Wellness routine during these troubling times- Should CBD be part of it?


Do we need a wellness routine in these troubling times? Absolutely! But should CBD be part of it? Scientific studies suggest that it may help with coronavirus-related anxiety, so why not? 

Since its outbreak, the COVID-19 pandemic has produced profound changes all over the world from an individual to a global point of view. Economies, health and education systems all around the world took a significant hit as the virus rapidly spread from China. However, these big-scale consequences of the COVID-19 crisis directly affected each of us. From putting our health to risk to making some of us lose our jobs, distancing us from our loved us, and making us experience several negative emotions such as fear, confusion, and anxiety.

However, there is a good side in the social distancing and lockdown restrictions. Remember the “I don’t have time for myself” excuse you used for so long to avoid investing in your wellbeing? Well, you can no longer use it as the ongoing global pandemic locked us in our homes and offered us more free time than ever before. So, this is a great time to create your daily wellness routine to stay healthy and positive during these troubling times.

Exercise daily

Exercise daily

Gyms and fitness centers have closed their doors during the coronavirus pandemic to comply with the social distancing restrictions. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not maintain an active lifestyle. There are plenty of exercises you can do at home even if you don’t have the gym equipment.

Exercising is one of the most crucial lifestyle habits that help you stay healthy, especially now when our health is at risk due to coronavirus. Even 30 minutes of exercising per day can play a significant role in helping you prevent diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, or back pain. Moreover, exercising can help you reduce stress and anxiety, which, most likely, you are struggling with during these uncertain times.  

Need some fitness workout ideas? Go online on social media and look for tutorials because there are plenty of them as all fitness influencers have shared their home workout routine with their followers. 

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Maintain a healthy diet  

Are you familiar with stress eating? Most likely, yes! During these uncertain times, when you are feeling stressed, anxious, and confused about the ongoing pandemic, you may feel tempted to snack all the time. However, this isn’t necessarily bad as long as you eat healthy snacks and stay away from junk food.

Eating healthy is essential to maintain your health by boosting “good” cholesterol and decreasing unhealthy triglycerides. This will help you reduce the risk of heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and high blood pressure by helping your blood flow smoothly. Also, since the coronavirus is a threat to our respiratory systems, you should include in your diet foods that help maintain strong respiratory muscles. According to the American Lung Association, foods like milk, eggs, cheese, fish, nuts, and peas, which are all excellent sources of protein that will help you to breathe easier. 

If before the lockdown restrictions you didn’t have time to cook healthy meals for yourself, now, you have all the time you need to try new recipes and prepare your snacks and meals. 

Stay connected 

No one likes to be away from their loved ones. However, the social distancing and lockdown restrictions aim to help all of us protect ourselves and our vulnerable loved ones from the virus. So, during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we all need to find new ways to stay connected with those we love. 

Fortunately, unlike during any other similar situation in the past, now, we have technology on our side. Thus, all the people you love are just a phone call, message, or video call away. Make sure that you stay connected with those you love for moral and emotional support. You all are struggling with understanding your emotions and coping with all the changes happening in your lives. Therefore, maintaining human connection with your friends and family is crucial for your mental health during these troubling times.

Create a schedule and maintain it 

Whether you are working or studying from home or you currently have no activity, you still need to create a maintain a schedule during the coronavirus lockdown. Why is it important to keep a plan? Because lack of activity or changes in your lifestyle may lead to a lack of motivation and purpose and you may soon find yourself aimlessly going through your day. 

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Thus, create a schedule to keep you motivated and engaged to complete all your tasks and assignments. Plus, you definitely have more free time for yourself that you did before the lockdown. So, don’t hesitate to include in the schedule activities that help you learn and develop new skills, such as reading to taking online classes, or trying new activities to discover a new hobby. 

Reduce stress 

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped almost everything about our lifestyles. Plus, it is also a virus that puts our health and the health of our loved ones at risk. Several changes happen in your life right now. So, it is absolutely normal to feel stressed and anxious. However, you need to make sure that you tackle these negative emotions before your mental health takes a hit. From practicing yoga to mindfulness meditation, these strategies can help you reduce stress and healthily cope with all your feelings. 

Yet, there’s one more natural remedy for coping with stress and anxiety during these troubling times: CBD oil.  

CBD for stress and anxiety  

A recent survey found out that during the enforced social distancing measures, many people turned to CBD as a way to cope with coronavirus-related anxiety. 

Several scientific studies suggest that CBD may reduce stress and help relieve anxiety. Unlike THC, the other prevalent compound found in the cannabis plant, CBD does not give that “high” feeling. However, it may help reduce stress by, as researchers suggest, interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain, which impact serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays a vital role in your mental health and moods. 

Moreover, this natural remedy may also help with panic attacks and insomnia, which may be symptoms of depression and anxiety felt like a response during this COVID-19 pandemic.  

The outbreak of coronavirus disease can be really stressful and a significant threat to your health. Thus, maintaining a daily wellness routine is a useful strategy to get through this difficult time. 


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