North Korea cuts communication and ties with enemy South Korea

North Korea Cuts Communication and Ties With ‘Enemy’ South Korea


North Korea has been reported to cut political and military links with “enemy” South Korea. The state media informed this after sending threats over activists spreading anti-Pyongyang leaflets across the border. The threats have made the inter-Korean ties come to a standstill. Even after having three summits in 2018 between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae, things are not rosy right now.

Why did North Korea cut ties with South Korea?

Pyongyang reported to cut all ties and close the liaison line between authorities of South Korea and North Korea. The communication between them was maintained via the North-South joint liaison office. All other communications links have also stopped since June 9, 2020, post 12 PM local time.

Cutting off ties includes the communication lines of the West and East seas. The connection between military lines of both sides, an inter-Korean “trial communication line”, and a hotline between Presidential Blue House of South Korea and Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea will all be cut off.

Last week, North Korea threatened to stop the liaison office with South Korea and also said that they will take steps against Seoul to make it suffer. Kim Yo Jong, the sister of the leader, threatened to scarp the military agreement signed with enemy South Korea unless activities stopped sending them leaflets.

Kim Yo Jong and top official Kim Yong Chol said that the actions of South can make anyone against them. Pyongyang has cut off ties with Seoul following the collapse of the summit between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump ay Hanoi. It left the nuclear talks standstill. As of now, it is very difficult to predict where this is heading. The leaders of the country need to communicate in order to maintain peace and harmony. However, it is not possible if communication stops by all means.

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