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Six Blunders You Must Avoid While Hiring Movers in Canberra

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Moving a house or office has become synonymous with hiring a relocation services provider to make this seemingly cumbersome task a hassle-free and simplified process.

Undoubtedly, a removalist company with vast experience and knowledge can and does, add efficiency and professionalism to the moving process, but not all movers are created the same! 

Ironically, a large number of people tend to take things lightly when hiring a moving company. Read on to know more about some common blunders people make when hiring a removalist company, only to end up feeling highly unsatisfied and regret their decision at the end of the day. 

  1. Hiring Movers In The Last Moment

Don’t leave this crucial decision to the last minute. Obviously, hiring services at the last minute cost more than pre-booked standard ones. Rather, schedule your move in advance. 

Even worse is the fact that you’ll have to make do with whatever “professional” service is available (rookie movers, inconvenient moving times, etc.) as you wouldn’t have time to learn more. 

Hiring Movers

You are very likely to pay exorbitant fees for sub-standard services and might end up with damaged household items and an empty pocket! 

  1. Getting Only One Moving Quote 

You just can’t sit back and rely on any one single moving quote. Shortlist at least three to four reputable moving companies in Adelaide. Call them or visit their offices, talk to their staff about your upcoming moving schedule and requirements.

Ask them questions and carry out a background check for all the companies. Besides, you should gather quotes from top-rated movers of your area and then weigh your options carefully before making the final decision. 

  1. Not Getting An On-Site Estimate 
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No matter how many online quotes you get, have in mind that these can never be precise, simply because movers won’t have adequate information to give you an accurate quote. 

on site estimate

Seek an on-site move quote before hiring local movers in Adelaide. The movers need to visit your home to not only see the number and type of your household items but also their particular size, weight, or any other relevant information.

  1. Falling For Fake or Very Low Offers 

We can search online for almost any type of service imaginable and getting  information on moving companies is not a big task either. However, we tend to forget that the internet is also a thriving platform for scammers. 

Low Offers

Hiring any moving company randomly can punch a hole in your pocket. Recognise the red flags first and one of these is getting a very low offer that you may find too good to resist.

In most cases, low offers signify a potential moving fraud or poor quality moving services. Be wary of companies that request for advance payments or large deposits.

  1. Forgetting The Extra Costs 

It is very easy to forget about the extra costs of additional moving services. Since these are not included in the estimate, you will have to specify what additional service you will need to avoid any confusion. 

On the other hand, you may not intend to use any additional services, but circumstances may necessitate them. It goes on without saying that all extra services incur additional charges.

  1. Ignoring Insurance

If you choose Full Value Protection, your movers will be extra careful when handling your cherished possessions (they are responsible for either repairing a damaged or lost piece or compensating you with its full value). 

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Adequate insurance coverage will cover the costs of your most valuable possessions that might get damaged, stolen, or lost during the moving process. 

All things said and done, it all boils down to hiring a top-rated, well-established moving company whom you can entrust with moving your home or office. 

Do let us know of your moving experience and if there are more mistakes to be wary of. Add the comments in the section below:

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