Air Force Core Values

Air Force Core Values and What It Represents


Air Force core values are intrinsic to working at the Air Force.

You might have watched the recent Top Gun Maverick film, and the movie inspired you to find out more about the Air Force.

Cutting through the air in swirling motions as you pilot your plane is fascinating to watch! You might want to know more about the Air Force core values and the people who work here sincerely.

Around the world, every country has its own Air Force. Generally speaking, Air Force is a part of a country’s military forces.

Here, we have an article on the American Air Force, and you get to learn about the Air Force’s core values in America.

Films like Top Gun Maverick have brought many new generations to become aware of the heroic deeds of the people serving in the Air Force.

Fighting in the air is not easy, and the maneuvers that skilled pilots pull off while in the air are beautiful to look at.

The army, navy, and air force play a significant role in defending a country. Learn about the interesting Air Force core values!

Airman’s creed

Airman’s creed is an oath that everyone in the air force takes. It has been a part of the honorary rituals in the American air force since 2007.

The US Chief of Staff had started saying the creed in a letter. The purpose of the Airman’s creed is to reinvigorate nationality and honor among the people of the air force.

Within the creed, elements of heritage and legacy are intrinsically connected. The Airman swears to remain faithful to their heritage.

The Airman also emphasizes being an American and guarding justice and freedom. Valour is essential, and that is highlighted at the beginning of the Airman’s creed.

The Airman also promises to be an avenger and a sentry to the nation through the creed. They swear to save the country even if it means martyring themselves.

The creed strengthens the bond between the USAF members and reminds them about their priorities and duties.

The Air Force core values draw essential references from the Airman’s creed. The Airman’s creed also helps instill values like morality, responsibility, commitment, ethic, warrior mindset, and conviction.

The Airman’s creed is long, and every air force member must memorize it thoroughly.

Air Force Core Values and What It Represents

The importance of the Airman’s creed

Specific phrases are repeated frequently throughout the Airmans creed.

The fact that no airman would ever leave another fellow airman behind, that they would never falter nor fail, is emphasized a lot in the creed.

Elements of nationalism and patriotism are pretty evident from the Airmans creed. Creed usually stands for a religious or ideological philosophy or faith.

Since it is called the Airman’s creed, it intends to motivate the soldiers to feel bound to one another through a common ideology.

The mentality that people at the USAF would like to foster is one where people are obedient, disciplined, and obligated to their duties.

Airmen must follow the creed religiously because their love for the nation is akin to the love of a god.

The culture reflected in the creed is patriotism towards the country, organizing people towards achieving a common goal. These are also reflected in the Air Force core values.

If you want to know more, you can even look up the entire creed online, as it is available in a pdf format.

Every member of the USAF swears this creed, which is a part of the core values of the air force.

Air Force core missions

Air Force core missions have not changed drastically in the intervening years. It was established in 1947. Since then, the Air Force core missions haven’t changed a lot.

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The USAF was established with a clear intention in mind.

The section was meant to be equipped, trained, and then organized so that the USAF could promptly and effectively retaliate or protect through air operations.

Cyberspace and space have joined the functions of the USAF. The Air Force core missions are related to the Air Force core values. Both of them contextualize the other.

USAF has continuously incorporated new technology and innovations into its multifaceted operations.

But the stamen missions of Air Force core values have not undergone drastic changes even today.

The central core missions are command and control, global mobility, air and space superiority, global strike and reconnaissance, intelligence, and surveillance.

These missions are prioritized through specific values and programs. The various programs focus on procurement, training, and innovation in multiple sectors.

Significant to Air Force core missions are developments like acquiring over 600 intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Introducing a better management system regarding the advanced battle and acquiring the latest technology will give the ASAF an edge over other countries.

Developing future aircraft combat systems is also an important part.

Air Force Core Values

Air Force core values

People incorporated the Air Force core values into the culture of the USAF in 1995. There are three central core values.

The values are ‘Excellence in all we do,’ ‘integrity first,’ and ‘service before self.’ These are the three Air Force core values.


Excellence is one of the core values of USAF. It is the last core value but an important one. The core value espouses that an airman will always look for ways to improve themselves and their service.

Excellent performance and accomplishment are important both within the community and as individuals. Bringing excellence into everything you do is essential, mainly when the country depends on your service. That is why the distinction is so vital to the Air Force culture.


Integrity is an absolute necessity for every Airman. It is the first core element in the USAF for a reason.

The Airman’s conviction, courage, and integrity are tested throughout their service.

It is essential to control urges and impulses for the greater good of the people and their teams, to serve honorably and courageously, and to take accountability.


