Top 9 Body Facts That Will Pique Your Interest

Top 9 Body Facts That Will Pique Your Interest


There are things in our bodies that occur without us noticing. Stuff that we have no idea as we go with our daily lives and could easily qualify to be included in a list of body facts. Regardless of how it is built, here are ten facts that will surely pique your interest.

9.  Just How Much Do You Sweat On Your Bed Every Year?

Have you ever wondered about just how much you sweat on your bed? Well, you are about to know one of the wtf facts of your body. Your body sweat averages 26 gallons per year, and it’s all soaked in your bed. That’s about one cup of perspiration per day!

8. Your Heart Beats a Ton of Times 

To produce these thousands of gallons of blood, your heart must complete around 100,000 beats in a single day, talk about being the most-hardworking organ of all. On a side note, when you sneeze, your heart literally stops but only briefly. 

7. Kidneys Use Most of Your Body’s Blood

It turns out that it isn’t your liver, stomach, pancreas, or lungs that used most of your blood flow. Kidneys, the two natural filters you have in your body, need to work a lot, which also means that their blood flow should also be a lot more demanding. 

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It even beats the brain by a very high amount, so that says a lot about both kidneys’ importance to the human body.

6. Saliva Production

Picture this; you’re sitting calmly inside your bathtub, filled with the temperature of water you desired. Everything is good so far, and you’re enjoying it. But how about we replace the liquid into something you have inside your mouth, saliva. Well, yikes! But this example isn’t impossible, because saliva production can fill two bathtubs, but only within a year.

5. Color of the Lungs

The color of the lungs is a vital aspect to consider when talking about its health. Those that aren’t taking care of their natural filter would find its colors to be more on the darker spectrum. Healthy lungs appear to be pink and lighter. 

Well, you can’t see it by yourself, but with the help of professionals, you can quickly identify whether you have a good pair of lungs.

4. Blood Vessel Length

The blood vessel is lengthy, but their exact length can only be revealed when they are stretched, far, and wide. It turns out that a single person’s blood vessel can easily reach 60,000 miles. It is more than enough to circle the whole world once!

3. Taste Buds

Mature humans are more likely to have more taste buds than those who are younger. Approximately 2000-4000 taste buds are present in an adult’s body, and it can even be found in different places, not just limited to the tongue. The idea that taste buds are only located in the tongue should be obsolete since even your nose can taste, too!

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2. Body Muscles

The masseter muscle is the strongest of all. But aside from that, there are still 500+ remaining muscles you can explore in your body. Even those weakest can be trained through enough exercise and routines.

1. Skin Bacteria

Don’t panic, but you have bacteria in your skin. But there’s no need to worry about, really because your skin does its trick to protect itself from harmful ones by renewing itself. Approximately, a healthy individual would have a total of 1000 bacteria living at the top of his/her skin, so bizarre that it made it into the top of our body facts. 

This process is called “skin cell” renewal and would approximately last for at least a month. This long wait is significant for humans, so even if it is like this, we don’t have a choice.


Most of these body facts are outright gross! You have to admit that they at least piqued your interest, right? Nevertheless, the body is a vibrant yet complicated structure that reveals its most exciting features as time passes by.

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