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Do you feel trapped inside your house? The world is fighting a relentless battle against the global pandemic. It has put the entire world on hold with everyone locked inside their homes. Some people are killing time by binge-watching their favorite shows, while others don’t know what to do with life anymore.

However, we would recommend you to devote some quarantine time to self-education while learning new skills. Alongside bolstering your career, it is an amazing way to keep yourself busy and cope with the lockdown anxiety. So, look below to see some ideas about how you can acquire new skills during the lockdown.

Start an Online Course

Believe it or not, but once the global pandemic is over, the world would start spinning around. Therefore, it is imperative to prepare yourself with new skill sets during the lockdown. You can either give a boost to your current skillset or opt for something entirely different, both the options would work in your favor. If you start searching online, you will come across hundreds of universities and companies offering online courses, free of cost!

There could be something that you were previously looking forward to – online programming, adobe photoshop, fintech – but your busy work schedule never gave a green signal for it. Now, its time to choose an online course about something you are passionate about. You can check out Allison, Skillshare, Udemy, to unmask some free courses.

Similarly, students also had their lives planned: graduating from high school, going to a college, and whatnot. However, now everything has paused for them as well, but thanks to the technology that is supporting students to get high school diploma online. Thus, allowing students to graduate on time and continue with their lives at the same pace.

Learn New Languages

Everyone wants to have a captivating resume that leaves the employer awestruck. This lockdown is giving you an ideal opportunity to lift your resume by learning some new languages. Many free online applications can help get the hang of different languages. You can download it to your smartphones and enroll yourself. Begin by picking a language that is somehow similar to your native language. It would allow you to comprehend better.

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At the same time, you need to see which language is beneficial for your career. For instance, – German, Spanish, French, Chinese are extremely valuable when it comes to looking for a job. Alongside, helping you get a job anywhere in the world, it would make you stand out from other candidates. It develops technical skills, like mental flexibility and cognitive skills.

Follow up on Online Coding Programs

Software developers, coders, programmers have always been in demand since we are moving towards a technological era. The global pandemic is changing how companies work since everything is kicking off with virtual operations. Well, coding helps in improving the structure of the businesses, which means, learning this can bag you some excellent opportunities.

Some people think coding is only for tech geeks; this is not true. Anyone with basic technical knowledge can crack the books. There are many free online courses, schooling you about the basic to advanced level coding. You can check out many online institutions to enroll yourself in these online classes. Also, it is quite valuable for students, too; it helps them breakthrough software, promoting logical problem-solving.

Get the Hang of Digital Marketing

There were already businesses selling online to customers, but after the lockdown, now every business is operating online. For this reason, they are devoting more attention to their social media presence since it has become a necessity. Therefore, getting the hold of digital marketing practices, generating a sales funnel, driving traffic towards the website can increase your demand significantly.

If you look online, the thousands of courses can confuse you to pick the right one. All the free courses give you a basic understanding, which is not enough. Therefore, look for paid ones that are teaching something valuable. Don’t worry; they are also available at that the lowest prices, making it affordable for everyone.

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Moreover, copywriting has also become very popular. It is more or less a part of digital marketing. All the marketers who practice content marketing need copywriters. So, you can also look for courses, specifically teaching copywriting. Besides, you can always work as a freelance copywriter alongside your permanent job if you learn copywriting skills.

Join Webinars

Do you miss traveling for conferences? Webinars have become very prevalent in today’s world, providing a great source for learning new skills. There is not much you need to do to attend a webinar because everything would happen from the comfort of your home. You merely need a laptop or any smartphone with a high-speed internet connection, and you are good to go.

It would introduce you to inspirational speakers, successful entrepreneurs, and leaders, giving you insights into their journey. Do you know what else? Joining a webinar is not just listening to a TED talk; it allows you to ask questions from the experts. You can discuss your business goals and get some valuable suggestions to foster your career.

Have Some Fun in the Kitchen?

Honestly, good food is a huge help in keeping people sane during the lockdown. People don’t mind using this time trying different cuisines and enjoying delicious meals. You can also learn this skill with little or no investment at all. There are plenty of recipes, cookbooks, and online tutorials to brush up your culinary skills.

However, instead of making trips to supermarkets, hit the stove with something easy and with the ingredients available at home. If you are worried about your routine, and excessive calorie intake, then switch to healthy foods. Get your hands on some gluten-free cookbooks for some healthy quarantine eating.

Wrap Up

With a lot of free time on hands, and limited activities at home, people are going crazy. Everyone should utilize this time exploring and learning new things. After all, some new skillsets can substantially polish your career, opening doors to more future opportunities. Furthermore, it is the most productive way of keeping yourself busy, rather than spending time procrastinating. So, look above to see how to acquire new skills during the lockdown.


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