Vacation in Singapore: You Should Not Miss!


Singapore is a worthwhile destination although it is a comparatively small country. About 5.6 million people live on a total of 63 islands, but mainly on the main island of Sentosa. Altogether it makes a modern, dazzling city. For vacationers, there are many exciting opportunities to enjoy life and have fun to your heart’s content. 

This is what Singapore has to offer!

Visually, Singapore is most interesting for its partly futuristic buildings, which give you the feeling of being in an ultra-modern metropolis. Find the most beautiful of them at There are a lot of people in a relatively small area, yet it remains surprisingly peaceful. The economy is booming, people are doing well, and food is plentiful and available in many varieties. Even with little money, you can feast perfectly here! Singapore also has the second largest port in the world, right after Shanghai. You should have seen it. 

A paradisiacal garden by the sea

Other places also impress with their uniqueness. For example, the Bay South Garden, a 54-hectare area on man-made land. The park includes, among other things, the world’s largest glasshouse without columns (!!) with two different biotopes. Visitors stroll under baobab and olive trees, and the Canary Island date palm is also present. The “Flower Dome” is an impressive 38 meters high. In the Singapore Botanic Garden, which dates back to 1859, the most striking feature is the beautiful orchid garden. A real treat for the eyes – and at the same time for the soul. 

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The luxurious and alluring ambiance

Because of its iconic shape, the Marina Bay Sands has gained worldwide fame – and not just among gambling fans. The luxury hotel includes a glamorous casino that magically attracts locals and tourists alike. Flashing slot machines are just as present here as classic poker and roulette tables for all those who like to dare a game with a croupier and real opponent. Newcomers should be well prepared for the race, so practice rules and strategies beforehand. 

To do this, select a suitable online casino via the comparison platform and plunge digitally into the fun. The site also offers the possibility to compare many different relevant providers and their conditions. With just one click, you can go to your selected casino and from there directly to the slot machines or roulette table. Furthermore, the site offers game guides, instructions, and free-to-play games, and, of course, you don’t have to pay for the service. And if you’ve had enough practice, you’ll find it easier to get started on the “real thing” over a glass of champagne.

Diversity of nature: visit the zoo

The Singapore Zoo is not just any zoo, but its own rainforest with more than 2800 different animals. Visitors move through eleven different zones and can admire tree kangaroos, cassowaries, and many species of primates. 28 hectares full of exciting wildlife viewing await, including the largest captive orangutan colony in the world. The zoo relies on a concept that is comfortable for both humans and animals, namely open exhibition. There are mainly hidden barriers, moats, and glass walls. So, everything seems almost like in the wild, with close contact between visitors and the animal inhabitants. 

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Impressive sightseeing on Sentosa Island 

Sentosa Island offers you numerous opportunities to play golf in a dreamlike exotic atmosphere. In addition, the sea surrounds you from all sides, which you can navigate by boat or ship. Adventurous tourists may opt for a day of deep-sea sailing and perhaps even deep-sea fishing. The luxurious beach resorts are also worth a closer look, here you may even see a celebrity or two on vacation! Also visit the famous Merlion, the landmark of Singapore. The sculpture represents a cross between a mermaid and a lion. There is an old legend behind it, which we won’t tell you here. Find it out on the spot!

A stroll through Chinatown and Little India

Many major cities around the world have their own Chinatown, including Singapore. Here you can stroll, store and feast to your heart’s content. There is even a large shopping mall in this Chinatown, but also many pretty little stores with highly interesting souvenirs and small art objects. The street food is delicious and everywhere smells of Chinese specialties. 


In Little India, it goes on colorfully, with many colorfully painted stores and the smell of spices in the air. You are in the city center of Singapore, just a few steps away from many other sights. So, it is doubly worthwhile to visit the clean, winding alleys of Little India and to allow plenty of time for it. Find out more travel recommendations on our site at


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