Covid Vaccine news: IATA to Distribute Doses Worldwide With 8000 Aircraft

Covid Vaccine news: IATA to Distribute Doses Worldwide With 8000 Aircraft


As per the latest COVID vaccine news, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) promises to help. They will provide 8000 Boeing 747 planes for distributing vaccines all across the globe.

There is a discussion going on with airports, airlines, drug companies, and different health agencies about the distribution of Covid-19 vaccine doses. People are eagerly anticipating for positive COVID vaccine news. Therefore, IATA is planning to make this never seen before transportation possibility, go swiftly in the future.

The delivery program for distribution is keeping mind that there is one dose for each person. However, Airline authorities will be facing a severe challenge for Covid-19 vaccine distribution all over the world. Planning is crucial to overcome such a complicated process with all safety measures. Alexandre de Juniac, the head executive of IATA, said that the planning should take place now.

There have been enormous losses for airlines consumes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The company focuses on cargo rather than passenger aircraft. Thus, the COVID vaccine cargo distribution will be though much more tedious job.

Number of aircraft currently not enough

There are not many aircraft that will appropriate for Coronavirus vaccines. The flights must have 2 to 8 C temperatures for carrying any vaccines safely. There are few drugs which need chilling temperature. (Adrianflux)

Glyn Hughes bracing up the whole process of distribution said that the industry is getting ready for the massive challenge of transporting the vaccines.

Southeast Asia plays a problematic area for flights to reach. Because the countries there has hardly any Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing potentiality.

COVID vaccine distribution  needs military accuracy

IATA said that it is not possible to deliver vaccines in Africa immediately. They lack cargo volume according to the size of that region. There are also difficulties in the territorial crossings

The whole process of transporting the Covid-19 vaccine needs military accuracy with advanced technology to store the doses safely worldwide.

Globally researchers are developing 140 Coronavirus vaccines. Healthy authorities proceeded for human clinical trials with almost two dozen vaccines. For example, Oxford University’s Covid-19 vaccine had gone to the final stage trial.

IATA requested governments across the world to gear up with feasible planning. Moreover, they need to make sure the distribution of vaccines goes without any hurdles once it’s available.

IATA added that the COVID vaccines would be costly. Thus, authorities must look after the treatments of those efficiently to avoid any loss or tamper in transit or robbery.

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