Top 25 Girl Christian Names and Christian Baby Girl Double Names

Top 25 Girl Christian Names and Christian Baby Girl Double Names

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Parents are usually confused with what to name their little munchkin. After the doctor reveals the gender to them, they frantically look for the best names to name their baby! So, if you’re expecting a baby girl anytime soon, start reading our blog! Here we have handpicked some of the best girl Christian names that you can call your baby by.

Everyone wants to name their little bundle of joy one of the most unique, cute, and adorable names. More so, parents try to find out meanings for the name they want to call their little ones and they have to be the best!

A name is something that the newly born kid is going to bear all their life, and that is going be their identity. So, searching for the best ones is important. And to do that, all you would have to do is read our blog!

15 Best Girl Christian Names

Naming someone is one of the most toughest things as the person bears this all their life. So, getting the best name to call your baby girl can be puzzling. But we’re sure it won’t be after you read our specially curated list below!

Check out the following, and we’re sure you will settle for one among the names given below:

1. Chloe

The name ‘Chloe’ is present in the Corinthians. And the meaning of this beautiful name is ‘fertility or ‘blooming.’ The literal translation of the name ‘Chloe’ means the young leaves that pop up during Springtime.

2. Willow

One of the girl Christian names you can choose for your little princess is ‘Willow.’ The name means graceful. You will find the name ‘Willow’ taken from Old English, and it refers to willow trees. The name can replicate gracefulness and serenity.

3. Lily

Another among the Biblical names for girls is Lily. The meaning of the name is not unknown to you! Is it? It is a flower that is present throughout the Christian holy book, Bible. And, of course, it is the symbol of purity! So, if you like this name, you can go ahead and name your munchkin ‘Lily’!

4. Genesis

Genesis is the Old Testament’s first book. And of course, 2019 girls were named Genesis, as it is the 58Th most famous name in that year. The meaning of the name Genesis is the mode of the origin or something’s formation.

5. Anna

Another among the girl Christian names is Anna. And Anna was a Prophetess, so that you can count this amongst the Biblical names for girls as well. The meaning of this name is ‘grace.’ Moreover, the ancient Romans would use the name ‘Anna’ to imply the ‘cycle of the year’ as well.

6. Julia

Julia is a name present in the Bible, but the feel of this name is exceptionally modern. You will find that in the Bible, the name Julia was dedicated to Jupiter. Also, St. Julia was a devotee to God and was very humble.

7. Lydia

The name ‘Lydia’ was present in the New Testament. And the name was after the town – Lydia. Moreover, the meaning of the name Lydia is the ‘beautiful one.’

Who does not feel their little angel be the beautiful one? So, you can choose this name for your little angel munchkin!

8. Gabriella/Gabriel

One of the cutest girl Christian names is Gabriella. Gabriel is the angel that is mentioned in the holy book Bible and Gabriella is the feminized version.

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The meaning of this name is devoted to God. And the name is of Spanish origin and literally means ‘’God’s strength’’. So, you can name your kid this name and be sure she is going to love it!

9. Elizabeth

The name Elizabeth is not unknown to the world. The Queen of England has already given us an introduction to this name. But the name ‘Elizabeth’ goes back right to the Christian holy book ‘Bible.’ And the meaning of this name is God is the person’s strength.

10. Martha

The woman called Martha used to serve dinner to Jesus. Also, Martha was the person who was a witness along with Lazarus; her brother of Jesus’s resurrection. The meaning of this name is ‘mistress or a lady.’

11. Hannah

Hannah is a name present in the Bible who has a close link with grace and favor. And Hannah is a biblical Christian girl name who was not able to bear a child. However, when she began praying to God, a high priest blessed her. And that blessing got her a baby son who was called Samuel.

But apart from the biblical roots, what comes to your mind when you hear Hannah? Don’t you think about Miley Cyrus in the Disney TV series Hannah Montana? So, if you’ve been a fan of this TV show, you can name your little munchkin Hannah!

12. Eve

If you happen to be a lively couple and your baby girl is the same as well, Eve is indeed the right choice. It is a Hebrew name, and the meaning of this name is ‘to breathe’ or ‘to live.’ It is a great name choice for a girl who is full of life, fun, and frolic.

13. Sarah

Another cute name that we have handpicked for your little baby is ‘Sarah.’ The name of Abraham’s spouse was Sarah, and she was known to be a prophetess as well. And the meaning of this name is ‘princess.’

Every girl is their parent’s princess, so you don’t have to give a second thought about this name!

14. Abigail

Another name that has made its way to our list is ‘Abigail.’ The Hebrew meaning of this name is ‘Father rejoices or ‘a father’s joy.’ It also has a biblical meaning as King David’s third wife’s name was ‘Abigail.’

The name has a description which means in the form she is beautiful, and in discretion she is good. So, you can name your little munchkin this name, and be sure she is going to cherish it all her life!

