How to Be a Copywriter: Steps Towards a Successful Career

How to Be a Copywriter: Steps Towards a Successful Career


As the name suggests, copywriting is a profession where you get paid for writing copies. Well, is the job as easy as it sounds? How to be a copywriter is a common question for college graduates studying literature. So, let’s have a sneak peek into what all this is about!

According to recent estimates, annual copywriting can earn you around 4 lacs rupees per annum in India! Those are the starting salary packages that the engineers heckle for. However, even though the opportunity is lucrative, you need to know the right track to follow.

Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter usually writes engaging illustrative content for advertisements or marketing or provides product-oriented information. Copywriters can either undertake one task at a time or can be multi-taskers working on different projects in tandem.

Copywriter salary

Depending upon the commitment of time, availability of the writer, experience, educational background, the salary of a copywriter varies. If you have prior experience in copywriting business, you definitely are liable to earn in greater terms.

Approximately you can earn nearly $51,691 a year in the US. However, it can range well between $14,000 and $114,000 a year as per circumstantial factors.

Types of different copywriters

There are basically three types of different copywriters. To know how to be a copywriter, you need to know the types that exist.

Agency Copywriter

If you associate with any particular agency with a multiple client base, you are an agency copywriter. This is generally a full-time work opportunity. You might have to unlock your creative potential here to provide your clients form their brand identity.

Corporate Copywriter

If you work for any corporate firm, then you are more stable in your job. Here you are only supposed to write for this specific corporation that you have joined. You can manage with less creativity if you have technical soundness in your writing.

Freelance Copywriter

This is the largest labor pool of copywriters. Here commitment is flexible. If you are a freelance copywriter, you can associate with several projects simultaneously while being paid individually.

You can also be an explainer copywriter. You have to lay down why someone might be interested in investing in a particular product or technology.

SEO copywriters write for creating top search results in all the search engines on the internet.

Technical copywriters have a certain expertise in some particular field. See, this simple question, how to be a copywriter leads you to so many channels! Please give it a thought before plunging into other career options right away!

Role and responsibility

While you will mainly write content for advertisement and marketing, you might also have some additional duties. They may include:

  • content-writing for emails
  • writing direct mails
  • writing for a media campaign
  • doing cataloging
  • writing press releases
  • creating billboards
  • creating advertising flyers
  • designing radio advertisements
  • producing television plugs
  • designing social media advertisements

Also, if you wish to generate a direct response from your copy, then that is called direct response copywriting. The simplest example is when you write a mail you write to get a quick response or a reply. If you write a product description, you expect your customer to put that product into the cart.

However, you can also aim for a long-term goal. They are basically aimed at exposing your customers to the particular brand that you are writing about.

Take an example of a magazine ad that focuses on acquainting your reader to the brand you are writing content about.

You basically play with your buyer’s consciousness here, and you inject the name and luster of the brand into their mind. Later on, they feel attracted to buy something from it.


How to be a copywriter if you are just a school graduate? Well, the opportunities get narrowed down automatically. You have to have a bachelor’s degree in any specific field. You might require having a portfolio. This documents your experiences, educational background, etc., which poses you a better candidate than your competitors.


As a copywriter, you should master certain skills that might enhance your potential.

You are expected to have good writing skills. While you can manage without being a successful writer, you can improve gradually if you practice it daily. As the saying goes, practice makes a person perfect.

If you wish to know the background story of the facts you are dealing with, if you have an inquisitive mind, that’s perfect to land you in the copywriting business.

If you are a ‘grammar Nazi’ and a details freak, how to be a copywriter shouldn’t be a puzzle for you at all.

Garnering communication skills is a top priority in this job. You should be attentive towards your clients, understand them and write accordingly.

Creativity adds further feather to your crown.


To accumulate all those above features into a collective one, you can also start attending copywriting courses. There are both free and paid courses.

Only because some course is paid do not really guarantee it as the best course. Coursera is a perfect platform to know a great deal about copywriting for free. You can also enroll in masterclass courses. The Unbounce Landing Course covers a wide range of topics. It is also a free course.

There are many other courses that you need to spend little time evaluating and understanding which one is worth your time.

