In a live casino, the players write the story

Live Casinos: 8 Reasons why they Are Gaining Traction in India


As long as you have an internet connection that can handle it, live casinos experience does away with the issue of physical distance to the casino you’d like to play at and lets you immerse yourself in its almost-palpable charms. Still not sure whether Indian live casinos are for you? Then keep on reading, as we’re about to reveal 8 reasons behind live casinos ever-increasing popularity:

  1. Real-time social interaction

In the times we live in, real-time social interaction can be hard to come by. But with the help of technology, you can find yourself in the heart of the action and try your hand at one of the live casino games. Not only is there a social element to it, but the kind and helpful live dealers will also be able to assist you with questions like when to place the bet and all the other technical nuances, so there can be no pressure or awkwardness whatsoever. (

  1. 24/7 access

Fancy playing a hand of blackjack in the middle of the night? Why not! In a busy brick & mortar casino, you’d sometimes have to wait your turn, which is never an issue in this format. Neatly laid out menus will ensure that you get to pick your game and table of choice in the fastest manner possible.

  1. Lucrative promotions

A Online Cricket Betting ID provider, no matter how established, always faces the pressure to retain its customers and draw in new ones. Consequently, you, the player, can expect to be rewarded with lucrative promotions just for taking part. The most loyal players get the chunkiest slice of the pie; this can be in the form of free spins, rakeback, doubling your initial deposit, and more.

  1. Top-notch support
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Should a technical difficulty arise, the customer support team is all but a click away. No matter the nature of the query, their friendly customer support agents are more than happy to provide the answers you seek. Furthermore, you have the luxury of choosing from a communication channel that suits your needs, ranging from e-mail and all the way to live chat and phone.

  1. A wide selection of games

In a live casinos session, the player can choose from a wide variety of card games. Blackjack, poker, and baccarat are some of the all-time classics. In other words, you’ll have a hard time running out of things to do. To better illustrate the scope of what you can expect, head on over to the official website of Indian live casino at Leovegas where all of these games and their variants are listed in an orderly fashion. It will also show you the range of minimum and maximum bets you can expect.

  1. An atmosphere to die for

While there’s nothing wrong with a traditional online casino (if we can even call it that, since it’s a young industry), a live Cricket ID atmosphere gives it that additional “oomph”. Don’t forget that a live dealer is just the basic piece of the equation – the real juice comes in the form of the players that color the scene with their comments and reactions. Down because of a bad beat? A fellow player will offer their proverbial shoulder to cry on. Took down a round? Expect a round of applause!

  1. You get to choose the table limits

In an effort to provide a safe and responsible gambling experience, a live casino that’s worth its salt will offer table limits of every variety; both high and low. This is to ensure that the players only stake what they can afford to lose. At the same time, from beginners and high-rollers at the other end of the spectrum, no one is left out.

  1. No brick is left unturned
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To enjoy a live casino experience to its fullest, cameras are set up from all heights and angles so there’s nothing to miss out on. Fancy having your eyes on the dealer? No problem. Prefer watching the audience? That can also be arranged. Moreover, the live chat allows everyone to communicate with each other.


An Indian live casino leaves all the prejudice out the door and focuses on delivering blazing gambling action to those who crave for it. Given you likely have a smartphone in your pocket right now, what’s stopping you from taking part?

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