Perfect Gifts for Summer

3 Perfect Gifts for Summer


The summer brings ample opportunity to spend some quality time with loved ones. It’s the perfect time of year to sit in the backyard, fire up the BBQ, and soak in those warm sunny rays. With all of the beautiful weather, longer days, and relaxing evenings, you might find yourself in the gifting spirit.

Perhaps there are a few birthday gifts to buy, or maybe it’s a belated Mother’s or Father’s day present you’re looking for. Whatever the occasion, you’re excited to get something special for a special person!

To inspire your gifting decision, check out these unique ideas. From personalized clothing to strawberry jam — you’ll find a 3 Perfect Gifts for Summer offering for everyone on your list.

Homemade Soap

The summer is all about smelling delicious and feeling good. Do you have a friend who is interested in essential oils and natural skincare? Well, they would love a homemade soap made with fragrant and organic ingredients. 

You can find essential oils online, at your local apothecary, or a health food shop. Look for calming scents such as lavender and geranium. Check out an online tutorial, follow the instructions, and soon have your own batch of soothing, aromatic, and fresh soaps. It’s an inexpensive and fun way to show your loved one how much he or she means to you.

A Customized T-shirt

Is your friend the kind of person who only listens to obscure music from the 1970s? Or their favourite movie of all time is something hardly anyone has ever heard of and was only distributed in pre-war Japan? It’s probably tough to come across a t-shirt with an image of a little known band from the 1970s or a movie that only about 100 people have ever seen.

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How excited would that person be if you gave them a t-shirt with the band or movie’s logo on the front? With custom silk screen printing from a trusted printing company, you can create t-shirts and outerwear with designs of all sorts — including your friend’s hidden cultural gems!

Find a digital photo or design an image you’d like printed, and turn it into a shirt just by reaching out to the right printing company. Look for one that offers a free estimate and a wide selection of products from which you can choose. Your friend will be delighted that you took such effort to make him or her something truly unique and meaningful. 

You’ll probably get into the habit of wanting to make customized t-shirts for friends as well as yourself. It’s a fun way to promote your interests.

Summer Jams

One of the best parts about summer is how so many delicious fruits are in season. It’s a great time of year to learn how to make homemade jam because of the large quantity of fruits that are available, including:

  • Plums
  • Peaches
  • Cherries
  • Strawberries
  • Peaches
  • And more

If your friend has a sweet tooth, consider making them a jar of yummy strawberry jam. A simple jam recipe is mostly comprised of water, the fruit of choice, and sugar. 

This summer, show your loved ones how much you appreciate them with a perfect gifts for summer made with love. 




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