After World War II, the number of tourists increased 56 times: from 25 million in 1950 to 1.4 billion in 2018 (Source: UN World Tourism Organization). Countries for travel have also changed – 68 years ago, two-thirds of tourists did not go further than Europe. Now the number of European guests has decreased to half of the total, but Asia and America are becoming increasingly popular destinations. The tourism and hospitality industry is on the rise and, according to experts, will grow to $ 3.5 trillion by 2027. It accounts for about 10% of global employment and almost every fifth new employee.

Tourism Trends and Opportunities

This is facilitated by the growing middle class, young generations who travel much more than their parents, the openness and accessibility of information on the Internet and the reduction in the cost of air travel. Thus, the expected growth is a fact. Of course, the scope will continue to change. Individual tours to the needs of a specific traveler, ecotourism, space and extreme tourism, family trips of a year, combining trips and study or volunteering – requests are becoming more complex and personalized.

For those who are close to this area, now is the right time to connect. Many foreign educational institutions have courses of varying lengths and requirements for applicants, already during which you can take an internship in the specialty and easily get a job after receiving a diploma or certificate. They are intended for graduates of universities and colleges seeking to make a career in their field. The programs focus on applied knowledge in the hotel or restaurant business within the global economy, including the planning and management of enterprises of various sizes and complexity.

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Travel Trends you should know

Students develop critical thinking, multitasking, and problem-solving skills. Practical exercises will help to improve customer service and quality control skills in a restaurant or hotel, culinary skills for preparing traditional dishes and creating your own recipes. Along with classic specialties, Fanshawe also offers a program such as Golf and Club Management.

In Canada, the level of passion for citizens in sports is very high. And golf in this country is played not only by the rich and famous, but also by ordinary citizens, because the costs of equipment and medical insurance are several times lower than the costs, for example, of hockey lessons, and the pleasure of playing is no less. In addition, in the open spaces of both Canada and the CIS countries, along with the long-popular and reasonably accessible ones, such as tennis and equestrian sports, today more and more cities also offer their residents such an elite sport that seems to be elite for citizens, like golf . Golf clubs open and successfully operate in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine! And of course, it requires highly qualified specialists who know how this system should work.

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