Tips to become a good copywriter

Normally the ways we are taught to write in schools vary greatly from the writing you are expected to deliver in copywriting. Here you can’t really join a miles-long sentence with a conjunction. Below are some tips that might enhance your contribution as a copywriter:

First and foremost, your paragraphs shouldn’t be too long. It should be easily legible and small in size.

Secondly, Sentences should be direct and should be concise. You should use active voice throughout.

Thirdly, your subject audience is not very enthusiastic and passionate readers. To attract them to read your piece, you should use as many subheadings as possible.

Fourthly, instead of using flowery language describing your product, use as many facts and logistical data as possible. That makes your writing technically sound and appealing.

Fifthly, it would help if you chose your fonts very wisely. While the font must be coherent and simple, it also should have some aesthetic appeal.

Sixthly and lastly, while writing, keep in mind that you are not creating literature. So keep your language as simple and as fluid as possible, which widens the reach of your writing.

Your copywriting journey is ready to kick start once you know how to be a copywriter with these few tips.

Easy steps on how to be a freelance copywriter

Freelancing assures you more freedom than any full-time work opportunity. You have control over your salary, your job, your time. ( Here it would help if you learned the foundational persuasive writing. You need to know how to deal with your clients directly.

After this, you need to understand the freelancing process. Here you need to know how to bring leads, close sales, assure project details, and deal with clients. It would help if you assumed your success in the project, and most importantly, ask for your payment. These are some of the particularities of freelance copywriting.

In general, there are some basic ways on how to be a copywriter. They are listed below.

As we all know, success strategies do not really follow a homogenous path. It differs widely and varies significantly from person to person. However, in the journey, some steps are common to all. This job does not mean you must be a strict degree holder per se. However, some tips can make you a bit more marketable. These are:

Understanding basics

You should have a firm grasp on the human mind and what attracts it and what doesn’t. Know how to grab the attention of your audience and appeal to our inherent buying tendencies. You should also know to play with the intense human urge to possess anything attractive.

Proper knowledge as to why industries need you

If you understand why copywriters are being hired, half of your job is done. You play with their mind and showcase what they want in you. Basically, companies need content those are original to arouse customer’s interest. For that, they need original content creators, and that is when you intervene with your resume!

Establish your own niche

We don’t really vibe with people who don’t match our wavelength. The same is with copywriting. You need to identify what attracts you. Then you select that as your own area of expertise. If you are a travel freak, start travel blogging. Nothing will bring you as much joy and passion as that.

Portfolio creation

The most important step in becoming a copywriter is to have a portfolio of your own. This is called a “minimum viable portfolio.” It contains your sample work that will be according to your client’s interests.

It should not exceed 400 words. This portfolio should reflect your writing skills. This should be brief but accurate and efficient. This will entice your employer. Word choice is critical. You might surf the internet to get to know about some power-puff words perfect for your resume.

How to Be a Copywriter:

Get the hang of the market

Continuously focus on generating new customers. This you will do with your writing skills, visual appeal of your piece. Basically, in one world, you need to advocate your advertising skills. You should also know how to showcase yourself because that sets you apart from your other competitors.

How to attract clients

Attracting clients is one of the most important targets for novice copywriters. Here is how you can do it seamlessly.

  1. You can write cold pitches for your target audience. This means that you write short emails introducing yourself and giving details of how you might help their company. You can even invite them by providing some links to your work. Here you provide your portfolio. This is a method that can directly attract customers.
  2. You can choose from job boards. Here you may select and eliminate as per your interests. This is more like window-shopping. You hop around different forums and then select the one that suits you the best.
  3. Once you get some experience in the field, you can ask for referrals. Someone may refer others. or can even write reviews relating to your work. These are normally highly effective.
  4. Lastly, you can make social media your savior. Advertise your work there, provide helpful information, advocate your skills, and then showcase. Make sure you rightfully do so as an expert in the field. Linkedin is the most effective platform for these types of works.

Many organizations actively hire copywriters. Times of India, Zee telefilms, Lowe Lintas, P&G, Rediffusion, MBL-CRG, The Indian Express are some of the top recruits in India. You have to check them out thoroughly to see if they fit your educational level and skill.

Final thoughts

You might find interest in the wide range of copywriting jobs that is available in their forums. Start creating a portfolio and start applying. Who can say you might land up associated with some company and getting a lucrative salary. It would help if you kept trying until you see what works best for you in this field. Make sure you do your research well and also enroll in courses to polish your skills.

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