Michael Vick net worth

Michael Vick Net Worth and His Journey With Football


Michael Vick is an ex-football quarterback from America. He played in National Football League (NFL) for thirteen seasons, mainly with Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons. Vick has been a phenomenal player, and today, we will look at his personal and professional life and what is Michael Vick net worth in 2021.

Moreover, Vick has been playing football since high school, and when he was in college, he played at Virginia Tech. From here, the Falcons in NFL Draft (2001) selected him.

Early Life of Michael Vick

Michael Dwayne Vick was born on June 26, 1980, and his father is Michael Boddie, and his mum is Brenda Vick. He has two older siblings and one younger sibling. While growing up, everyone around him used to call him Ookie.

Vick’s mum worked two jobs and had a public financial allowance. She also got financial support from her family. Vick’s father worked in shipyards. He used to work as a spray-painter and sandblaster.

They used to live in Ridley Circle Homes in the East End area of the port city. The government provided the home, and this part of the city was very crime-ridden.

Vick said that most kids in the neighborhood played sports to escape from the violence in the area. He used to love fishing with his siblings, and at the age of 10, he started to go there to relieve stress from all the violence.

Moreover, his father wanted to teach him and Marcus Vick, his younger brother, about football. Michael started to train at the age of 3.

Later, Aaron Brooks, his cousin, helped him to learn various techniques of football.

Michael Vick net worth


Vick first attended L. Ferguson High School; however, this school was shut down in 1996. Then he and Tommy Reamon, his coach, went to the Warwick High School.

Moreover, Reamon helped him with his SATs and also helped to get a sports scholarship for Virginia Tech.

When he was in his first year of college, he was already on the front page of ESPN Magazine. He also won the ESPY Award for being the Nation’s Top College Player and then won Archie Griffin Award for being College Football Most Valuable Player.

Michael Vick Relationship Status

Michael Vick wife is Kijata Vick, and they got married in 2011 in Fountain Bleu Hotel in Miami. It was rumored that the cost of the wedding ceremony was 300,000 dollars.

Furthermore, he has four kids, 3 with Kijata and one with his ex-girlfriend Tameka from high school.

Vick’s eldest son Mitez is 17; he has two daughters who are Jade (15) and Landon (12). In 2017 Michael Junior, his 4th child, was born.

Michael Vick and His Brother Marcus Vick

Michael’s brother Marcus also played football from a young age. Moreover, Marcus got a football scholarship to Virginia Tech like Michael. But he was suspended in 2004 due to many criminal convictions.

Later in 2006, he briefly played for Miami Dolphins. As of now, Marcus Vick net worth is 1 million dollars.


Atlanta Falcons

Vick was selected for the 2001 NFL Draft by Atlanta Falcons and became the first-ever African-American quarterback in the team.

When he was working out, Vick ran 40 yards in 4.33 seconds which is extremely fast. Later he even covered the same distance in 4.25 seconds which became the fastest for any NFL quarterback.

After this, he signed a contract for six years for 62 million dollars. Michael Vick net worth has been seeing heights since the beginning of his career.

Moreover, his debut match was in September 2001 against the San Francisco 49ers.

In 2002, he made 15 starts and only missed one game against New York Giants due to a sprained shoulder. Also, Vick completed 231 out of 421 passes for 16 touchdowns and 2,936 yards.

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In January 2003, Michael led Atlanta Falcons won a match against fan-favorite Green Bay Packers. The score was 27-7.

However, for the next week’s match, they lost at 20-6 to Philadelphia Eagles. Later Vick was named as Pro Bowl, which means the most valuable player of the season.

During a preseason game, Vick fractured his right calf bone and missed the first few games of the primary season.

In October 2004, in a match with Denver Broncos, Vick became the first player who has thrown 250 yards and then rushed more than 100 yards in the same game.

After this, Atlanta has won against St. Louis Rams, but next week, they again lost against the Philadelphia Eagles. Vick became the 3rd highest quarterback in the National Football League history and was again named Pro Bowl.

When the season was over, Vick signed a 9-year contract for 130 million dollars in December 2004.

Michael Vick net worth

Philadelphia Eagles

After Vick got released from jail, Tony Dungy mentored him, a former coach for Indianapolis Colts. A few months later, in August 2009, he signed a 1-year contract with Philadelphia Eagles.

Due to his legal issues, no team wanted to sign him. But Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb told a journalist that it was his idea to sign Vick.

Vick was eligible to participate in a regular season from 3rd week. Moreover, he was allowed in every team meeting and practice. He even played for the last two preseason games for the Eagles.

In 2009, during a match against the Atlanta Falcons, Vick both threw and then rushed for the touchdown. This was his first score since 2006. His teammates voted him for the Ed Block Courage Award.

Furthermore, the Eagles completed the season with a record of 11 – 5. During a wildcard game with the Dallas Cowboys in January 2010, Michael threw the longest pass in his career. However, the Eagles lost the game 34 – 14.

For the match against Washington Redskins, Vick has passed 33 yards and four touchdowns. He even rushed for 80 yards and threw 88 yards touchdown. They won again with a score of 59 – 28.

After the match, he was named Pro Bowl for the season and was named “Eagles’ starting quarterback.”

