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5 Mistakes with Online Learning and How to Avoid Them


At least 3 million public school students have taken one or more online classes during their educational experience. Online learning is on the rise, presenting a solution to many educational challenges.

The issue, however, is that online learning does require a shift for both students and teachers. While you can get a full educational experience in an online classroom setting, it’s important that you prepare for the changes that come with it.

What are some of the mistakes with online learning that many students make? What should you avoid to ensure that you have a robust learning experience?

Read on for five mistakes with online learning and how to avoid them.

1. Expecting to Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Remote learning entails that you can “step into the classroom” from any internet-enabled location. The truth is that whenever possible, you want to find a quiet and calm environment that will allow you to focus on your studies. If you don’t have a room to yourself, consider getting noise-canceling headphones that you can connect to your virtual classroom and limit background distractions as much as possible.

2. Relying on a Single WiFi Connection

You never know when your home or dorm WiFi might get spotty. Find out if there’s another WiFi signal that you can connect to from home or learn how to best use your phone as a “Hot Spot.” If these options aren’t available, come up with a list of the nearest cafes or libraries that offer a free WiFi connection to guests.

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3. Ignoring the Syllabus

One thing that remains consistent whether you’re taking classes online or in-person is the daily class schedule. Even in an online setting, you will have due dates for papers or projects as well as shorter assignments to complete. Make sure that you save or print out the syllabus and consult it when you’re planning out your homework schedule.

4. Not Asking for Help When You Need It

There are many benefits of online learning, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always ideal. Students in an online class may feel as though they can’t ask for one-on-one help. Whether you need to hire a calculus tutor or schedule a meeting with your professor about your upcoming favor, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

5. Expecting Online Learning to be Easier

Online learning may make it easier for you to attend class despite your busy schedule. However, it’s not accurate to expect that online classes will be easier simply because you don’t have to show up in person. You should still try to participate in discussions, complete your assignments, and turn in work that you’ve done to the best of your abilities.

Avoid These Mistakes With Online Learning for a Positive Experience

Online learning is on the rise and we can expect it to stick around. Make sure that you’re aware of common mistakes with online learning, like the ones we’ve discussed here. That way, you can make plans to avoid these mistakes and succeed in class.

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