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How to repair corrupt GoPro video without huge bucks


GoPro video files are special for everyone who records them. It is a really terrifying moment when we learn that our video file has been corrupted due to some reason. While there are ways to repair the file, they are often very costly.

But we have come up with a few solutions that can fix your corrupt GoPro files without burning a hole in your pocket. Before we move ahead to the solutions, let us first take a peek at some of the most common causes of the files getting corrupted:

  1. Your Memory Card is the issue

Memory cards are where the videos you record are stored. But did you know that most of the time a GoPro file gets corrupted, the reason is a faulty video memory card was being used? You must be aware that GoPro camera records high-resolution videos. Along with that, it also records a low-resolution video. This leads to the creation of huge volumes of data streams that take up a lot of storage space and require the memory card to have a strong read/write capacity.

If you are using a memory card that has low storage space available, the camera won’t be able to store metadata in it, which is essential to play the videos on a media player on your computer. Thus, this will lead to the SD card corrupting files and you will have to look for ways to fix the files.

You must only use memory cards that can handle large amounts of data streams. If your file has been corrupted because of using a faulty memory card, you can also look for ways on how to uncorrupt an SD card damaged GoPro video file.  

  1. Abrupt Camera shutdown can be a major problem

All you have to do is press the recording button, right?  But if you don’t take care of your camera while recording the video, the file may end up getting corrupted. The thing is while recording, the GoPro camera stores the videos in a temporary way. It is only after the recording is done that the camera saves the file in an mp4 format.

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If during the recording, the camera was to shut down due to some reason, your file will get corrupted as you will be able to salvage the video and audio part, but the metadata, which is critical to play the file on a media player, won’t be there and your file won’t play.

That’s why you must ensure that you record videos only when your camera is charged otherwise you will have to spend a lot of money on repairing it while also looking for ways on how to uncorrupt a video file in order to access your video.

  1. Mistakenly deleted files can be restored

GoPro video files occupy a lot of space. That is why, from time to time, you must remove the video files from your memory card and store it in some folder on your computer. When you are in the process of transferring, you might end up clicking the wrong options and delete the files that you want to keep with you.

Deleting video files by mistake may seem like a pretty heartbreaking situation because you’d feel like you’ve lost the files forever. But don’t worry, if you act quickly, you might still be able to save GoPro mp4 files.

Just make sure that you don’t record a new video and store it on the memory card until the ones you deleted are restored. Convert your memory card into an IMG file and then take help from a video repair tool and you will find your GoPro corrupt video file fix.

How can You Repair GoPro Video Files that are corrupted

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Now that you know all about the most common cause of your GoPro files getting corrupted, here are some simple ways you can repair corrupted GoPro files without spending too much:

The GoPro ‘SOS’ feature is a saviour

GoPro probably knows that people won’t be able to spend a lot of money trying to fix their GoPro corrupt file. That is why every GoPro camera comes with an inbuilt feature, ‘SOS’ that can repair your corrupted GoPro files. These are the steps you will have to follow:

You need to insert the video memory card with the corrupted files. The camera will initiate the scan to look for the file.

Once the scan is done, a bicycle icon will be displayed, indicating that the camera has located the corrupted files.

You can click any button to repair a GoPro video file that is corrupt.

The best option is to use a video repair software

While SOS is the cheapest way to repair your damaged video files, the GoPro files corrupted because of some complex issues won’t be able to get fixed by the feature. For fixing such files, you will have to take the help of a video repair software. This may sound like an expensive solution, but don’t worry, it’s not.

There are a lot of video softwares available for free or for really low costs. Though, you must ensure that you select a reliable one like Wondershare, which is the best alternative to repair GoPro videos without much hassle

While you can fix corrupt GoPro videos for a low cost if you want to, the best option is still to take precautions like using a good video memory card, having sufficient charge in the camera, and protecting the camera from damage. As it’s said, “Prevention is always better than cure”. 

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