Meanings of the Fire Emoji

The Second Meanings of the Fire Emoji When Combined With Other Emojis


What better way to describe someone or something than with an emoji? Do you want to tell someone that she or he is hot? Click on those tiny fire emojis and tell them without coming off as condescending. 

Do you want to promote a local Hip Hop artist’s latest album? Type in as many fire emojis as you can to let everybody know that it’s coming in hot. Its evolution from its humble pixelated beginnings is widely appreciated by people who can effectively express their feelings through emojis. 

Millennials have been creative with the use of the fire emoji that they have now created an encrypted message by pairing it with other favorite emojis. By mixing the fire emoji with others it becomes a totally different meaning.

The Fire Emoji Trend

The fire emoji png has hit all social media platforms like wildfire. You see it everywhere, whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, or on Instagram, to name a few. The internet has seen an exponential increase in its use for the past five years.

The fire emoji is known to consist of a round yellow image with a color red on top. It has fewer variations on social media platforms, which means the fire emoji looks almost the same. The emoji frequency ranks as the 31st most commonly used emoji on all social media platforms, so it’s famous. 

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It is widely used to describe something positively. But the internet world, as we know it, is sometimes cruel and has changed the fire emoji’s purpose to inflict insult. People of the internet have been using this emoji to burn someone who has opposing opinions on something virtually.

The Humble Beginnings of the Fire Emoji

It has been popularly used by Millenials to describe all things related to fire since its release in 2010. It was released along with other emojis as part of the Unicode 6.0 which eventually to the Emoji 1.0

Legend has it that the Hip Hop Culture and its music has influenced the creation of this renowned emoji. The use of this emoji can depict a message of approval or may represent anger. At some point, this emoji can be a statement depending on your audience.

Fire Emoji and Wastebin Emoji

The language that this tiny image speaks has now progressed thanks to the creativity of the citizens of the internet. A combination of one or two emojis can now send a completely encrypted message. A pair of two different emojis can depict various metaphorical expressions.

The fire emoji and the wastebin emoji, also known as the dumpster fire emoji, indicate a situation as a disastrous situation. It was made famous by Twitter users in 2016 during the controversial U.S. Open Tennis Final. Twitterverse described the drama that Serena William’s behavior caused during the final game as a disastrous situation.

The emojis pair became so popular; it was named Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society in 2016. The combination of the two images has been used to negatively describe both Serena Williams and the turn of events during the final game.

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Skull Emoji, Right Arrow Emoji, and Fire Emoji

The fire emoji has taken plenty of negative meanings when paired with other emojis. Another lethal combination can be the skull emoji, right arrow emoji, and the fire emoji. This trio means to die in a fire. This way, the fire emoji has been used to signify a deadly flamewar.

Combining the three emojis has been used to send hate messages through electronic mails, personal notes, or direct messages. This combination can be virulent to persons with mental health issues and may trigger unhealthy thoughts of actually wanting to die in a fire. So you might want to be careful when using the skull, right arrow, and fire emojis. 


There are hundreds of other emojis you can combine with the fire emoji to convey a message you want to your audience. This tiny yellow and red image of a flame can be as hot as it means or can be deadly. It’s all up to you. Be creative when using the fire emoji along with other emojis to express your feelings.   

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