What You Need to Know About Anything

Random Facts: What You Need to Know About Anything


Each day of our life never runs out of mystery and question. It is people’s habit to study big or small things. The purpose that we go to school is for us to have more wisdom and knowledge that we can use when we explore the world. Whenever we are curious, it motivates us to learn and explore new stuff. It’s also a great advantage because we become motivated to see what this world is all about.

Our planet, especially the things that we see every day, is full of surprises and mystery. That’s also the reason why we can’t learn everything in our lifetime. Even with the current things that we know about this world and our life, there are many fascinating facts we still need to know. Some are plain useless, but most are helpful and will surprise you. Aside from this list, you can also check out more random interesting facts about anything.

Hamburgers Were Not Named After Ham

If you are curious when you were a kid, you must have wondered where is the ham in hamburgers. Now, the inner child in you should be happy to learn that this food is named after Hamburg, a city in Germany. The sailors who navigated between New York City and Hamburg always eat hard slabs beef that is minced and salted, and they call it “Hamburg steak.”

When some Germans migrated to America, they bring with them their favorite cuisines, and that includes “Hamburg streak.” This recipe, however, has little similarity with today’s hamburgers. So the question is, who made the recipe for the modern-day American burger? That might be a hard question, but it has many possible answers. The Egyptians are also known for eating ground meat, and the sandwiches that we now call hamburgers have been present for a little above one hundred years.

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The Color of Cheddar Cheese Isn’t Orange

Initially, cheese color changes along the seasons, and the reason for this is the diet of the cows. In the spring or summer, the grass’ beta-carotene enables cows to make yellow cheese. On the contrary, winter, and fall causes the cows to consume hays instead, producing a whiter cheese. With that, the farmers start dying their cheese because people would prefer the yellow ones. 

There is no organic cause for the cheese to be orange, but most people don’t wonder and think about that so much. We all know that the shade of boxes of mac and cheese is only food coloring and fake, but people don’t feel that the goudas or orange cheddars are not natural looking. Of course, there is no naturally orange cheese. Milk doesn’t have pigments of orange, and there is no bacterial process that makes it a bright hue.

All Our Hair is Dead

It is among the creepy but fascinating fun facts. All of our hair is dead, except for our follicles. Aside from the epidermis part, the hair that’s growing is from the dead cells. Our nails also have the same process; that is why our nails and hair are from the protein keratin. When we think of our hair, we should imagine the hair in our head. While there is hair in most parts of our body, the hair in our head is the most important. Most of our body hair is visible, and that includes our eyebrows, legs, arms, and on the head.

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Now that you have ideas of some of the interesting facts in this world, you might want to know more and gain knowledge. You should research more and take advantage of these facts so that you’ll have more wisdom in you.

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