EU Reopens Borders for Overseas Travel but Excludes US


European Union had declared in the past week that they were going to free the borders yet again from July 1 and so they did. They are not allowing tourists from 15 countries but those exclude the United States of America. The risk factor of US travelers is very high that’s why the European Union is not allowing the visa according to an agreement raised by 27 members.

The statement of the EU said that the council was going to allow nonessential travelers to enter into European countries. There was a temporary ban on the travel schedule of foreign travelers as decided by the union. The listed countries’ travelers now have the green signal to enter Europe. This recommendation list would see updates every two weeks.

China was in the provisional list provided that certain terms have to be met. India, Brazil, and Russia are not on the list like the US. Australia, Georgia, Morocco, New Zealand, Serbia, Thailand, Canada, Algeria, Japan, South Korea, Uruguay, Rwanda, Tunisia, and Thailand are the list of countries allowed by the EU. Travel restriction did not affect the United Kingdom.

New travel allowances by EU

The EU’s decision not to allow tourists to travel to Europe will be disappointing for Americans. This is because the United States of America is facing a high number of infections of coronavirus and also a recent outbreak of the virus.

The US has crossed 2.5 million infections and more than 125000 deaths which almost one-third of worldwide infections of coronavirus.

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EU has requested every country on that list to reopen its borders for European union member countries’ travelers also. The final list is yet to be enforced legally though passed at the political level. EU cannot decide something important as border control for countries’ behalf.

European Union said that any member should not decide travel restriction for any nonmember countries if not coordinated. The list will see updates with each week’s coronavirus spread data.

The countries which have met the EU’s criteria have met certain parameters. The parameter was 16 infections per 100,000 population within 2 weeks.

The Schengen and European countries like Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway reopened their internal state border from June 30, 2020, and they will allow external border travel from July 1, 2020.

The UK travelers will face no such restriction. UK was a member of EU till December 31 as the country is going through a transition from the end of Brexit. UK travelers have to go through the isolation period after they enter Europe.

France, Spain, and Italy saw a huge number of American tourists during 2016 as these countries are very attractive destinations. According to a study, Italy would lose almost 1.3 billion euro revenue without American Tourists in their country.

France and Germany gave emphasis on a coordinated approach towards taking any decision regarding these travel restrictions. They do not go all alone with such an approach.

Protocols for tourist’s allowance

The Commission announced that no restrictions would be there after July 1 to the people of Schengen countries (Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland), any EU nationals, and any nonmember EU nationals or anyone whose family residence in EU countries. They can freely travel irrespective of the fact if they were returning home or not.

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The non allowed countries’ exemptions are the following :

  • Only essential traveling is allowed
  • EU countries’ residents and family
  • Long time living EU citizens and families

The list has seen the light of success with having a majority of 15 EU countries’ votes supporting the agenda. There had to be 65% of EU members who needed to vote in favor of that list.

The new developments are targeted to help the travel industries of southern Europe which had a severe number of coronavirus cases. Those countries economy is in bad shape.

EU announced that the third country list will be reviewed every two weeks. Those countries will see an update every week from the council. There will be thorough consultation by commissions and a criteria level on the base of assessment.

The restrictions will not be there maybe for those third countries who get to be on the list or reinforced in that list. It is the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. If any countries lose that average set by EU then the sudden decision would take place.

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