Tips To Make You a Winner When Betting on eSports


It is no secret that esports betting has become an increasingly popular segment of sports betting. The popularity of this is booming, and more and more money is being poured into it every year…but bookies still don’t get it. A fine-tuned esports betting strategy can maximize value and profits for the esports bettor with lots of attention on esports and less-than-perfect bookies.

It’s the knowledge you need that’s the big catch. It is possible that you would be interested in esports even if you do not own a PC or gaming system, or have never played the role of a sorcerer or dwarf once in your life. Then there are those of you who are very familiar with esports and follow all the major competitions, but you have no idea what sports betting is. Is there a way to get your wheels turning?

This guide will teach you the fundamentals of both esports and sports betting. We will start from the very beginning so you learn everything you need to know. As you become comfortable with esports betting, we’ll move on to topics such as beginner and advanced strategies.

Know What Not To Do

If you know about some of the most common esports betting mistakes before placing a bet, you can avoid them. It is almost always impossible to combine opportunity and entertainment when it comes to esports betting strategies. The question is, what does that mean? 

There are some people who bet on matches just for the sake of making them more exciting. Games that you wouldn’t normally care about during a season or tournament can be made more interesting by it. If you play with money you can afford to lose, it’s completely fine to bet for entertainment.

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It is a completely different thing to bet for entertainment and to bet to make money. Finding value bets and placing those bets are the keys to making money when betting. If you have a value bet on the matches, then you will certainly gain some entertainment, but that is a side effect rather than the primary goal. It is actually harder for bettors to separate entertainment from profit-making than you might think.

Understanding The Games

Before testing any esports betting strategies, you should first understand how esports actually works if you are brand new to the sport. A successful bet requires at least a basic understanding of the game in question, as well as a certain amount of knowledge about the big-name competitors and teams. 

Knowing the terminology of an esport is essential to reading and understanding match analysis. That means knowing things like what a “carry” is and what “jungling” means for Dota 2, the esport that attracts the most viewers and betting action.

Playing the game in question for a while is a great idea before betting on an esport. Many of these games have “free to play” modes that won’t cost you anything but time to download. You don’t have to get good at them or put in more than a few hours into them. 

Whenever you read about game strategies, play it enough so you can mentally relate them to the actions you take in the game. Some handy game guides include esports betting strategies specific to each game so you can quickly learn how to get started and learn what you need to know as a bettor.

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When betting on esports matches, there are a lot of factors to consider, but it’s quite hard to include everything in this short article. Even so, we have managed to include a few important tips that are essential when betting on esports. We would appreciate it if you would let us know if we missed any other important tips about betting on esports.

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