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Girls eat with them, drink with them, angle them with perfection to pop out that smile, and kiss with them. Indeed lips are the sexiest part of a girl’s body (at least I believe so), and if you cover them with an appropriate shade of lipstick, it can compel any man get down on his knees.

There are no two ways about the fact that lipstick is one of the highest-selling cosmetics, and girls of every age group are head over heels in love with this cosmetic. Now, the primary thought in mind while opting for lipstick is that it should be able to deliver the right amount of sheen, glam effect, reasonable price, the trending plumpness, and long-lasting effect, but is it possible to get it all? Yes, the market today is overcrowded with enthusiastic cosmetic brands, striving to deliver all these to the clientele, since there is nothing sexier than a sensuous lipstick enhancing the charisma of your overall face.


The beauty industry of the contemporary world is a step ahead with its state of the art technology, and keen interest on every minute detail to deliver excellence to the customer. Starting from designing the product, to durable quality, to an impressive packaging, a cosmetic business demands utmost perfection at every stage of the production process to get noticed by the buyer.

Now, if you are a cosmetic producer, but you are neglecting the importance of packaging, then you are wrong. Since lipsticks are all about appearance, and the first impression is what compels customers to purchase your product, then how can you neglect the significance of the lipstick packaging box? As a lipstick manufacturing brand, you should work on a striking lipstick packaging box as well if you want to earn some extra dollars of profit. Now, there are two ways to do so:

  • Come up with your creative idea in the design of custom lipstick box
  • Hire professionals like Dawn Printing for some fun ideas

No matter whatever option you pick, make sure that the material is sustainable and eco-friendly as saving Mother Nature is the foremost concern today.


Since it is quite evident that girls cannot resist lipsticks, one of the highest-selling cosmetics has bulk production to meet the demand. However, every chic has a unique taste in lipsticks, some enjoy the sensuous red, while others prefer going natural with a nude shade. So whatever is your personality, there is an appropriate lipstick shade for you. Turn around the history pages you will see women obsessing over perfectly defined lips back then, and even now. Either it is the beauty queen Cleopatra, Marilyn Monreo or Mona Lisa; every woman in the past enjoys experimenting with shades and elements to come up with a lipstick shade that complements her personality.

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However, the modern world is blessed as we have an assortment of brands offering some remarkable options, shades and effects to meet their varying customer demand. So, the question every girl asks is which is the perfect lipstick shade for me? So, if you are also struggling with a bunch of shades, then sit back and read the entire thing. We have a guide prepared by professionals to help you choose the perfect lipstick shade to go with your personality.


I’m sure you all know that the market has a whole range of lipsticks, such as matte, glossy, and more. So firstly, let us take a look at some of the lipsticks types the cosmetic world offers:


First and foremost, we have satin and sheer lipsticks that pop out a shine to your smile. Besides, it also gives an ultra-pigmented shade on your beautiful lips as per your personality. What’s more is that the shine and glow enlighten your face, but does not make it too loud like other glossy liquid lip glosses.  So, if you are slightly thinner lips (like me), then Satin and sheer lipsticks are your jam as they make the lips look somehow plumper. Moreover, girls with dry lips will also love this type of lipstick as it can nourish and soften the lips.


Now, every girl does not enjoy a silky lipstick; moreover, we all know the accelerating trend of matte lipsticks, so if you are one of the fashion freaks, the matte lipsticks can also be a great choice. These contemporary lipsticks stay for a long, and give the perfect velvety shade due to the unique pigments and formula. Besides, if you are tired of the glossy lips, then this one will be a great option as it is completely matte. So either you are out shopping or a movie lunch date with friends, these matte lipsticks will last the whole day.


Even though the market has a bunch of options in lipsticks, cream lipstick has a generous amount of wax compared to the rest of the lipsticks. Therefore, these lipsticks have a velvety texture and smoother finish on the lips. Now, if you are worried about the pigmented part, then don’t worry, they are highly pigmented, and these lipstick last for a long time, which makes it an ideal lipstick for any girl out there. Besides, it is also a makeup essential for any girl.


Now, the girl stuck in a 9 to 5 job and finds it hard to do touch ups over and over again should definitely go for long-lasting lipstick. These lipsticks offer smooth finish throughout the day; hence, you are free from the stress of reapplying the lip color after drinking or eating something. Besides, I adore these lipsticks for the impeccable formula for the perfect smile, and the moisture to keep the lips hydrated throughout the day.


Since plumped lips are completely ruling the cosmetic industry; therefore, every girl dreams of a fuller and plumped lips. So, girls dreaming of these lips, liquid lipsticks are your savior. Moreover, these lip colors also add depth to your lips, making them an eminent part of your face. The liquid lipsticks are to bring out that shine on your lips. Hence, you can always keep it in the bag and use it whenever you feel like impressing someone with your smile.

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No matter whatever skin tone you have, you are beautiful, and a lipstick complementing your skin tone can enhance the charm of your pretty face. Therefore, make sure you keep some points in mind while shopping for lipstick:


Take a look at your wrist, can you notice the blue veins on your wrist? This means you are a cool undertone. This type of skin complexion is perfect for purples and berry shades. Hence, we recommend you to opt for pale nudes, stunning berry, and plum shades in your lipsticks.


Look at your wrist veins yet again; if you see a mix of blue and green veins, then your skin color is neutral. All the girls with this type of complexion are quite lucky, as they can boldly opt for any possible shade, every type of lipstick. Their skin type complements almost any shade of lipstick.


Now, girls with warmer skin complexion have olive or green veins in the wrist. All such girls should go for reds, corals, and sandy nude shades to intensify the beauty of their faces.


Still under deep ambiguity, relax, as we can precisely tell you the lip shades that will surely go with your skin:


Girls with light and rosy undertones can shop for bold red and coral lipstick shades. Since you have a paler face, these lip colors will give warmth to your face offering the right sun kissed look you are lasting.


Girls with complexion falling between dark and light have a vast range of lipstick choices. Your skin shade is ideal for browns, pinks, nudes, and peachy shades. Besides, these girls can also go for berry colors for the natural look.


Now, girls with a slightly darker skin tone, brown are your shade. You can shop for coffee, browns, nudes, and dark brown lipsticks to match your personality. Besides, this type of skin color also complements bright red lipstick.

To put an end to the discussion, all I will say is that women’s obsession over lipstick is eternal, and the growing number of brands is offering endless lipstick choices for girls (which is a benefit for girls). However, businesses need to be vigilant, as they need perfection in every department especially, packaging to mesmerize the buyers. Moreover, for girls, you need to have the balls to slay any lip color. This guide is just a vague idea, but if you have the confidence, you can pull off every possible shade of this world!

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Jessica Hamler is an enthusiastic blog writer who writes mostly on packaging boxes. She has been working for several packaging firms for years. Her bond with Dawn Printing (a printing and packaging service provider in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada) is still on the go and she doesn’t have any plans yet to end the contract.

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