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Natural remedies for anxiety that are better than medications



Do you suffer from an anxiety disorder? Unfortunately, you are not the only one with such a life-changing problem. You need not spend your days in fear of the next episode as there are several medications and natural remedies for anxiety. However, experts recommend users to try natural remedies over medications.

Why avoid pharmaceutical remedies for anxiety?

First, it is not safe to altogether forgo pharmaceutical remedies. Anxiety disorder can be daunting, and if it is completely wrecking your daily routine, it is best to talk to a doctor and get a prescription. However, do not entirely depend on the medicines as the side effects from such remedies for anxiety are endless. Common side effects of even the best brands in the market are headache, fatigue, loss of concentration, confusion, blurry vision, upset stomach, and more.

However, an anxiety attack episode can cause overwhelming pain, loss of control, choking sensation, trembling, hot flashes, heart palpitation, and more. Beyond these, there are career and personal problems that occur due to frequent anxiety attacks. So, if it is best to reduce the frequency of pharmaceutical remedy, how to keep anxiety attacks at bay?

Exercise can be a remedy for anxiety

Exercise helps keep our body fit, regulate the sleep cycle, induce hormonal balance, and make us feel good. In 2015, a study helped to understand the importance of exercise. Those who exercised regularly were able to effectively reduce the frequency of episodes and had better recovery while using other methods. Exercise is useful if your anxiety is due to quitting smoking, alcohol, or other substances.

Meditation and other relaxation exercises

The aim here is to relax, and you can use any form of a method for the same. Meditation through yoga, app, or mindful relaxation helps reduce stress, which effectively reduces the intensity of your anxiety episodes. If meditation is not your cup of tea, you can try writing. It is best to journal your feelings and emotions to relax. Researchers suggest that journaling gives the same level of concentration as meditation. If your child or teen is suffering from an anxiety disorder, choosing meditation could be daunting. So, try to steer them towards journaling.

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Time management remedy for anxiety

Although it is not a solution for every scenario, it reduces the frequency of anxiety to a greater extend. Most of the episodes occur due to the fear of the unknown or the inability to manage the tasks at hand. Multi-tasking without planning can lead to anxiety attacks even in people without a history of such episodes. Thus, those with the disorder should have a time management strategy.

There are several such strategies and software tools in the market. You can choose any suitable method to breakdown your daily tasks, assign priorities, keep deadlines, and manage your entire day.

Aromatherapy remedy for anxiety

Olfactory senses have a direct effect on your mood. Do you crave for pumpkin spice latte if you smell pumpkin spice? It is a simple example of how a smell can change your mood. Certain oils can reduce anxiety in people. In 2012, an insomnia study showed that lavender oil aromatherapy could reduce anxiety in women between 45 and 55 years. Lavender oils need not have the same effect on you. It is crucial to choose the right oil that calms you down. Some oils can have the opposite effect, and thus surf your needs and get help from experts, if possible.

CBD oil

CBD is a substance from the marijuana plant that holds the medicinal value of the substance without habit-formation. You can find several types of CBD products; however, CBD oil has preliminary studies that prove it is useful for anxiety disorder. It is essential to start with a smaller dose and get a doctor’s opinion before starting this therapy.

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Remember that smoking, alcohol, and other substances have the same effect. But, those have a long-term effect and could cause additional health problems. It will not help your anxiety disorder if you have to battle another medical problem like alcoholism.

Herbal tea and supplement remedies for anxiety

Herbal teas help to reduce the intensity of an anxiety attack and promote a good sleep cycle. A small trial in 2018 proved that chamomile tea could reduce anxiety attacks by reducing the secretion of a stress hormone, cortisol. Some natural herbs also have a similar effect. There are several herbal supplements in the market for the same. However, before choosing a supplement, check whether it is free from preservatives, added sugar, and other chemicals. It is best to choose the natural product over supplements.

Animal time

Anxiety disorder individuals show tremendous improvement while caring for animals. Several studies proved that spending time with pets can reduce the intensity and frequency of anxiety episodes and other mental problems. Although dogs as anxiety companions are common, several animals show a similar effect. There is another stereotype that only furry animals can reduce anxiety disorder. In 2015, a study showed that taking care of crickets can reduce anxiety in senior citizens. Horses, too, have a similar effect.

When should you skip home remedies for anxiety?

Although home treatments are effective, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. In some cases, the anxiety episode might be due to some underlying medical conditions like insomnia, pain, personal problems, and more. In many cases, behavior therapy can help such individuals learn how to manage emotions and behavior. For instance, you cannot spend the entire day with horses or choose to exercise in the middle of an important meeting. Thus, learning to manage emotions through therapy is a good option.

If your anxiety disorder is causing severe medical and personal problems, it is essential to keep the problem at bay while trying home remedies for anxiety. Thus, do not blindly follow the natural remedies. These supplementary solutions would help you reduce the intake of anxiety medication and certainly not a replacement for your anxiety or sleep medication.

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