Accessibility Compliance is Meant to Be Exceeded

Accessibility Compliance is Meant to Be Exceeded


When the internet was created decades ago, people didn’t envision just how much of life would shift to the online world. Now that people rely on the internet for things like shopping, banking, and getting their news, people who face digital barriers are effectively blocked from basic society. Read on to find about the accessibility compliance, and why it is meant to be exceeded.

The world runs through the internet to such an extent that full access to it is a human right.

Business and government websites and apps have had to catch up in the years since to ensure everybody can enjoy the products and services they offer. In provinces like Ontario, the ethical imperative has been codified into law in the form of AODA compliance, but everything about online accessibility demands reaching a higher standard.

Digital creators need to know pre-launch that their sites and apps have no barriers preventing people with temporary or permanent disabilities from full access. That’s why it’s good that on-demand accessibility crowd-testing platforms allow companies and government agencies to build accessible products in less time. Read on to learn more.

Real People Testing

Automation is well-suited to solve some problems, but sites and apps need to be tested by real people with disabilities. Some on-demand accessibility crowd testing platforms have loyal communities of users to test products, and it’s hard to imagine a better resource.

Nobody can identify and address all the needs of people with disabilities better than they can. Being able to pick their brain in real-time and even share their screen is a massive help for UX designers, digital researchers and product managers.

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Website and app creators need web accessibility testing services using real people on different browsers and devices to skip recruitment and reach compliance faster.

Prototype Reviews

Ensuring websites and apps are barrier-free is essential, but it can be time-consuming and expensive if you don’t implement accessibility testing effectively.

It’s essential to have your on-demand accessibility crowdtesting platform integrated right from the beginning of the process. It’s always more expensive to go back after the fact and get everything right. If you share your interactive prototypes with a user and guide them through a session, you’ll be getting feedback from the start.

Working towards universal accessibility needs to be built into every phase of your development cycle from the very start until the product launch.

Security is Everything

Companies and government agencies may have sensitive proprietary information they don’t want just anybody to see. The consequences of a data breach can be a financial and operational nightmare. Project leads have total control over what other team members can see. Testers will never see their platform. Designers can share anything because every tester has signed an NDA.

There isn’t a downside to making the internet universally accessible. Beyond meeting legal standards or striving for commercial success, eliminating all barriers allows everybody to participate in society. If you’re launching a digital product like a website or app, ensure you have an on-demand accessibility crowd-testing platform with you from the start because compliance is meant to be surpassed, not just met.



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