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Valuable benefits of automated push notifications in eCommerce platforms


Today eCommerce platforms are becoming more popular, then in the past. The variety and comfort of buying from home have forced the young generation to choose eCommerce stores. Moreover, seasonal sales provide huge benefits to customers.

Although, eCommerce platforms are bringing more sales to the owners. They are also bringing more competition to the market. This means the owners need a unique strategy to stand out from the rest.

Now the question is, what is this unique strategy?

Haven’t you heard of the term WordPress push notifications?

Yes, this is the strategy that can help you to stand apart. Push notifications are very crucial in giving your eCommerce platform a unique identity.

Want to know how? Let us go through some valuable benefits of automated push notifications in eCommerce platforms to understand it in detail.

  • Important announcements: Suppose you are going to put some products on sale. Or you are looking forward to offering some discounts and giveaways. Here automated push notifications can become handy. They will automatically remind your customers about the ongoing sales, discounts, and giveaways at regular time intervals.

This makes your customers aware all the time to shop on your platform. These push notifications also generate Fear of Missing out (FOMO) in customers. This forces the customers to visit your platform, whenever they get some time and make a purchase.

  • Tracking orders: A customer orders some products from your platform. Now, what happens is, an urge is generated in the mind of the customer to have them. It forces a customer to visit your platform to see the status of the ordered product.
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Doesn’t it seem bad when a customer has to visit your platform again and again for a simple purpose? To prevent this, automated WooCommerce push notifications can be sent from your platform. This will inform your customer all about the current status of the products.

This enhances the customer’s experience on your platform. It will further push the customer towards your platform in the future.

  • Engaging inactive customers: In the competitive market it is not easy to retain a user for a long period of time. There are certain situations when a user visits your platform but does not purchase anything. In another situation a user made a purchase and never showed up again.

In these situations automated push notifications are very effective. They regularly keep your user engaged with your platform. The push notifications keep them informing about the deals, they might be interested in. This process is carried on a regular basis after a certain time limit. It helps to increase sales.

  • Recovering abandoned carts: Currently the online shopping cart abandonment rate is 75.6% on an average basis. This means a huge loss to the eCommerce platforms. There are several reasons behind this abandonment. It may be a loss of interest, forgotten to checkout, better deal, and so on.

Here automated push notifications are very effective. They are sent to users at regular intervals to complete the checkout. In most of the cases the users visit back and complete the final checkouts. Recently WonderPush helped Sarenza (Leading shoe online retailer) to recover 23% of abandoned carts using push notifications.

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Conclusion: Today eCommerce platforms are increasing at an alarming rate. This has raised the competition in the market. Automated push notifications can help you to stand apart from your competitors. If you haven’t taken their benefit yet and are looking forward to boosting your sales. It’s the right time to dive in.


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