15. Rachel

Do you remember ‘Rachel’ from FRIENDS? Well, yes! It is one of the most common Christian girl names. But the origin of this name, too, goes back to the Bible as she was Jacob’s favorite wife. And Rachel gave Jacob two lovely sons as well.

The meaning of this name is ‘ewe,’ which means a female sheep. And it is needless to say that a female sheep is innocent and cuddly as well. So, be it Jacob’s favorite wife or your favorite character, you can give your baby girl this name!

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Biblical Names for Girls

Here is a list of biblical names for girls that you can name your female child. Check out the following:

1. Priscilla

Priscilla is one of the common names. The name implies the meaning of the ‘old soul,’ which means ‘ancient.’ Also, Priscilla is the person who converted early into Christianity.

2. Naomi

In the Bible’s Old Testament, Ruth’s mother-in-law was Naomi. And the Hebrew meaning of this name is ‘Pleasantness.’ So, if your baby girl is a fun and jovial person, the name ‘Naomi’ is absolutely suitable for her.

3. Tabitha

One of the most charitable people present in the Bible is Tabitha. She was charming and graceful. In fact, the meaning of the name ‘Tabitha’ also means ‘grace’ or ‘beauty. So, if you’re looking for biblical names for your girl, Tabitha can be a great choice.

4. Mary

The name ‘Mary’ is quite a common name in the holy book, ‘Bible.’ And everyone knows who Mary was! The gracious and beautiful mother of the son of God, Jesus. And the meaning of this name implies the character ‘Mary’ had, which is beloved.

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Since your little angel is your dear beloved daughter, you can name your girl with this name.

5. Esther

Another among the girl Christian names you can choose is Esther. It is the name of the Queen who was courageous. She was the person who killed Persian Jews and the king. Of course, it is no surprise that the meaning of her name is ‘star.’

6. Miriam

Miriam was the sister of Moses and the person who saved her brother from a river. The series of events also reveal that Miriam was the woman who was able to release the Jewish slaves. And the meaning of the name ‘Miriam’ is similar to Mary; it also means ‘beloved.’

If you find your baby girl to have the values and beliefs as Miriam, you can name your child this. And don’t forget to reveal the story of Miriam to her!

7. Deborah

Deborah is a woman who was a heartful and caring leader, prophet, and also a judge in the Christian’s holy book. Moreover, she held a character where Deborah would inspire the Israelites to fight against the oppressors.

The Hebrew meaning of the name Deborah or Deborra means ‘bee.’ So, you can well understand what a courageous person she was, with all the qualities of being a leader.

8. Magdalene

One of the most faithful and obedient followers of Jesus was Magdalene. She was a gracious woman, and the translation of her name is ‘Tower of God.’ So, if you’re looking for a name that is pious, you can choose the name ‘Magdalene.’

9. Rebecca

Rebecca is the person in the Holy Bible who was the wife of Isaac. The meaning of her name is ‘to bind’ or ‘the moderator.’ It is also among the most common Christian girl names.

10. Bethany

The name Bethany is after the Biblical place near Jerusalem. And the meaning of the name is ‘house of afflictions or figs. If you wish your girlie to visit and tour around the world, this is a name you can choose. Also, it is a cute feminine name that not all people choose to give their baby girl.

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5 Quick tips for selecting the best girl Christian names

As we have given you 25 best girl Christian names, choosing one might not be a problem. But if you’re still not sure which one to give your darling daughter, here are some tips.

Go through the quick expert tips below, and we’re sure you will settle for the best name for your girl. Check out the following:

1. Look up the Family Tree

When you’re selecting a name for your darling girlie, you can refer to the family tree. Check out if any one of the others in your or your spouse’s family has the same name that we have mentioned above. See if the personality was appealing, and then choose the name.

The name you give your baby must have significance. So, checking out the family tree is essential.

2. Go through the meanings

It is needless to say that checking up the meanings well before naming a kid is essential. So, go through the list, and we are sure you will get the meanings and settle for the one you like the most!

3. Get a suitable nickname

When you name your child, it is essential to check out a suitable nickname as well. For instance, if you name your girl ‘Priscilla’ then, you can call her ‘Prisci’ or something similar. So, always contemplate the nickname well before you choose your kid’s name!

4. Try out the initials

You might wonder why we’re saying this, but this as well is important. With your surname, write out the initials of your kid and see how it looks. This is because, at times, the initials might implicate a bad word. So, be sure before you’re naming your baby girl.

5. Say the name aloud

Don’t forget to pronounce the name of your child aloud. Say it loud and check for yourself how it is sounding. You will understand how others would call your baby girl later as well.

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Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our specially curated girl Christian names, we hope you’ve got everything you were looking for. So, select a name from our list and follow the top 5 tips we have given you above. By following them, we’re sure you will give your child the best name!

And once you’re done with that, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below which one you chose! Happy Naming! 😊

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