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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Becomes First-Ever Woman to Lie in State at Capitol


The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg made the entire world mourn. She was one woman who inspired millions to stand up for their rights. The Justice dedicated her life to make people give equal rights to women and the oppressed. The lady made history for the last time, as she is the first-ever woman to lie in US Capitol.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg lie in US Capitol

Ginsburg was one of the strongest women in US history to stand up for rights and against discrimination. She had made headlines all through her life and for all the right reasons. After her passing, the country gave her the highest honor, and she is worthy of the same.

The casket of Ginsburg arrived for the memorial service on September 25. The service happened at the Statuary Hall, and aspiring President Joe Biden paid a visit along with Kamala Harris, the candidate for Vice Presidential position. There were more people like Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, and more important people.

A military honor guard took the casket inside the Capitol and then to the Statuary Hall. Around 30 people of significance, along with 12 Presidents of USA, lay at the Capitol from 1852. Moreover, all of them are men!

Let’s note that the Civil Rights reformer Rosa Parks also laid in Statuary Hall’s honor tribute in 2005. Bill Graham also received the honor and marked the end of the three-day memorials.

As per reports, Donald Trump paid his respects to the lady on September 24 while at the Supreme Court. However, many people chanted for his vote out at the event. Neither the President nor VP Mike Pence was seen at the memorial service.

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The family of Ginsburg held a private burial this week at Arlington National Cemetery. May her soul, rest in peace.

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