Service is the last pillar of the culture people values at the USAF. The Airman’s duty to their nation is at the forefront of their mission.

Service to others before self is desirable in every Airman. To have and showcase discipline and patience in their service is seen in a commendable light.

Following rules, respecting authority, and showing self-control are essential characteristics for an airman. These Air Force core values are important to safe work culture.

They embody the ethics of US patriotism and nationality. You will also notice that these features are highlighted in most Hollywood films or series based on Air Force.

AF core values and Missions

AF core values are intrinsic to the overall ethos of the Air Force. The Airman Creed and the Air Force core values are essential to an airman’s experience in the department.

The core missions of the USAF, like command and control, space and air superiority, global strike, ISR, and global mobility, are where these core values are present.

These values help airmen to understand their responsibilities better and make informed decisions.

The values contextualize the missions and how to do them that would allow the entire nation and the people.

Air Force Core Values and What It Represents

Global strike

USAF makes strategic decisions to help its members overcome danger or airborne conflicts.

The global strike also involves maintaining a defense against nuclear war and taking every possible precaution against it from happening in the future.

ICBMs and a modern bomber fleet is an initiative the USAF is willing to undertake to push the air force towards progress and development.

Space and air superiority

Air superiority is the most essential and primary concern of the USAF mission. Gaining control over areas where war or conflicts are spanning is critical to the core mission.

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USAF is also responsible for providing much-needed air support to the ground force. Space superiority entails certain aspects.

Reconnaissance, navigational, and communications over a specific area fall under this category.

ISR and the core values

ISR is an essential aspect of the core missions of the USAF. This aspect involves gathering and analyzing critical data and monitoring potential adversaries.

ISR is undertaken through uncrewed and human-crewed aircraft. The technology used here is cutting-edge and revolutionary.

It constantly evolves, and newer innovative features are added to the assets. Development and research are essential to the ISR mission, and the core values support this element.

Other technologies related to warfighters are also gathered here.

Command Mission

Reliable communications and stable network systems are essential parts of effective command control.

The USAF takes this mission very seriously through space, cyberspace, and other airborne operations.

Defending global communications systems is also an essential aspect of the command-and-control mission of the USAF. The USAF tries to provide Global Power, Vigilance, and Reach.

Global Mobility

Global deployment and carrying and transporting essential cargo is a part of the USAF. The mobility forces are well-equipped and are trained to provide excellent service.

Military services through the USAF are a reliable and secure method of helping the nation and the nation’s allies. Global mobility also provides USAF with a competitive edge.

The core mission and values of the USAF

The USAF’s core mission and values reflect the need for personnel and a wide range of modern equipment. Without these two things, carrying out the tasks is impossible.

The values guide the personnel with training and preparing for the challenges they are likely to face. There are more than 6000 aircraft that the USAF operates.

So, to man these aircraft, specialized people are required. Air Force core values are essential to an airman’s work ethic while serving.

The history of the core values

Air Force core values will give airmen a basis for building their expectations and work ethics.

The three fundamental values will provide a framework where the airmen can operate and see the basis of their work. The core values have meaning because people believe in them.

The possible origins of the core values can become apparent from the Army -Air Corps times.

General McPeak, the Chief of Staff in 1992, adopted these core values into the USAF to motivate and direct the members.

Fostering a strong sense of bonding and belonging was also essential. The initial list that was in operation during 1992 had six values.

But gradually comprised, and then there were only three fundamental values. In a policy letter in 1995, the modern version of the Air Force core values originated.

The initial six values were service, patriotism, competence, integrity, tenacity, and courage.

Dr. Sheila Widnall and General Ronald Fogleman published a policy letter providing three modern core values.

From then on, the USAF adopted these principles as a part of its philosophy. Integrity, service, and excellence are fundamental to understanding one’s duty towards their country.

Final thoughts

Finally, the Air Force’s core values should inspire you to embody the spirit and principle.

Even if you decide to become an airman or not, you must try and inculcate these features within you.

Having a guiding philosophy will help you as an individual and a part of the community. It is not an easy task to be a part of the defense forces of a country. So, before going into the field, you must accept that you might have to sacrifice your life for the ultimate service.

The dangers and risks are genuine in this line of work, and you must be well aware of them before you go and join. But if the values have inspired, you then consider going through the history of USAF and how it came to be.

The Air Force core values will help develop your perspective and give you a different outlook on the entire process.

Many people love to sit in the comfort of their homes and watch movies where heroes go off to fight. There are some real stories out there.

Art imitates life in this instance, and the things you see on the screen don’t even come close to the reality of being an airman!

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