How to End Long-Lasting Relationships

How to End Long-Lasting Relationships


Bad relationships can seem like a scary scenario that has no end. By identifying warning signs of a bad relationship, you can develop a plan for breaking them up. Rely on family or friends to help you get through this process, and someday you can enjoy a healthy relationship again. If you think about how to confront the situation in advance, you can put an end to everything, as peacefully and calmly as possible.

Admit that you have a bad relationship.

To break an unhealthy relationship, you must first acknowledge their existence. It is very easy to ignore the signs and continue to live everyday life in an unhealthy relationship, but no one should suffer that way. Everyone deserves happiness. Write down the warning signals that you think are relevant to your relationship. Review the list to get a clear picture of what is actually happening. Share your concern with a close friend or family member to get an outside view. Remember: you have the power to change everything and break this relationship.

Organize a place to go after the break.

Ask a trusted friend or family member to shelter you for a while after breaking up. The presence of someone close to you who can provide support will help you feel better after your decision. If there has been any kind of violence in your relationship, it’s very important to tell someone about your plans so that this person can help ensure your safety after the break.

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Develop a plan.

To successfully break up a relationship, you need to come up with a plan in advance. This will help you get through everything easier. The most successful plan is one that contains a concrete implementation of intentions and/or language. “If I start to miss my ex, I’ll call a friend to go somewhere to have fun.” “If I start to regret my decision, I will write a list of reasons for the breakup.” “If I get depressed after the breakup, I will seek help.”

Schedule a conversation with a partner.

Get ready for a breakup. Having a breakup in a large crowd can be awkward. Think of meeting in a quiet public place to avoid confrontation.

Tell your partner that the relationship is over.

Be straight and frank. In the event of a breakdown, it is best to immediately make your intentions clear. Tell your partner about your feelings in person, not with a call or message. This will help you get through this process and show the seriousness of your intentions. Make sure that you stick to the facts, and do not follow the emotions: “Recently, our relationship has begun to weigh me, so it’s time to put an end to what is happening between us.” Present the news in a calm, confident voice, so that your half understands the seriousness of your intention: “I’m leaving you.” If you are afraid of aggression from your partner as a response, you should not meet in person or one-on-one. In this case, a phone call is the best option.

From now on, keep your distance from each other.

Once you have broken up, you should stay away from your ex. Bad relationships are often hard to let go of morally. It will be easier for you if you break off contacts with this person so that there is no temptation to go back. Remove the ex from the friends of all accounts on social networks. Delete the phone number of this person. Don’t go out for fun where you can meet with an ex. Ask friends not to mention this person to make it easier to keep their distance.

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Surround yourself with positive people.

After breaking up an unhealthy relationship, it is important that the right people are around. You need to surround yourself with those who will help you recover and will remind you that you did the right thing.

There’s no reason to find a partner straight away as it can lead to bad things happening in your new relationships, but it doesn’t mean that you should forget about other people for the rest of your life. Once you are done weeping and feel fine, you should go online and start dating Russian brides for marriage.

Free yourself from regrets.

When the relationship ends, it is very easy to fall into the trap of regrets and thoughts that you will not find anyone better than the ex. Remember that no matter how often you recall the past, it will not change anything. Learn from this relationship, not regret. Be kind to yourself. Try not to think too much about the reasons for the break. By focusing on the past, you cannot think about the future.

Forgive yourself.

You should not feel bad because of a breakup. Many people blame themselves for not noticing warning signals; however, such way of thinking will only make you feel even worse. Forgive yourself by saying it out loud or writing it down on paper. Remind yourself that each person makes mistakes and that you can learn from a failed relationship.

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