beginner Aesthetic Drawing easy

Beginner Aesthetic Drawing Easy Samples and Ideas


Beginner aesthetic drawing easy ideas are here to inspire you to draw beautifully! If you are new to art or drawing, you will need to create pieces to help you develop this skill.

Painting or drawing is something that our mind interacts with innately. It is one of the primary forms of self-expression. From the cave paintings scattered worldwide, which people thousands of years ago had drawn to the present times of graphics art sold in NFTs, art has evolved, and so has creativity!

Aesthetics has had a long and convoluted history. Many artists and theorists have argued about what aestheticism states.

Through its many configurations, its essence has remained the same. The aesthetic drawing you are looking for might reflect the predominant style of pictures on social media.

Colors and ideas find corporeal forms through painting and drawing. So, if you are interested in learning more about beginner aesthetic drawing, read on!

There are so many excellent tips and points that you can easily remember and implement the next time you pick up a pencil.

Moreover, beginner aesthetic drawing easy is a rudimentary step that you can follow. These steps will help guide you in the process.

Aesthetic drawing

Aesthetic drawing has many connotations. Different artists have different standards of aesthetics.

Some might identify other parts of a subject as aesthetically pleasing.

At the same time, others might not find any aesthetic value in it. But basically, aesthetic drawing refers to a style that focuses on certain pleasing qualities.

Nowadays, aesthetic drawing refers mainly to human qualities drawn in pastel shades with exaggerated features.

You will find many aesthetic drawings on online sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. You can look through the artists’ renditions of aesthetic drawings to understand the feel of it.

While copying or plagiarising someone else’s work is wrong, you can still look at them for inspiration. The pictures you will find here might intimidate you.

You might not even understand how to start drawing. But it’s okay. Just take a deep breath and take it easy. There are many beginner aesthetic drawing easy steps that you can follow.

The actions and methods will help you jot down your ideas. Most of the time, you can take up your pencil and start drawing, but you need to have a plan other times.

Both are valid ways of drawing. Just take your time and follow the beginner aesthetic drawing ideas.

Aesthetic drawing ideas

Are you looking for good aesthetic drawing ideas? You can head to Pinterest to get some of the best aesthetic drawing ideas!

You can choose any character as the subject of your drawing. It could be a character you made up, read about, or watched on screen.

Now you need to think of poses in which you want to draw that character. You will find several different poses and how to draw them online.

Once you’ve figured out the poses, you can start focusing on abstract ideas. Do you want to draw the figures as is?

Or do you want to make something abstract and mix it with the natural features of the character? You can also pick up a theme for your aesthetic drawing ideas.

For example, you can pick colors for your theme, such as yellow. Now you have to use different shades of yellow and make your drawing accordingly.

You can choose themes or topics such as ‘lonely person,’ ‘a person smoking cigarettes,’ ‘moonlight/sunlight falling over someone’s face,’ or ‘a person holding an object.

You could also look for other interesting aesthetic drawing ideas.

Aesthetic things to draw

One thing you will notice when you search for beginner aesthetic drawing easy or aesthetic things to draw is that most have humans as their subjects.

While it is expected, you don’t have to limit yourself to humans. You can pick up animals, birds, plants, or any other regular object and draw it aesthetically.

An overarching style should justify the painting having an aesthetic feel.

You could either make designs, color palettes, or the way you sketch the subject as part of your aesthetic principle.

But you could focus on body parts on a beginner aesthetic drawing easy level. A person’s eyes, lips, and side profiles are the easiest to draw.

You can practice drawing these body parts in different styles until you find the one that suits you best.

beginner Aesthetic Drawing easy

The front shape of a face, hands, and particularly fingers are more complex to draw initially. The more you will practice, the easier it will get.

You can then gradually develop to remove the body. You can also visually draw cities, buildings, rivers, open fields, trees, vehicles, or clouds.

Mixing realism with absurdism is also something you can do for your art! There are several options available to you regarding aesthetic things to draw!

beginner Aesthetic Drawing easy

What is aesthetic?

Visually, aesthetic means a specific artistic expression focusing on colors, movements, balance, texture, scale, pattern, visual weight, and shape.

Artists use aesthetics in their work to enhance, emphasize or complement their usual ideas and style. Paul Rand, a famous logo artist, and art director, said that design is ephemeral.

You cannot confine its meaning and design in a rigid box. Design can sometimes correlate or be synonymous with aesthetics.

Design is related to finding a balance between content and form. Aesthetic essentially has to do with making something pretty or looking pretty.

It may or may not have any functional purpose beyond looking pretty. This is a layman’s approach to understanding aesthetics.

But this will help you approach aesthetics and start with beginner aesthetic drawing easy. Because to professionally draw something aesthetically pleasing is dependent on other theories.

Therefore, focus on the how and why of drawing something aesthetically. Aesthetics in art refers to a completely individualized approach to drawing and experiencing it.

