Fashionable Luxury Watches For Men

5 Fashionable Luxury Watches For Men With Deep Pockets


Every watch connoisseur will tell you that choosing the most fashionable luxury watch to own is a hard task. Not all the money in the world will fix a busted fashion sense, especially if the one with the money doesn’t really care about it at all. But what does a deep pocket bring you fashion-wise? The ability to get some of these foolproof, fashionable, luxury timepieces:

Omega De Ville

Omega may be known as the watch brand that’s NASA-certified, or the brand that Agent 007 prefer, but the number of watches that this Swiss watchmaking stalwart produces goes beyond the popular models. The Omega De Ville, in particular, is usually slept on even with watch enthusiasts, but actually is an excellent collection on its own.

The tourbillon line inside the collection, in particular, houses three of the most sublime watch dial designs on the planet. Should you get yourself one, go for the Blue Edition. What you get is a tourbillon co-axial numbered edition timepiece with one of the company’s best in-house movements, an exquisite blue dial and matching leather strap, and 18k Sedna gold.

Rolex Daytona

A classic watch that will look good with any outfit, or any event, really – the Daytona exudes timeless elegance in the company’s proprietary Oystersteel with lots of luxurious options for cases. Think yellow and white gold as well as platinum. If you want to show off, especially to friends, or you want to impress on a meeting by just your timepiece alone, this is the watch to wear.

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There are three notable pieces from this collection: The Oystersteel, platinum, and Oystersteel, and yellow gold. The latter will certainly turn heads – it’s a piece that just warrants attention, while the other two won’t look as ostentatious. When noticed, though, they’re conversation starters by their own merits. Under the hood, you get a perpetual, self-winding, chronograph Calibre 4130 with a power reserve of 72 hours.

Patek Philippe Grand Complications

The Grand Complications collection from legendary watchmaker Patek Philippe isn’t just fashionable and stylish at the same time, they’re also timepieces made to last. Expect the best of the best with any of the watches from this collection, as they’re the reflection of the artistry and watch technology that the company has carefully nurtured.

There are 34 watches to choose from, each one done in quality materials and unique dial stylings. But if you want to stand out from the rest, we say go for the 6120P, celestial, moon age variation. The dial features a rotating chart of heavenly bodies, giving the user an exact guesstimation of the positions of the stars on the Northern hemisphere.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon 89

Stylish, sophisticated, and muted. That’s three adjectives to describe the Master Ultra Thin Moon 89 at a glance. But look at its spec sheet, and you’d discover that this jewel from Jaeger-LeCoultre is also a beast inside. Powered by an automatic, self-winding caliber movement, the 39mm dial is on the smaller side, but certainly does not wear small at all.

Its 38-hour power reserve may not be the most impressive, but the materials from which this watch was helmed from are. Stainless steel, sapphire crystal, top-grade leather, and rhodium-plated hour markers – you’d get exactly what you’re paying for. Plus, adding another strap can be done alongside your order.

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Vacheron Constantin Patrimony

The Patrimony is one of the few watches in the world that’s recognizable through its shape. The dial’s perfect circle, plus the minimal styling, and classic combinations, make the watch a bestseller for Vacheron Constantin. Right now, the collection will have you choose among 45 combinations, but going for the silver dial in blue leather strap should be the best choice.

At 41 mm, it’s not the largest watch from Vacheron, and it certainly wears smaller on the wrist. Under the hood, you get a manual-winding movement with 36 jewels and a whopping 65 hours of power reserve. If you want it brand new, you’d need to set up an appointment with your nearest Vacheron Constantin retailer. The waiting list isn’t as long as some models, though.


The choices listed above are just five of the most classic recommendations for luxury watches. Every single one of them is an art piece on its own, so buying one or two aren’t just great investments; they probably last you a lifetime as well. So once you do, make sure you do take proper care of it. 

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