Guide to Use Pixar Filter for Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat

Guide to Use Pixar Filter for Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat

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Pixar filter on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat is quite the rage for Disney fans who are active on these social platforms. You must have noticed the trend of people turning their selfies into their favorite Disney characters.

Some of those videos look fantastic and take you back in time. Also, you never know what character you look like, so it’s fun and surprising to create such videos and share them on social media.

The filter is easily available on all three platforms, but it’s trending on Instagram, and that’s why most people search for ‘Pixar Filter Instagram’. Some apps ask you to upload a selfie, which automatically turns into a Pixar character, while other apps will ask you to appear in front of the camera. Within a few seconds, it detects your facial structure and turns it into a Pixar character.

Are you willing to use the Pixar filter Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat? In that case, the guide will help you with all the details about how to use it, how it works, and all other necessary details to record the trending videos and get noticed on the social media platform. Read till the end so that you don’t make blunders while recording.

What is a Pixar face filter?

Pixar face filter is a new filter by Disney that turns your selfies or videos into Pixar characters. Disney launched the filter as a promotional and fun activity for people to browse on social media apps. Still, it got viral and left everyone talking about the Pixar filter Instagram.

Within a week, the filter has engaged over 215 million Snapchat users, and those videos have been viewed over 1.7 billion times. Teenagers are especially crazy about using filters and sharing with friends.

With every video, the filter gets more viral; even after months of launch, the product has maintained its space among users and continues to be one of the longest-running filters in trend.

Not only teenagers but people with a special connection with Disney cartoon characters love to use this filter because it immediately shows you which character you look like. Using it is pretty simple, and below in this article, we have mentioned specific steps to use it on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Voila AI app. Make sure you check the process so that you don’t struggle with options while recording. There are a few more interesting things about the Pixar filter on Instagram.

Guide to Use Pixar Filter for Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat

Who can use it?

The filter is free, and if you are active on any of these platforms, you can easily record a video that turns you into a Pixar character and share it with your friends to notice their comments.

There is no age limit or restrictions on using it. It’s for all, and if the apps allow you to use it, surely you can also try the filter.

With that, there are no restrictions based on country. These apps work worldwide, and it doesn’t matter where you live. You still can use the filter, and maybe you get viral on the particular app because the filter is trending, and everyone loves to use it these days.

We don’t think there will be any restrictions at all on using the simple Pixar filter but to be 100%, you need to check if the option is available on your app or not.

How to use the Disney Pixar filter?

The process is similar and very easy if you have recorded a short video on any of these platforms. You must appear in front of the camera and let the filter turn your face into your favorite Disney character.

You can select the length of the video; usually, people record a 15- to 30-second-long video. You can go for longer versions if you wish to act and keep the audience engaged, but usually, there is nothing to do. The filter turns you into a character within a few seconds, and that’s the only thing to notice in the entire video. Making it unnecessarily will surely make you look boring in your short video.

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Once you are done recording, check if it’s worth posting online. If yes, add your favorite music; most people are going for Disney music because it’s viral. However, you can use any music that suits your personality as a Disney character.

Play the video and check how it looks and sounds. If it’s perfect, you post it online; if not, you always have the option to delete and record a new video.

The process is simple and pretty much the same across all platforms, but if you still face problems searching and recording the videos, browse tutorial videos on YouTube to understand them easily.

How many cartoons are in the Pixar character filter?

Disney never revealed the list of characters they added while designing the filter; still, for this article, we have browsed many videos posted across all platforms and noticed no similarity among them. Everyone has a different character, which is the beauty of this filter.

You can never guess the character you will get, and the little surprise gives you interesting expressions that are the reason for virality in these videos. Before recording, can you check some online videos to examine how other people react? What’s making their videos viral, and which character they are turning into?

It helps, but your character will completely differ from what you see in all those videos. So, don’t worry a lot; go with the flow and try to record the natural reaction that will be loved by many.

Most creators try to overreact, and those videos look pathetic. Make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake and keep it as decent as possible. If you check the trending videos, they all are simple and come up with natural reactions.

Guide to Use Pixar Filter for Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat

Which apps support the Pixar filter?

Currently, the filter is available on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. You can create a short video using these apps and share it widely across all social media platforms.

Many people on the Internet are talking about creating these videos using the Voila AI artist apps. Still, we recommend you to stick to these platforms only because we usually have these apps on our phones, and we are already habitual of recording some or most of these apps.