Online, you will see people focusing on lips and eyes as a significant part of their aesthetic drawings. You can also focus on that at the beginning.

Sometimes aesthetic illustration can involve drawing girls in fancy or casual clothes.

Where can you get inspiration from?

Aesthetic, simply put, has to do with the beauty and vibes of a particular painting. If you have a strong sense of aesthetic principle and can implement it in your illustrations, that is fantastic!

At the beginner aesthetic drawing easy level, you must focus on developing a vibe. This vibe will help your creations get traction online.

You must set your vibes apart if you want to share your work online, such as on Pinterest, Instagram, or Tumblr. The process of creating something entirely yours is a long one.

You can get inspiration from finding artists whose illustrations you find to be aesthetically pleasing. From there, focus on the shapes and lines and the vibes that you find interesting.

Take those things and think of how you can add to them. On the other way round, you can decide if there is something you want to change or get rid of completely.

It would help if you created pillars of elements based on certain pleasing qualities. For the first attempt, pick up random images that you love the feel of. Create an album or file of it.

Then observe and find the elements you love about the pictures. This is how you can get inspiration to draw something pleasing!

How can you draw aesthetically?

For beginner aesthetic drawing easy, you can search for something to draw aesthetically. Mostly, you will find online YouTube videos on the topic.

Various videos focus on multiple aspects of drawing. But basically, the easiest thing you can do is to focus on specific body parts.

Step 1

For the first step, draw eyes.

You can experiment with the shape and lines of the eyes. Another option is adding other figures or objects such as stars, moons, or flowers with eyes.

Step 2

You can also try out drawing a person doing something or holding something. You can draw a face smiling or crying.

Step 3

You can draw a look with a blank expression with various combinations of colors. Try adding symmetry, depth, and frames to your drawing.

Step 4

Using shadows, lines, textures, and the rule of thirds is the best way of drawing aesthetically! People follow the Rule of Third in photography, but you can include it in a drawing.

Looking for leading lines is also a great way of illustrating. Using shadows in your pictures is an excellent way of giving them an aesthetic sense.

But it is not easy to pull off. It would help if you practiced before doing so.

Aesthetic sketches

Beginner aesthetic drawing easy when you are doing aesthetic sketches. You can take up a pencil, pen, or colored pens to do these sketches.

Take a paper and start drawing random shapes. You can also draw a character. For that, use a reference picture. You can take an actress or someone you know as a reference.

From there, draw the shape and then add lines and textures. You can make the background reflect something.

You can draw flowers, vines, or stars or fill them with abstract stripes. Once you are done, you can move to draw sketches of complicated objects.

You can take up drawing a hand holding a cigarette or flower. You can also draw yourself if you want. Studying a subject is essential whenever you are doing sketches.

It is easy to draw when you have something in front of you. Observe the depth and texture of the subject. Try to replicate them in your drawing.

Or you can add something that isn’t there in the actual painting. You can also draw the figure in abstract terms, just rough lines and dots or splotches. The only limit to what you want to do is your imagination.

Aesthetic doodles

Aesthetic doodles are a more straightforward form of art. These consists of drawing squiggly lines to depict something. You can draw a caricature of a vehicle or individual.

Doodle art is simple and making it aesthetic is the easiest! Just start drawing something. You don’t have to think too hard and perfect your style.

Choose a corner of your sketchbook and draw a line or a shape. After that, start considering what you want to do with that squiggle. Do you want to make it run, glide or curve?

Do you want to turn it into a weird squiggly character or make it a dog or a cat? Doodling is fun and meditative. Choose gradients of color to doodle your art.

You can also choose a subject from beforehand and make it aesthetic! There is truly no limit to what you can draw. Drawing is fun and liberating.

Consider drawing whenever you have a bad mood or feel bored. It will help take your mind off things, and you’ll be doing something unique.

Don’t stress out if things are not going to plan. There are many beginner aesthetic drawing easy options; you can choose the one you love!

Final thoughts

Finally, drawing is a form of art and expression. You can do so through art by the emotions you feel, the way you see the world, or if you have anything to say.

Drawing gives a person a sense of freedom that is visceral and absolute.

It is, in a way, permanent because what you have drawn remains until it is destroyed. Art is an interactive medium.

It engages with the artist and the audience.

Every art has something to say or something to communicate. Aesthetic consideration in art is primarily an individualized experience.

It shows what the artist finds pleasing and how they have portrayed that through their art. Aesthetic illustrations are trendy nowadays. (

You will be flooded with aesthetic drawings whenever you open Instagram or Pinterest. Most are girls, but you can find boys and gender-fluid people in those drawings.

Beginner aesthetic drawing easy is not very convoluted. If you follow the things you’ve read, you will find a way to start.

Starting is always the most challenging part. Just have faith in yourself and try something new. With practice, your art will improve, don’t give up!

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