Airpod is Not Charging

Your Airpod is Not Charging? Check How To Fix It

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As many of you might know that the power backup of Airpods is treasured in the case itself, thus charging hardly seems to be an issue. Well, this is not always the case, some users have gone on record to state issues regarding charging. Here, we will look into some of those problems and see how to fix them.

Common Issues with Airpods Charging:

Airpods Charging

Airpods are the best companion to have when you are in for travel. The moment your notice that Airpods are low on charge, you look for the case. But-what can you do- if your case does not support the cause. Such situations can come up anytime and anywhere. The best thing that you can do to tackle it is to be ready with some charging hacks, which can save the day for you.

Indeed, Airpods are magical, but only when they serve the purpose, or else the magic ceases to exist.

  • Charging Case that requires a factory reset

Airpods Charging 1

The first and foremost that can be done when your Airpods don’t charge conventionally is to reset the settings. This is the most basic solution and causes for such issues.

Confused! Don’t be, let us explain how it works.

It very often happens with the conventional setting in place for long, software bugs develop. Such bugs further lead to airpods connectivity issues, if not solved. The most common means to shake things up and get the charging device working is resetting the connections and starting the device again.

  • Running a quick cable check

Airpods Charging2

In case the reset has not worked out well, chances are high that the problem resides with the power source.

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Carry an inspection on the power source and look for the wiring issues. All you have to check the power source carefully. The next logical step is to check the cable, which unsurprisingly, is the issue in most cases.

The cables may seem to be in good condition on the surface. But on the inside, the cable wires can be worn out. In such cases, the cables need to be replaced or if possible repair.

Just be on the safer side, you can run a check on the external ports, very often they are the reason for charging woes.

  • Cleaning the charging case and AirPods

Airpods Charging3

Again there is nothing as a basic yet effective solution than cleaning the case and the pod. The reason why we say it is most effective because if the case is not cleaned regularly, charging issues become a commonality.

With increases usage of the case and the Airpods, when not cleaned regularly, dust accumulates on the outer layer. Quite obviously, such accumulation and dust are visible to the naked eye. Also, it may lead to hardware issues, if it is allowed to settle around in the same condition.

On a side note, the materials chosen for the cleanup process must be picked wisely.

  • Avoid using the indirect mode of power supply

Airpods Charging4

Getting the device charged directly from the power socket makes more sense than going around and using an extension cord. It may seem to be trivial and bland, but it does affect the charging capacity.

A faulty secondary source of power supply drains the device battery quite quickly. Many a time you might have noticed that the charging numbers suddenly drop from 80% to 20% this is an indication that something is wrong. At this point, you are left with no other choice to get the device checked in the Apple store.

  • Make the AirPods dustproof and waterproof

Airpods Charging5

At the core, it is not essentially a means to fix your charging issue. But it is what we call prevention is better than cure. There is no denying the fact that Apple Airpods are quite expensive and you simply cannot replace it.

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It is only sane to add an extra layer of protection to protect from accidental water spillage. The covers generally do not cost much. But yes that’s for sure the cost you will incur on repairs due to moisture exposure will be way more.

  • Heading to the Apple store for repairs

Airpods Charging6

Don’t be disheartened, there will be situations when none of the hacks will work. It is probably the time you need to look in for a replacement or an upgrade.

Having stated obvious, not so curious case of battery drainage which demands replacement, even if there is a flickering chance of repairs, you know where to head too. Yes, you guessed it right- it is the genius bar at your nearest Apple store.

Summing Up

Now, hopefully, you have a clear idea as to how you can diagnose the Airpods or the case for the issue. Following which you can take the necessary step to get device fired up for your next adventure. After all, it’s all about the journey of music both figuratively and in reality. Thus, let your companion be by your side fully throttled with power.

Author Bio: Jainish Vora is Author at Having experience with 5 years of writing about phones and other gadgets. He loves to explore and write different gadgets from android phones to wearable gadgets.

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