CBAP Certification

What is CBAP? Benefits of CBAP Certification


Before we move ahead in this article to discuss CBAP and the benefits of CBAP certification; let us understand why CBAP and how businesses can gain from it.


Now we all know the first step for developing any software is gathering the requirements from clients. Long back when companies were following the waterfall model, requirements were gathered and finalized so as to start the next phase of software development. But with the growing technological advancements, the client requirements have become quite dynamic and need to be taken into account very precisely. Otherwise, the product developed at the end would not align the client’s expectations and would lead to its delayed time to market.


This crucial task is handed over to the business analyst of an organization. By clearly defining the requirements to the organization and communicating them to the stakeholders, partners, and facilitators, business analysts help implement technology solutions in a cost-effective manner. Requirement management is considered as one of the core skills of business analysts that can help fulfill business needs.


So, what do companies look for while hiring a business analyst? Well, there may be a range of skills where a candidate would be tested, but one skill that definitely grabs the attention of employers is the CBAP certification i.e. Certified Business Analysis Professional Certification.


Let us know more about this CBAP certification in detail and what benefits do you get on achieving it.

The CBAP Certification

Awarded by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), the CBAP certification is a globally recognized designation for business analysts. It demonstrates that a professional has extensive experience in business analysis and is a leading, senior member of the BA community. CBAP certified professionals are capable of tackling complex projects, working with stakeholders to define and manage their business requirements. They also have expertise in multiple business domains and can drive business processes and find opportunities to achieve better business outcomes.

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IIBA conducts a CBAP exam for professionals who wish to achieve this certification. The exam consists of 120 questions (scenario and case study-based) to be solved in three and a half hours. The questions are based on the BABOK guide – A Guide to Business Analysis Body of Knowledge.


Here are the knowledge areas (along with their weight in the exam) that you will be tested on in the CBAP exam:

  • Business analysis planning and monitoring – 14%
  • Elicitation and collaboration – 12%
  • Requirements life cycle management – 15%
  • Strategy analysis – 15%
  • Requirements analysis and design definition – 30%
  • Solution evaluation – 14%


Take the CBAP certification free practice test to gather an idea about your current status.


Willing to apply for CBAP? First, check out if you fulfill these eligibility requirements:


  • At least 7500 hours of experience in Business Analysis over a period of 10 years
  • A minimum of 900 hours of the total 7500 hours of experience should be completed in 4 of the 6 BABOK Guide Knowledge Areas
  • Minimum of 35 hours of Professional Development in the last 4 years
  • Two references from a career manager or CBAP recipient


Benefits of Getting CBAP Certified

Getting certified from IIBA is the best credential that business analysts can add to their array of skills. Here are some of the top benefits to consider when thinking about going for the CBAP certification:


A growing career field

Even if there is growing automation and technology is advancing, companies would always require professionals who are skilled in gathering the client requirements clearly and communicating it to the respective stakeholders. Even the US Bureau of Labor Statistics believes that Business Analysis is one of the highest growing occupations, with a growth rate of 14 percent from 2016 to 2026.


Demonstrated professional competence

When you achieve CBAP certification, you prove your capability of handling complex projects, speak the common language of business analysts across the world, drive the business processes, and lead the BA effort. Companies know that you have rich experience and proven senior knowledge as that is what makes you eligible for the CBAP certification.

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Enhances your employability

Business analysts are required in various sectors like Information Technology, Finance, Government and Public Sector, Consulting, and Healthcare. Getting a certification from IIBA will prove your seriousness in the field and you’ll become eligible for holding high positions in any organization. Even if you wish to switch your field, the CBAP certification will benefit you.


Better salary prospects

According to IIBA’s Business Analysis Salary Survey 2019, the global average salary of business analysts is $72,965 for men and $74,188 for women. Moreover, business analysts who hold the IIBA CBAP certification earn a whopping 19 percent higher than the average salary. If you are the one looking for a salary boost, then it is beneficial to have a CBAP certification.


Your path to leadership

Achieving a CBAP certification is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have dedicated working experience and knowledge in business analysis to get this credential. When you do so, organizations trust that you can lead the overall BA effort and ensure the smooth progress of the project given its high complexity. You can also inspire your team on how to better manage business requirements and drive business processes.

Over to You

The key to a successful career and remaining relevant in this dynamic job market is to keep yourself updated with the latest trends happening in your area of work. Today business data analytics is gaining more traction among companies that are willing to make more informed decisions by gaining valuable insights from the data they gather. So it is highly recommended that you take up an online course to prepare for CBAP certification, know about the current trends, and secure your future.

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