, his character has a different personality, and then the next, he is playing Loki’s minion.

He slut shamed Black Widow

Another popular controversy includes his comment during the press tour in 2015.  Chris Evan, who was with Jeremy for the interview, was asked his thoughts regarding the character Black Widow.  The question was about the character’s changing affection towards Bruce Banner, Client Barton, and Steve Rogers.

Replying to it, Renner called her slut, and Evan joined him by calling her a ‘whore’. Although it was not directed towards Scarlett Johansson but for a fictional character. But it caused a huge backlash.

Both actors had to apologize through their released statements.

Accusation from his ex-wife

Sonni Pacheco accused the actor of abusing her.  She publicly called out Jeremy’s violent behaviors towards her and their daughter, Ava.

As per the reports, the actor threatened to kill himself and Sonni. He even put a gun in his mouth and then fired into Ceil.  At the time, their daughter was at home but sleeping.

His ex-wife also claimed Renner has a history of substance abuse and cocaine use.

Final thoughts

Renner is one of the most famous names in Hollywood. Also, Jeremy Renner net worth is estimated to increase more in the upcoming years, thanks to his popularity and acting skills.

After his accident, the actor took his time recovering completely. Even though he didn’t let it dishearten or victimize. The actor also successfully established himself on the A list with an impressive net worth.


1. What happened to Jeremy Renner after his snow plow accident?

Renner recovered from the incident; it took almost ten months. The actor comments that he feels blessed and lucky to have survived a fatal accident.

2. Does Jeremy Renner have a hearing issue?

Renner has hearing difficulties but is not deaf; he stated it’s a significant aspect of his life.

3. What happened to Jeremy Renner and his wife?

Renner and Sonni Pacheco had a nasty and lengthy court battle. The couple got divorced but is fighting for complete custody over their 10-year-old daughter.

4. How tall is Jeremy Renner?

Jeremy has a height of 1.74m.

5. Where is Jeremy Renner now?

Jeremy is recovering from his accident; he is rumored to reprise his role as Hawkeye at some point.

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