Lisbon Money Heist Character Analysis and Essence

Lisbon Money Heist Character Analysis and Essence


Money Heist is a great crime, suspense, and drama TV series that show how deeply a crime can be planned and how beautifully it can be executed if you have a dedicated team willing to die for each other. No, we are not promoting violence and burglary here. However, to understand the essence of the series, one needs to understand what is being a rebel and why people rebel! Here, we will discuss Lisbon Money Heist and how her character went from being a commoner to a criminal.

Money Heist in a nutshell

The series has five seasons, showing the mastermind plan of a robbery and how The Professor (Money Heist protagonist) and his brother planted every minute detail to make it successful.

They make two robbery attempts with their entire team, one on the Royal Mint of Spain and one on the Bank of Spain, and succeed in both. But it was not an easy task.

Thieves in Money Heist series changed their name to the city’s name so that no one could know their real identity. Raquel Murillo is called Lisbon, and Sergio Marquina is called The Professor.

The entire cast of money heist is full of fantastic characters like Tokyo, Nairobi, Helsinki, Denver, etc. But in this article, we will talk about The Professor and Lisbon Money Heist.

Lisbon Money Heist Character Analysis and Essence

The Professor Money Heist

The Professor is the essence of Money Heist, and without him, the entire series would have been nothing. Álvaro Morte played the role of professor, and he showed commendable acting skills while easily carrying the position.

Professor’s background

Professor was brilliant since childhood. He used to do things that normal kids could not even think of. He got the best thinking and risk-taking abilities, but unfortunately, The Professor took birth in a family of thieves.

Professor’s elder brother took advantage of his skills in planning the world’s biggest heist. They kept The Professor in isolation. He had no identity, no friends, and wasn’t allowed to visit places alone.

All this so that he doesn’t have a record, and when police search for the culprit, they get nothing.

When The Professor comes to age, he starts collecting people with a history and already facing problems in life. He gives them hope for a happy life, and The professor asks them to help him rob.

Role in the series

The Professor has the leading role in the entire series. He is the mastermind behind the planning, training, and execution. The Professor never went inside the bank in any heist, but he remained outside to instruct the team members.

The Heist wouldn’t have been possible without The Professor. Even the entire team starts panicking if they don’t talk to The Professor for long.

He has a fatherly role where The Professor will take care of all team members, treat them like family, and go to extremes to protect them from getting killed. Even though he is portrayed as a robber, there is much to learn from The Professor’s character.

Lisbon Money Heist

Lisbon is another main character in Money Heist, and her real name in the series is Raquel Murillo. She got famous for the way she tied her hair. Also, Raquel acts as a support system for The Professor and helps him in every situation. Itziar Ituño played the role of Lisbon.

Lisbon Money Heist background

The series doesn’t show childhood memories of Raquel, but she is bold, fearless, and with a great sense of intelligence. Perfect for the kind of robbery professor attempts.

Even Raquel’s family is known to none. She doesn’t have a husband, but her best friend Angel loves her. Angel tries his best to be his partner of Raquel, but she never accepts him as her love.

Angel is trying to come close to Raquel in the entire series, but she chooses The Professor to be her soulmate.

Role in the series

In season one, Raquel played the role of a police officer appointed to stop the heist and catch The Professor. She and her entire team tried their best but couldn’t defeat The Professor’s mind.

In between of heist, Professor meets Raquel in a coffee shop, and she feels like building a connection with The Professor. However, he was trying to pull out information that could help the heist.

Later in season one, Raquel falls in love with The Professor, and even The Professor cannot resist and losses his heart for Raquel. They both make out a couple of times, and eventually, Raquel gets to know that The Professor is the man she has been searching for all the time.

She didn’t catch him because somehow professor managed to convince her that:

  • the heist will not affect ordinary people
  • Raquel’s people (police) will catch her if they find she is sleeping with a culprit
  • Falling in love with her was not part of the plan

Raquel Murillo finds herself in a situation where she has no option. So, she chooses to be with The Professor and joins his team to participate in the heist with a new name, “Lisbon.” It may not sound like the perfect love, but you will be convinced that it happened for good when you watch the series.

How did Lisbon and The Professor come together?

As discussed, The Professor met Raquel in a coffee shop (in between the first heist) to make friends with her and extract information about the police patrol. But they both find a connection building between them.

First, Raquel falls in love with The Professor, and later, he cannot resist and fall for Raquel.

Professor admits that he didn’t mean to break Raquel’s heart, and the relationship was not part of the heist. In later seasons Raquel leaves the police force to live with The Professor and joins his team to help in the theft.

Other things that helped The Professor and Raquel to come closer.

Raquel was convinced that The Professor was not wrong

What do you think Raquel does when she first finds out that the man she is sleeping with is the man she is searching for in the entire world? Of course, she got mad, but then The Professor gave her reasons behind the heist, and he didn’t have a wrong motive.

