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5 Things You Should Always Buy at Target


Target is one of the most popular department stores in the country. There is a good reason for that: the store is a large retailer of just about anything you can think of that you need for your home. Whether you need quick groceries, bedding, drug store items or toys for your child, Target has it all. In addition, it is one of the very few retailers that offer same-day delivery when you order online.

There are certain goods you can get at Target that are typical everyday essentials. Generally speaking, these are the five things you should always buy at Target.

Threshold Sheets

If you have a low quantity of bedding options at home, Target is perhaps the best place to pick up threshold sheets. For example, 400-thread count cotton sateen sheets are a huge favorite for many people. They are smooth and silky to the touch and have a sophisticated shine to them. They are also extremely comfortable, can easily be thrown in the washing machine and dryer and are resistant to wrinkling. Thus, not only will they feel so cozy when you’re in bed, but they will also look great at all times.

Seasonal Candy and Decorations

Many seasons celebrate with candy, especially chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth, you can easily grab candy and even holiday decorations at a fraction of the price offered by other retailers. You can save even more when you wait until after the season in question is over and snag your candy or decorations. You and your family can enjoy the candy and you can hang onto the decorations for the next holiday season to use them.

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Travel-Sized Toiletries

Who can’t use travel-sized toiletries in their home? Even if you don’t travel, you can save a bundle of money by stocking up on these items. You can get them in bulk and use them every single day. If you do have to go away for the night or for a weekend or even longer, throw your travel-sized toiletries in your bag and have everything you need right at your fingertips when you reach your destination.

School Supplies

School season will be here faster than you know, which means you need the right school supplies for your child before classes are back in session. Target is a great place to grab these items at a great low price. Whether you need notebooks, looseleaf binders, pencils, crayons, pens, erasers or glue, the store has it all. You can also be ensured that your school supplies will arrive well in advance of your child’s first day back, even if it’s only remotely, thanks to Target being one of the top stores with same day delivery. To top it off, you can even get free delivery. According to the experts at, “You can get delivery free with Target REDcard or $2.99 per delivery for non-cardholders. Customers can shop online and fill a box up to 45 lbs. (about the size of a shopping cart) with their selections.”

Children’s Clothing

If you have young children, you know you always need new clothing for them as they get older and bigger. Target has a wonderful collection of children’s clothing and everything your child needs. There are also clothes available for each season depending on the time of year. You can get great outfits for your kids and find underwear, socks and shoes as well.

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These are the five essentials you should always purchase at Target. The retailer should be your go-to for these items and more.

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