4 Best Emoji Apps For iPhone Users

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Imagine a world where there aren’t emojis. Can you? In this smartphone era we live in, emojis are as commonplace as smartphones. They are also refreshed now and then, added with new iconography, and many an emoji guide are part of that update. For different operating systems, a diverse representation of emojis is to be expected.

Top Emoji Apps For iPhone Users

If you’re an iPhone user, the emoji experience may be more streamlined and aesthetically better than other phones. iPhone has a history of upholding the integrity of emojis, giving them arguably the most accurate of representations. If you’re not using emojis, then you may rethink that stance. They’re the most primitive yet advanced language born out of the digital world.

If you’re particularly savvy, you can use emojis to send coded messages, set the mood for a rendezvous later, and ideally make passive-aggressive comments without earning the usual severity of reaction from the particular person of interest. We’ve collated the best emoji apps for iPhone users, so get to the AppStore now and download one or two of these babies:


Bitmoji is the OG of emoji apps. It doesn’t have a wealth of characters that the other entries in this list have, but what it does, it does best. With Bitmoji, you can create your avatar. You can customize it, personalize it, and make it your own. You can add additional items as well like stickers, names, etc.

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Snapchat owns Bitmoji, and it’s embedded in its main app. It has its independent app though – and if you want to get into it and have lots of fun, you need to download it separately. It can also be your emoji guide, as it can be integrated with your iPhone keyboard.


Animoji is a great new addition to iPhone’s built-in emoji keyboard. Starting with the iPhone X and up, it uses Face ID to create and customize an emoji that follows your facial cues and emotions. The fun part? You can use filters like pigs, unicorn, even the shit emoji to express your feelings better. Imagine the fun it brings to iMessage group chats!

To activate Animoji, you need to set it up first. Go to Messages and tap the “start new message” icon. You can do this in an existing conversation as well. After that, you need to tap the Animoji sticker right below the message bubble, then look at your screen and wait for the app to start. Once it does, record your reaction – it can also record audio so you can create fun sound bytes as well!


If you don’t have the latest iPhone and want to try the Animoji and Memoji experience, Imoji is the next best thing. It works just like Animoji, plus it has a respectable amount of emojis in its library.

However, Imoji is not technically an emoji app, as it’s more of a messaging platform. As an outcome, you can only use the exclusive features when you’re messaging inside the app.

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You can download this app and have fun with people who are already using it. Otherwise, it’s a moot point if you don’t have existing contacts already in it. But, if you’re especially persuasive, you can get your friends to download the app. One bonus is that you can create a secret group chat inside!

5000+ Emojis

This may be the most straightforward app of the bunch. If what you’re looking for is an emoji app that houses the most emoji variations, 5000+ Emojis is for you. What you get is 5000+ emojis – from faces, icons, animals, people, flags, symbols – you name it, the app has it.

What’s great about the app is that it’s free, can be integrated with your keyboard ( take a while to load), and it doesn’t scrimp on the quality of the emojis. Most free emoji apps carry low-resolution emojis inside of them, but not 5000+ Emojis.


The world of emojis is magical. There’s nothing more accurate than a description of it. How else can you react without really reacting? You can automatically send a smile emoji if you’re not up for a conversation, and there are a million things you can do communication-wise with the help of these little emotive characters that have a wide-spanning genre.

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