The Scaredy Cat 5 Horror Movie Facts

The Scaredy Cat: 5 Horror Movie Facts You Should Know About


Most of us right now are stuck inside our homes because of a pandemic going on. Admittedly, we’re all bored while waiting for COVID-19 to die out. You could do a lot of things inside your homes like reading books, cooking, or exercising. However, one of the best things you can do right now is to watch movies. 

And not just any movie, you should be watching horror movies. Out of all the movies in the world, why should you watch a horror movie? Well, for one, horror movies are healthy. Don’t believe us? Watching a horror movie without any peeking away or closing your eyes and ears can burn up to 113 calories. 113 calories being burned is like going on a brisk walk for 30 minutes. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the scares you get when watching horror movies. You might think something frightening on the big screen is terrible for you, but it’s actually doing you more good. After you get scared, your body releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is also called the happy hormone because it gives you a natural feeling of being high, alert, and alive. 

Aside from the health benefits you get, watching horror movies is also interesting. To get you started, here are some facts that you should know about some horror movies. Get ready! Here they come!

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The Shark in Jaws Had a Name

If you’re a fan of the great white sharks in the movie, here are some interesting facts about Jaws. The film was released in 1975 and is about a great white shark that terrorized a local county and its beachgoers. The movie was directed by none other than Steven Spielberg, which made the film more scary and worthy of watching. 

While shooting, the crew for the film affectionately called the animatronic shark “Bruce” after Steven Spielberg’s attorney. Since then, the name stuck, and everyone referred to the fictional monster as Bruce.

The Sound Behind Evil Dead

The Evil Dead was a film by Sam Raimi starring Bruce Campbell. The movie is about a group of teenagers who unwittingly open the Necronomicon or the book of the dead. The movie was known for its graphic imagery and ingenuity in creating horrible noises.  

For one, foley artists in the film used a walnut and crushed it to imitate the sound of a neck twisting. Another inventive way for the sound effects in the movie was using a piece of chicken fillet and mashing it with a tenderizer to mimic the sound of flesh being pounded. Who would’ve thought?

The Only Horror Film to Win an Oscar

It’s no secret that there’s some bias to horror movies when it comes to Oscar Awards. In its 92 year existence, only one horror film has won an Oscar. Believe it or not, The Silence of the Lambs, directed by Jonathan Demme, starring Anthony Hopkins and Jody Foster is the only film to do so. The film won the award in the 63rd Academy Awards in 1991.

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The First American Film to Show a Toilet on Screen

Back in the day, there were a lot of things that were considered taboo, even for the film industry. One of those was the toilet. All that changed, however, when Psycho, a 1960 horror film, included a toilet in one of its scenes. It was also the first film where audiences can audibly hear the sound of a toilet flushing.

A Lot of People Thought the Blair Witch Project Was Real

In the 90s, one of the best horror films was the original Blair Witch Project. The film is about a group of students who go to a rural town in the US to research an urban legend on the Blair Witch. 

Since the film was shot in a found-footage style and combined with a smart marketing strategy, many people thought the movie was real. One of the actresses in the film, Heather Donahue, actually received sympathy cards after the film’s release.


Since we’re in quarantine, one of the best things to do is watch horror movies. The facts mentioned above are from some of the most horrifying films made. Are you brave enough to watch movies like Jaws or The Blair Witch Project? Get ready, you’re in for a ride! 

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