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If we look a few decades back, there was no such thing as Google at that time. People also had no idea about emails and hence, faxing was the only way people had to convey their official messages and documents.

But with the passage of time and as the tech evolved, many new ways of communication came up to the surface. But besides new ways being innovated all the time, fax still has its place and is preferred over all other communication forums. A huge number of individuals and firms utilize faxing for their day to day communication and more than a million faxes are being delivered throughout the globe every day.

Moreover, faxing is not in its old shape anymore. The old ways for faxing have now become a past. Old faxing machines are no longer seen anywhere any more. Along with other tech, faxing has evolved too, and in a good way though. It has become a lot easier than it was before.

And here, you will get to know everything about one of the new way of faxing, which is ‘faxing through Google’. If you would have heard about Google faxing some years back, you definitely would have considered it a joke. But now, in this day and age, faxing through Google is not only achievable but also a wonderful and easy task.

An Intro to Google Fax

Google plays an important part in our life. It has evolved drastically over the last few years. It has gone from a search engine to having a variety of other products too. And this is exactly our topic. When we combine these different products of Google with fax, the end product comes out to be Google Fax.

Completely eradicating the need for the absurd and impractical necessities of the past such as fax machines, paper and toner, Google fax has completely taken over the world. it has become the most used and famous way of faxing all around the planet. So you can, without a second thought, get rid of your fax machine (if you had any) and say goodbye to all the hassle and bother it caused you.

However, putting aside all of the benefits that it provides, we now come to the part that exactly how is Google faxing possible? If you were also troubled over this question then it’s a big BYE to all your questions and worries as they all are going to get answered here.

Google has its roots with the internet which is a digitally powered medium. On the other side, faxing is a quite primitive way and hence makes use of analog signals. This incongruence arises the need of a go-between fax service that makes these two able to work together. And you are at the right place to know about one such service that excels over all others and provides all the faxing services you need.

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CocoFax – Fax with Google within Minutes

CocoFax is the most mainstream and preferred fax service that has a client base of over a million. CocoFax provides free Google fax to all its customers. Yes, you heard right. Free faxing is now in your range. You can enjoy all the top-notch features and faxing services that CocoFax offers at a much affordable cost. Quality as well as ease, what else can one want!

CocoFax does not restrict your faxing to just your own region. With its top of the line faxing services, you can fax outside your region too. This feature is especially beneficial for multinational organizations who are constantly in search of a fax service that allows them to fax globally as well because worldwide faxing is a part of their work as well. So CocoFax solves all their problems as it is a one-stop-shop where you can find at one place, all that you need for faxing.

Coming towards its work area, CocoFax provides faxing services in a lot of ways so that its users can be at ease and pick the way they like. CocoFax does not restrict your faxing to just one device or one place.

You can fax from any of your devices, be it laptop, computer or mobile phone. Furthermore, you do not need to be at a specific place to fax your documents. With CocoFax, you can fax your files even if you are taking a walk in the park or having dinner at a restaurant.

It is a solid, quick and practical way of faxing. It has everything that you would want your fax service to have. You can try it for free here at So with no further ado, let us move towards the different ways in which CocoFax allows Google faxing to be done.

Faxing with Google’s Gmail

On the off chance that you have utilized fax before, you will definitely be loving faxing through Google. Mixing the old fax with the new Google, it comes out to be simply adorable.

Be that as it may, the vast majority don’t know about how simple the procedure is, so they don’t even try to learn. When you read these means to send Google fax on the web, it is guaranteed you will never utilize any other strategy ever again. So let’s start out with the steps.

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Step 1: First thing you need to do is to create a CocoFax account. You can easily create one by visiting their official site and sticking to all the sign-up steps. Here you will also get to choose your fax number yourself. Don’t you worry, it does not cost any extra charges.

Step 2: When you’re done here, open your email id and compose a new email. You will fill out all the info regarding your fax in the new window that just popped up. The ‘To’ field is necessary so fill it out first. Write the receiving person’s fax address here.

Then there are the non-compulsory fields of ‘Subject’ and ‘Email Body’. If you want your fax document to have a top note when it reaches its destination, write it in the subject field. Email body is similar to the cover page, it will have the content of the first page of your fax document.

Attach your fax document just like you attach other files in your regular email. Cross-check everything at least once and hit the send button. Leave the rest to CocoFax. It will convert your email into a fax and then send it to the fax address you entered.

Faxing with Google Drive

Google Drive is another much used product of Google. Most businesses and multinational organizations rely on Google Drive and incorporate it in their businesses as well. CocoFax allows you to fax through Google Drive as well. This feature of CocoFax is extremely useful for firms that use Google Drive on a regular basis and use faxing as well. So, the combination of these two will be really effective for their work.

For this purpose, the first thing you need to do is to register yourself with CocoFax. You can also go for the 30 day free trial to check CocoFax out first. Then, you must download the CocoFax addon for Google Drive. Open the Drive file you wish to fax. Find the CocoFax addon in the menu and hit the send button. The next thing, you will have to log in to your CocoFax account.

When the CocoFax interface opens, fill in the fax address of the person getting your fax and then press the send button. You will be informed about the status (successful or failed) of your fax’s delivery.


If you were looking for an effective way to fax through Google, then I’m positive that your search ends here. You can find out all about it in this guide. And besides, what could be more effective than CocoFax!

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