The filter is already successful, and maybe with time, Disney will introduce it on more platforms, but currently, it’s restricted to these high-traffic apps. Also, you cannot record a video using your PC or Laptop; it’s only supported on a mobile app (Android or iOS).

Below we have explained the process of using the filter on different apps.

Pixar filter Instagram

Recording a Pixar filter video on Instagram differs for both apps. Because Instagram doesn’t allow you to record videos; instead, it will ask you to upload a selfie, and then the filter will turn your image into a Disney character. It’s easy and better for people who are too shy to appear in Infront of the camera to record videos.

Follow this process to use the Pixar filter Instagram.

  • Open the Instagram app and click the icon.
  • You will find various creative options; select reels or stories to create (whichever you like).
  • Now search for Pixar filter
  • Under the filter, you will find the option to upload a selfie from a mobile gallery.
  • Upload it and wait 5-10 seconds for the filter to apply changes.
  • Once done, add suitable music, play to check if the video looks good then share it on the platform.
  • The app also allows you to save it in a gallery and share it wherever you want.

The Pixar filter Instagram process is simple, but you can only complete it using the Instagram mobile app. The option will not appear on the desktop website.

Pixar filter TikTok

It’s not very famous on TikTok as Instagram, but if you are active on the app, you can easily create a video. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  • Open the TikTok app and hit the plus option to record and upload a video.
  • Select the Pixar characters filter to create and click next to proceed.
  • The app will immediately start recording, so be prepared to give a share-worthy reaction.
  • Once recorded, edit the video, add music and recheck if it’s good enough to share.
  • Click next to post the video.
  • The last option would be to add a caption. Use some punch and hashtag for a better reach, and finally, upload your video.
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You can use any music you want if sharing the video with your friends but if you plan to get viral, then use the trending audios that most other creators use.

Pixar filter Snapchat

Snapchat also allows using of the Pixar filter to all its users. Also, the filter is very popular on Snapchat; if you want to get noticed by a huge audience, then Snapchat is probably the best option.

  • Open the Snapchat app.
  • Look for a 3D cartoon-style lens on the top-left of your screen. Update the app if it doesn’t work.
  • Now, choose the 3D cartoon-style lens, and then the camera button will appear from where you can record the videos.
  • Tap on the button to take a photo, or tap and hold to record a video.
  • That’s it! Check if the filter is working properly and share it with your friends.

Snapchat is the only app that allows you to use the filter on both images and videos. Like you can click the camera icon to click a selfie, the filter will automatically turn it into a Pixar video. But if you are comfortable recording videos, press the same camera button to record a Pixar video.

It’s probably the biggest reason the filter became most popular on Snapchat. Also, it’s easy to use, share and download via the Snapchat app.

Guide to Use Pixar Filter for Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat

Pixar filter of Voila AI artist app

It’s the last platform on which you can use the Pixar filter. Voila, the app is not as famous as the other three, but the process is pretty much the same, and you can easily record good videos using this app. Download it from the Play/App store if you haven’t registered yet and provide the necessary permissions for it to function.

  • Open the app and search for the famous Pixar filter.
  • You will get three options Camera, Gallery, and Celebrity.
  • You can take/upload/ search pictures to turn them into Pixar characters. There is no option to record videos.
  • The app will begin the process; if you are a free user, you might see an ad.
  • Then, the results will appear, showing the original picture and the edited one.
  • You can use the filters provided to adjust the image accordingly. Share once you feel it’s perfect, and people will like it.

Voila app provides you with a different experience than all three. The before and after images created by the app are interesting, and people love them on social media. Also, it will be a different experience.

Are there any problems with using it?

Using the filter across all apps is pretty simple, and I don’t think you will face any issues using it. Also, we checked it ourselves, and currently, it’s working fine without glitches or lags. Follow the abovementioned steps, and you can easily record a video using Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram Pixar filter.

However, if you still face problems after following the directed process, we recommend you update your app or reinstall it. Check tutorials made by popular creators to understand the process easily. At last, you can always connect with customer service to check if they have imposed any bans on your account.

If it doesn’t work on one app, remember you always have the option to use it on the other. The process is pretty similar and easy across all platforms.

Final thoughts

We hope you have understood everything about the Pixar filter Instagram and can now easily use it on all the apps mentioned in this article.

The filter was launched quite back, but Disney lovers made it trending, and it’s still relevant in current times. If you have been watching Disney movies all these days, then the filter is must try for you. You might look like your favorite character but don’t know it yet. The only way to check is by trying out the filter.

Please feel free to mention any problems you face while using the Pixar filter Instagram. We can help you with the same.

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