The news channel “The Associate Press and Sporting News” even called him the NFL Comeback Player of the Year. In March 2011, Michael won the Bert Bell Award.

In 2011 the Eagles even placed their “franchise tag” on him. The same year on August 29, the Eagles and Vick stated that they had signed a six years contract for 100 million dollars. This contract has boosted Michael Vick net worth, and it becomes more than 5 million dollars after this.

New York Jets

Michael signed a year contract for 5 million dollars with New York Jets in March 2014. The same Jets released one of the players Mark Sanchez. Just a week later, the Eagles signed Mark on their team.

Also, Vick was wearing jersey #8 to pay tribute to Steve Young. However, after few days, he wanted to change it to #7, but Geno Smith was already using it.

So, he decided to go for #1. He became the first quarterback in the team to wear #1.

During the match against the San Diego Charges, Vick had to lead the game as Smith was struggling to play. He finished the game with 47 yards, but they lost it against the San Diego Chargers and couldn’t score a single point.

They lost seven consecutive games, and Rex Ryan wanted Vick to start instead of Smith for their next match against Kansas City Chiefs.

He became the first quarterback who reached 6,000 yards and won the match against the Pittsburgh Steelers with a 20 – 13. In this season, Vick had opened three games.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Vick signed a year contract in August 2015 with Pittsburgh Steelers, which was worth $970,000. For this team, Vick wore jersey #2 as Ben Roethlisberger already used #7, and #1 was not used after Gary Anderson retired.

However, after the announcement that Vick joined the team, many fans said they wouldn’t be supporting the team anymore. But people said Steelers already have many players who have controversial pasts, such as James Harrison and Ben.

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In an interview, the team’s president Art Rooney II defended Vick and said that he had proven himself after being released from jail.

From Week 3, Vick started to play as Ben had a knee injury. For the 5th week match, he threw a 40 for 66 and had one interception and two touchdowns. He also rushed for 99 yards.

However, after the match, Vick injured his hamstring injury and was replaced by Landry Jones.

Dog Fighting Scandal and other controversies

In April 2007, a search began in Vick’s mansion in Surry County, Virginia. At this time, he was a quarterback for Atlanta Falcons.

It was revealed his house had a dogfighting ring. There were more than 70 dogs. Most of them were pit bull terriers. A lot of the dogs have signs of injuries. The property was seized as there was a lot of physical evidence when the police were searching.

Moreover, this news spread a lot on social media, and his fans were highly disappointed. Also, the police stated there were drug activities and gambling which happened during dogfighting.

Vick tried to deny that he had nothing to do with dogfighting. But later, he admitted that he did participate in it. In October 2007, Vick finally admitted to killing dogs during the dog fight.

Vick, with three others, was convicted for a federal crime and imprisoned. NFL suspended Vick and asked him to pay back a part of his earning. He even lost million dollars endorsement deal.

Before 2004, 2 men were attested for driving Vick’s truck where they were selling marijuana. However, he was never arrested or sued for this.

Legal Battles

A United States District Judge sentenced Michael to jail for almost two years because of the dogfighting ring and lying about it to the police. Also, he was ordered to reimburse nearly 1 million dollars in compensation charges.

In 2009, the Royal Bank of Canada ordered Vick to pay 2.5 million dollars as he did not pay his loan. Within a week, another bank, Wachovia Bank, also ordered Vick to pay 1.1 million dollars for the same reason.

In 2010, the U. S. Department of Labor accused Michael of spending 1.3 million dollars on his pension plan associated with a marketing firm he owned.

Michael Vick net worth

Vick was a football player, and he retired a few years ago. As of 2021, Michael Vick net worth is 16 million dollars.

The primary source of Michael Vick net worth was from his football career. Since he is retired now, Michael Vick has his website, and he is also a spokesperson. These are the two primary sources of income of Vick right now.


Vick used to have five mansions, but after that, he went bankrupt; he had to sell three estates, and due to this, Michael Vick net worth dropped quite a bit.

Now Vick has two mansions. One is worth 2 million dollars at Wentworth Court in Suffolk and 750,000 dollars at Haywagon Trail in Hampton.

Michael Vick kids and wife will be staying at one home, and his mum, Brenda Boddie, will live in another mansion.


In a recent interview with Bold Ride, Vick stated that he currently owns five luxury cars, including the 2012 Audi ABL, 2012 Cadillac Escalade EXT, 2012 Lexus LX570, 2012 Jaguar XJB, and 2013 Infiniti QX56. All these luxury cars have added to Michael Vick net worth.

Also, recently he has started his website called ShowMike.com. Here the users can show their cars and what they did with them on their rides.


Vick stated in 2016 that he wanted to play one more season. But not getting hired by any teams, he announced his retirement in February 2017. Then in June 2017, he retired as an Atlanta Falcon.

Final thoughts

Michael Vick is an American football player who has played in National Football League (NFL) for more than a decade.

At first, he played for Atlanta Falcons, but he signed the contract with Philadelphia Eagles after his release from jail. Later he played for New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers.

After retirement, he has become a spokesperson and has his website where people can showcase their car collection.

As of 2021, Michael Vick net worth Forbes and other official sources are 16 million dollars.

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