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4 Reasons Why You Need Help From an SEO Strategist

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There are plenty of ways to utilize the Internet and reach more potential clients. What’s lacking is an ability to evaluate what you have in place and what needs to be added, changed, or removed. What you need is help from someone like Mr. Zhmudikov who is Seologist’s senior SEO strategist in Toronto to move your online efforts forward. Why would hiring an SEO strategist be in your best interests? Here are four reasons Why You Need Help From an SEO Strategist.

You’re Busy Running the Business

No one would question your ability to operate the business. Between your knowledge, experience, and expertise, there’s no aspect of the actual operation that is outside your ability to manage. Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave a lot of time or energy for looking after your online marketing and promotion efforts. 

The decision to hire a premium content service from Searcharoo SEO strategist provides access to an expert who can accurately assess what you have in place. Along with the assessment, the expert can develop a plan that strengthens your online reputation and positions the company for reaching out to the targeted audience. While you’re busy keeping the company going, the strategist is making sure those who need to know about the business can find it easily. 

The Website Isn’t Set Up For Phone Searches

Your website looks great on a larger screen. It doesn’t look so great on a smartphone screen. That’s unfortunate since the number of consumers who use their phones for Internet searches continues to increase from one year to the next. 

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If you want to reach more consumers while still taking care of the clients you already have, changes are in order. It might involve creating an app that displays nicely on a smartphone screen. At the least, it means creating a mobile version of the primary site that loads quickly and displays well. This might be one of the primary recommendations offered by the strategist. 

Underutilization of Social Media

You do have a few social media accounts set up for business use. Unfortunately, posting to those accounts is erratic and more of an afterthought than a priority. A strategist can structure the use of those accounts so posts are timely, informative, entertaining, and link back to your website or blog. By making them more engaging and posting on a consistent basis, the odds of them being shared is higher. That in turn could lead to increased business volume. You can bet the strategist will know how to make this happen. 

Google My Business Confuses You 

You’ve heard of Google My Business, but don’t understand the concept. Will it do anything that social media accounts and your company website aren’t already doing? In fact, it can enhance your online presence and make it easier for people to find you when they conduct searches. 

A strategist can provide the framework for setting up a GMB account as well as how to create posts that attract attention. As with the proper use of social media, the responsible utilization of a GMB account can boost your company’s visibility and make it easier for consumers to find the business. 

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Now’s the time to contact an Edmonton SEO company and arrange for a free assessment. The results will demonstrate what the right SEO service can do for your business and how it can help you reach more consumers. With a little work and the support from an expert, you could find yourself with significantly more traffic to your site and an increase in your business volume.

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