Everyone believed that Raquel would catch The Professor and the series would end with a twist. But The Professor changed the game and convinced Raquel to join his team to help him in the Heist. You will find Raquel leading the heist from inside in the next season.

Love story plot

The entire love story plot is pretty fascinating because, as a viewer, you could never imagine that the police officer will fall in love with the culprit and the entire thing will look justified.

Even when The Professor meets Raquel Murillo for the first time, it doesn’t appear that they will fall in love very soon, which is the beauty of the entire series. Everything that you cannot imagine happens!

These events made them come closer, and The Professor kept his promise. After the first successful heist, all members left to different countries to live peacefully, including Raquel Murillo. (ambien)

Professor and Raquel also separated, but he never turned his back on Raquel. He gave Lisbon her share of money and left a map behind that hinted at The Professor’s location.

So that she could use her intelligence to trace him, and they both could live together. Their love story is fascinating and shows that trust is the most critical factor in keeping two souls together.

This also shows The Professor’s loyalty when he had everything in his hand and could have easily betrayed Lisbon and kept her share of the money, but he chooses to be loyal. Such incidents made people fall in love with the series.

Lisbon Money Heist Character Analysis and Essence

Lisbon Money Heist character in Season 2

After season one, Lisbon Money Heist became an essential part of the team. She became The Professor’s right hand. Professor used to take care of his people from outside, while Lisbon took the risk to go inside and lead the team when they needed her the most.

You will find many incidents in the series where the team’s enthusiasm is down, and they might lose everything for nothing. During those times, Raquel appeared to boost the team’s morale. She played an essential role in the success of the plan.

Also, Raquel used to be a police officer, so she knew every next step of what they will do to break the team. She helped a lot in executing The Professor’s master plan.

How did Raquel save The Professor multiple times?

Professor used to be trouble most of the time. Some incidents where Raquel saved the professor’s life include:

  • Raquel Murillo left enough evidence that she was alive during her mock execution
  • If The Professor was convinced that Raquel was killed, he would have been shattered, and the plan would have ended
  • When Alicia Sierra caught The Professor, Raquel helped convince her to join the team

There are many more incidents where Raquel appeared to save the plan and the professor from being caught.

The Professor never doubted Raquel Murillo

Indeed, when your teammate used to serve your enemy, you can never trust him completely. But The Professor was different because he never doubted Raquel. The series includes many incidents where Raquel would have turned against The Professor for her benefit, but she chose to be on his side.

Due to this, their bond of trust grew more robust, and they both trusted each other with their life.

Did The Professor hide information from Raquel?

Yes, The Professor did hide information but not for any wrong reason. He did so for the mutual benefit of the team. For example, no one except The Professor knew the plan to escape the Bank of Spain in the last season, but Raquel and the entire team trusted him that they would leave safely if The Professor were outside.

Even Raquel at no time doubted the professor, and she was confident that she was safe in his hand.

Characters like Nairobi, Tokyo, and Oslo lost their life during the heist, but fortunately, Lisbon and The Professor didn’t die. You will find them leaving peacefully on the airplane with the entire remaining team.

It was pretty satisfying to see them leaving safely. They both were successful in the plan and love.

Lisbon Money Heist Character Analysis and Essence

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many seasons does a Money Heist have?

Money Heist has a total of five seasons. The first two season shows the Heist in the Royal Mint of Spain, where they print money and steal it using a truck.

The next three seasons show the Heist on the bank of Spain, where The Professor and his team melt gold, turn it into granules, and transport it to the outer part of the city.

The first heist has two seasons, while the next theft has three seasons.

2. Are there more Money Heists to come?

Unfortunately, No! Netflix officially announced that the series is finally over, and no new episodes will be produced.

The first two seasons were fantastic and produced by a different company. Netflix purchased the rights and re-cut the original 15 episodes into 22. Those episodes were the best.

Later, when Netflix tried to produce new episodes for seasons 3, 4, and 5. They failed to maintain the same charm and suspense. However, it became the biggest live-changing aspect for the actors who received global recognition.

3. What do the character of Lisbon and The Professor teach us?

Although The Professor was a thief, it never felt like he was doing something wrong. The Professor has a healthy brain but a soft heart, so Raquel falls for him.

Both characters teach us the definition of trust and love. They show that no matter how odd the circumstances, you must remain loyal to your partner.

There were times when they both would have turned against each other, but they didn’t do so and believed in their love. We all must learn something from their bond.

Final thoughts

Raquel Murillo and The Professor played an essential role in the Money Heist. Professor was the mastermind of the plan and used his brain to break into the safest place on Earth to conduct the most significant theft in the history.

On the other hand, Raquel used to be a police officer, but she fell for The Professor and believed he was right. Raquel helped him manage the team and succeed in both of his heists.

They both played an important role, and it’s pretty exciting to watch them together. But unfortunately, no more seasons of Money Heist will be released. But if you haven’t watched the previous seasons, we recommend you watch them if you like a crime drama.

What do you think about Raquel and The Professor’s relationship? Tell us in the comments.

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