Wall Street Trapper net worth

Wall Street Trapper Net Worth From Convict to Investor


How often do we come across gifted personalities who can go from being an inmate to a millionaire? That’s the empowering story of Leon Howard who is popularly known as Wall Street Trapper. Entrepreneur, investor, and financial advisor, Leon is also the founder of the movement From The Trap to Wall Street. So, from the media to emerging investors, everyone likes to keep an eye on Wall Street Trapper net worth.

Not just his income but everything else about Leon’s life is interesting and that’s what makes him extraordinary. His goal is to educate the masses on how to become wealthy by buying shares. He has built a community of more than 700,000 Trappers and he teaches them the art of making money.

But how did a person who served in prison get the motivation to defy the odds and gain financial literacy?

From his traumatic childhood experiences to his successful career as an investor, we will give you a glimpse of the varied experiences that created Wall Street Trapper.

A brief biography

NameLeon Howard
Popular asWall Street Trapper
ProfessionInvestor, Entrepreneur, & Financial Advisor
DOBJuly 9, 1962
Place of BirthNew Orleans, Louisiana
Marital StatusDivorced
Wall Street Trapper Net Worth$100 million
EthnicityBlack American

Meaning of Wall Street Trapper

Wondering why Leon addresses himself as Wall Street Trapper? There’s an inspiring story behind it.

Wall Street is a famous street in the Financial District of New York City. It is home to the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), the world’s biggest stock exchange. The headquarters of many renowned financial institutions like investment banks and equity firms are present here.

So, Wall Street represents the financial industry and Leon has solidified his identity as a stock market expert. He takes pride in calling himself Wall Street Trapper as he does not want to deny his humble origins.

This explains why young individuals from poor families can connect with him.

The Wall Street Trapper net worth

Considering his impressive career as an investor and businessman, Wall Street Trapper net worth is no secret.

In 2024, his estimated net worth has reached $100 million. He has accumulated this wealth after working hard for several years.

The personal investments of Leon initially included stocks.

When he had enough savings, he started diversifying his portfolio and bought multiple real estate properties. He also has other assets that generate steady income.

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Presently, Leon’s business income depends on the online courses he sells and his presence on different social media platforms. He has partnerships with leading brands and he promotes or sells their products/ services on his Instagram.

So, because of investments and business ventures, Leon’s net worth increases every year.

But did you know that there was a time when Leon had no idea about the stock market? Before becoming an investor, he was starving and stayed in prison for a decade. Scroll down to find out how a criminal built a generational empire without returning to the world of crime.

Early life of Leon Howard

Leon was born in 1981 in Louisiana’s New Orleans. He spent his childhood in a community that was infamous for crime and violence.

The noise of bullets was a common occurrence in that part of the city. As he was growing up in poverty, he witnessed his mother getting shot.

He was only 9 years old when she died and so, he took shelter at his grandmother’s house.

With the death of his grandmother, the 14-year-old Leon became homeless.

He chose robbery and drug dealing and went to jail for a murder-related case.

Little did he imagine that a chance encounter with open new doors for him.

Wall Street Trapper wife and personal life

Not much is known about Leon’s parents and he does not speak much about them in interviews.

As far as his schooling is concerned, he never received any formal education from an educational institution.

He tied the knot with Maria Gloria and has a child from his marriage.

The path to freedom

As a prisoner, Leon’s companionship with another convict changed the course of his life.

The inmate shared with him how investing consistently in the stock market can make a person rich. He also gifted some books to teach Leon the interesting game of investing in big and small companies.

At that time Leon was toiling as a prison laborer and he earned eight cents every hour to cut down trees.

During his free time, he started studying the stock market and watching CNBC to expand his knowledge of industries and companies. Soon he became familiar with the concepts of budgeting, saving, and financial planning.

The realization dawned upon Leon that investing is the best way to bid adieu to a life of poverty.

He harbored the dream of becoming a millionaire. He promised himself that once he got out of prison, he would build a secure future for his family.

Career of Wall Street Trapper

When he was a free man again, Leon took up the job of an ironworker.

Every month, he invested more than 50% of his monthly salary in the stock market. It took him some years to have enough money to stop working.

That’s when he chose to be a full-time investor and embarked on a journey as an entrepreneur.

The ideologies that caused his success are patience, a deep understanding of the stock market, long-term investing, and discipline.

From the Trap to Wall Street is a non-profit organization that provides mentorship and arranges workshops for underprivileged people.

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Now Leon is a celebrity who is always in the limelight through his YouTube videos, Insta Reels, and podcasts.

He has appeared on multiple episodes of famous podcasts like Lewis Howe, Earn Your Leisure, and The Breakfast Club.

Howard on social media

Howard is active on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

He is a YouTube sensation with 320k subscribers and his videos are immensely informative. The name of his channel is Wall Street Trapper and he created it to communicate with a larger audience.

On Instagram, he has 1.2 million followers and regularly posts videos and photos.

He has succeeded in creating an online presence and becoming a major influencer.

Online courses

Howard hasn’t forgotten his sufferings and is keen on helping others become stock experts like him.

He faced hardships as a child because he did not have access to education. So, he has taken up the responsibility to provide financial knowledge to African Americans, a subject that is not taught in schools.

He believes that most black Americans are the victims of poor upbringing.

With this aim, he created eBooks and online coursework that can help anyone make money from scratch.

More than 700,000 people have benefited from his courses. He has also opened an online school: The Trapper University and here you can learn courses like:

  • How to Invest in the Marijuana Business
  • Step by Step to Stocks.

His online courses are excellent as they teach how to become a stock market investor, create several income streams, manage money, and grow wealth.

All these study materials are available at WallStreetTrapper.com.

Final thoughts

Leon Howard has proved to the world that with passion and determination, it isn’t impossible to transform one’s life.

A self-taught man, he is not just a millionaire but a teacher of financial literacy to marginalized people.

What makes him special is that he is on a noble mission of transforming urban America’s financial mindset.

Leon’s expertise in the stock market is equivalent to the knowledge of a trained investment banker.

No wonder Wall Street Trapper net worth is $100 million at present.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Wall Street Trapper?

Leon Howard or Wall Street Trapper is a professional investor, a YouTuber, an Instagram celebrity, and an educator.

2. What is the real name of Wall Street Trapper?

Wall Street Trapper’s birth name was Leon Howard. However, people around the globe know him as Wall Street Trapper as that’s the name of his brand. He is present on social media as Wall Street Trapper.

3. Why did Wall Street Trapper go to jail?

Wall Street Trapper was sentenced to 10 years of prison as there were murder charges against him. During this period, he found out that there were many safe ways to earn good money.

4. How did Wall Street Trapper attain financial literacy?

When in jail, Leon met a fellow convict who ignited in him the passion to make passive income by adopting honest means. He read books and newspapers and was thrilled to discover the fascinating world of the stock market.

He also listened to podcasts and watched TV shows to expand his knowledge. Leon truly became a pro when he began to invest his hard-earned money after getting out of prison.

5. How much is Wall Street Trapper net worth?

As of now, Wall Street Trapper net worth has reached $100 million. He built this fortune by buying stocks, spreading financial awareness, setting up businesses, and leveraging various social media platforms.

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