5 Best possible Adventurous Activities for Tourist in Nepal



Earlier they used to call it more of a youth thing. But at the moment, adventure has become everyone’s great good fantasy. People of every age seem to agree with the whole idea of adventure activities whether it’s jumping from 525 ft high cliffs or gliding in the sky. 

Luckily, Nepal being geographically diverse comes with every extreme adventurous sport. For many years, it has been a recreation ground to tourists with everything coming in a single package. 

Despite the fact that how small Nepal is, there is unique variation in the landscapes. The land topography here forms an alley for adventurous activities like mountain climbing, jungle safari and canyoning.  

Almost the size of Montana, Nepal is filled with all the greatness. It has a sky-high mountain in himalayas while the lowland in terai is home to pangolins and Asian palm civets. Famous for its jungle safari, Chitwan National Park is habitat for more than 68 species of mammals. 

In addition, the off-beaten path of upper himalayas makes a perfect spot for adventures like mountain biking.Alone Pokhara offers more than a dozen of electrifying activities from ziplining to paddle boarding and paramotoring. 

Best thing about these adventures is that they are easily accessible and reasonably priced. After doing a lot of research, we’ve finally listed 5 best possible adventurous activities for tourists in Nepal. 

1. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour 

Think of Nepal and the first picture that comes to mind is Mt. Everest though not everyone can ascend it. Nonetheless, you still have a chance to get a glimpse of it by reaching as far as Everest Base Camp. 

Some of you may be still upset thinking of weeks long trek and more than a hundred miles of route to walk. But a 5 hours Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour can simply eliminate your stress. The flight is arranged to take the travelers high in the sky from where they can watch Everest. 

Tourists climb down to explore Kala patthar after the heli lands at the viewpoint. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, they’ll get to watch pristine Mt. Everest, Changtse and Nuptse. 

The flight back home is evenly scenic with the picturesque view of forest-covered valleys and colorful landscapes. The tea break in Syangboche’s Hotel Everest View will have trekkers enjoy the spectacular mountain view. 

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2. Mountain Biking in Mustang 

Aside from hiking, trails of Mustang can be used for cruising by mountain bikers. The winding lane moving through high cliffs and rocky terrains above deserted valleys of Mustang will be adventurous for riders. 

Cycling on the rugged routes of Upper Mustang provides bikers with breathtaking scenery. Watching snow-capped mountains and reddish rock formation becomes too common during excursions. 

You can start the trip by rolling the wheel through the deepest gorge Kali Gandaki and follow the route to Himalayas. Advance steadily on the ancient rough route till arrive at Lo-Manthang otherwise known as City of Wall.  

This rural village is sparsely populated but still rich with unique culture and tradition. Your stay here can be exciting since people of Mustang often organize cultural events. Old palaces and monasteries like Jampa Lhakhang and Thubchen Gompa can be visited on exciting mountain bike trips. 

3. Bungee Jumping

Hopping from 160m height can be done in about two and a half hours from Kathmandu at Bhote Koshi River. The highest bungee jump in Nepal, Bhote Koshi lies almost 46.0km away from the capital. 

One of the most adventurous activities, Bhote Koshi Bungee Jumping is alone sufficient to delight thrill-seekers. The suspension bridge is made joining two sides of the valley above Bhote Koshi River. 

The entire activity is supervised and done under the guidance of professionals. Visitors are equipped with a solid harness and a fixed rope before sending off the edge. Being flipped, they’ll get to see the fast flowing river while racing down. 

In a supplementary, you’ll have a scenic view of valleys covered by green forest to watch. Those who desire to have a multi-day adventurous trip with bungee jumping can travel to Pokhara. 

4. Kayaking  in Trishuli River 

Rafting made Trishuli River popular but now it’s in favour of kayaking. People are liking how the rapid water flow of Trishuli is showing kindness on kayakers. One of the best day tour adventures, kayaking is great fun with remote parts of the region to explore. 

They are easily manoeuvrable in the river of Trishuli so all you have to do is jump in one of the kayaks. The river will then gradually increase its speed taking riders in the backwood of the river. 

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Unlike rafting, there is no sharing room in the kayak so you’ll have your time alone. Steer it wherever you want and there’ll be no one to whine. Kayaking the entire river is quite impossible as it’s stretched 200km far. 

So lead off the expedition from the west of Kathmandu which takes no more than 3-4 hours. Most people normally schedule 2 days for kayaking in Trishuli. However, you can just spend a day in the river and still manage to have lots of fun. 

Main highlights of the trip would be the small gorges and dense forest coming on the way. Exploration of the nearby jungle and watching birds can too be done after kayaking. 

5. Fishing in high current rivers of Nepal 

Spending as little as 2 hours or less on drive, tourists can reach Dolalghat for fishing in Nepal. It’s a prime and nearest location from Kathmandu for the Sunkoshi river which is quite popular for white water fishing. 

But if you feel the spot is too close and crowded for extreme adventure then drive to Tamor River or Balephi Khola. The water flow in these rivers is rapid and produces strong current, allowing fish to thrive. 

The catch in the river can be giant like Golden Mahseer and Catfish for which you’ll need a high-strength spinning rod and Ultralight Spinning Reel. Keep the one that’s lightweight as you don’t want to put in the load and increase chances of losing fish. 

High current rivers of Nepal can provide both huge and small fish. So, for a better option, pack a monofilament fishing line since it’s highly sensitive and doesn’t float. A quick dash into the forest can connect you with nature and breathtaking scenery. 

Walking through a narrow trail can lead you to a forest inhabited by various wild animals. Enjoy the time in the woodland watching birds and animals up until scooting back to home. 

Final Say

There is a rousing array of adventurous activities in Nepal that it’s so tough to grade one on the scale. Each of the recreational activities is equally adventurous and succeeds to surprise tourists every other time. However, if I had to suggest one then it would be Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. 

The trip is comforting in itself having not to ascend the steep hill and still able to watch the dazzling Mt. Everest. Other than that, they can watch the magnificent valleys and medieval villages of the himalayas. 

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