Most Exciting Instagram Story Ads of All Time

The 5 Most Exciting Instagram Story Ads of All Time


Instagram is one of the most popular platforms today. Moreover, with time, it has gained huge popularity among everyone. Today more than 500 million people use Instagram story templates. Also, all the big brands use an Instagram advertising campaign to build trust among the viewers. These story ads appear in between the organic content. Besides these story ads are very enjoyable and adapt to the needs of the consumers.

So, let’s check out the 5 most exciting Instagram story ads of all time:

1. Pepe Jeans 

Pepe Jeans is a famous International denim brand. In addition, there are many fans of this brand throughout the world. Pepe Jeans persuadedit’s brand ambassador Dua Lipa to endorse this brand. Besides the brand wanted to create more influence across the world and they were successful as people trusted a social media influencer like Dua Lipa more than a traditional celebrity advertisement.

2. is a furniture design company. Besides, it aims to provide high-end furniture designs to everyone at affordable prices. promoted its products with minimal design trends and good graphic design. Also, it animated its feature products to keep the audience intrigued and click on the right links.

3. Joop

Joop is one of the most influential fashion brands in Germany. Joop created an interesting and eye-catching Instagram video story for the ad campaign of Joop jeans. So, Tony Mahfud the famous artist and influencer endorsed this brand. This made a positive impact on the viewers.

4. Hydro flask

Hydro flask is an award-winning authority in stainless steel flasks. So, to build the brand awareness hydro flask created an engaging Instagram ad story that would ultimately connect with the viewers. The story ad is shown through motion graphics. Also, it depicts how the three main adventures in the advertisement uses hydro flask to keep the liquid insulated for a long time and is the best option. This story ad for 4 months increased revenue by 80 percent and resulted in purchases of more than 12,000.

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5. Dunkin

Dunkin is a leading brand for baked goods and coffee. Moreover, it serves more than 5 million customers each day. So to stay competitive in the market Dunkin launching their donut fries. Dunkin took the help of video polls to make this campaign successful. Above it playfully shows off an animated background against fries and donuts. Dunkin also used the poll stickers and encouraged viewers to vote. Last of all the video ends with a food mashup of donut fries. So, Dunkin got great results from their video story ad campaign at reduced costs on the Instagram.


An Instagram video story ad has a short life span of only 24 hours. But they are quite engaging and keeps the viewers engaged. You can easily make an Instagram story with the help of Video maker. So, you may take inspiration from the above Instagram story ads for your next story ad campaign on Instagram. Finally, these engaging stories made people to spend more time on Instagram like from 15 minutes to 32 minutes in a day.

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