Pursue a Graduate Degree

5 Reasons to Pursue a Graduate Degree


An increasing number of people today argue against getting more education because of the cost. However, there is solid evidence that getting a graduate degree can pay off in more than just dollars and cents. Ascent Student Loans recently said, “Getting into grad school is a big step for your future – then comes the next step, finding ways to pay for it. it’s now more critical than ever for students to make smart financial decisions that set them up for success in school and beyond graduation.” We think graduate school can set you up for success, and here’s five reasons to Pursue a Graduate Degree-

Helps Your Resume Stand Out

When you get a graduate degree, you’ll show that you have the ability to start a difficult project and see it to completion. A graduate degree can help you stand out when compared with many of the other people who are competing with you for a higher rung on the corporate ladder. Right around 13% of American adults have a graduate degree, and when you earn one, you’ll have more education than about seven in eight Americans.

Helps With Professional Connections

Getting a graduate degree can help you connect with other highly motivated people in your field. This can help down the road as these people climb the ladder in their given careers. Your professors are also likely to be leaders in their fields, and their recommendations can carry some weight in your field of study. Therefore, if you decide to pursue a graduate degree, you should be driven to succeed in your program.

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You’ll Likely Make More Money

Those who get a graduate degree tend to make more than their counterparts with less education. This is not a given, but statistics show that getting a master’s or doctoral degree will enable graduates to earn more money. Not only might you earn more in the year you earn your degree, you’ll also have the potential to make more over your working life. Additionally, the unemployment rate goes down as educational attainment goes up. This return on investment can make graduate student loans worth the effort to pay them off.

Higher Levels Of Personal Development

Graduate degrees allow you to focus on learning what you want to learn. This is a big change from undergraduate programs that tend to have a core curriculum that provides more breadth to your education. In a graduate program, you’ll go deep into areas that you’re interested in. When you have an interest in improving your skills, you’re more likely to do so, and this can make you more knowledgeable in your chosen field.

Learn More About Your Field

If you’re interested in getting an MBA, you can take classes in marketing or finance. These will not only help set you apart from many of your peers, they can also help you gain a leg up on your competitors. You can learn best practices and cutting edge research that can help you think about your work in exciting new ways. The skills you learn can help you become a more innovative employee or make it more likely you’ll succeed in starting your own business.

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While you’re not guaranteed a better salary with a graduate degree, there is a strong correlation between more education and higher levels of success. That’s why getting started in a graduate program could provide you with a very high return on your investment of time and money.

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