style an oversized shirt

7 ways to style an oversized shirt


Aren’t you bored of wearing the same oversized shirt precisely the same manner for so long? If yes, then these hacks will surely flip your style into something new. Find out how all the fashionable women in 2020 should differently wear an oversized shirt. Shop for all the styling hacks with a discount of up to 80% with an extra 30% off on purchase of Rs 990 and above with Ajio. You can also use many coupon codes and offers for availing more deduction in price. There are no rules for fashion, so use it as it is or come up with more alternation. Discover seven ways to style an oversized shirt to carry the refreshing and trendy look every quarter.

Styling hacks for an oversized shirt you wish you knew before

  1. Slits out shirt

Make an oversized shirt style with the lace outlining black shorts. It brings a fascinating dimension if the shorts appear from the side slits of the shirt. Dress this one for a casual outfit with denim shorts and white sneakers. It is easy to carry style with just a shirt after adding a tint of modification into it.

Buy the shirt from Flipkart for just Rs 490 and denim shorts for Rs 366 on Amazon. You can also shop the look from Myntra, which gives you a decent pair of sneakers under Rs 300.

  1. Crop top over a shirt

The other one style looks very comfortable, smooth as well as stylish. Add a crop top of a non-sleeved type from outside to get a unique look. Choose some pop-up color for the top on dark-colored shorts and wear pointed heels. You can also go for printed sneakers that compliment your look even more. You may also add traditional earrings for giving your look an old classy appearance.

Shop stylish pop-up colored sleeveless crop top on Myntra where you can get 60% and traditional earrings for less than Rs 200. Also, search for the latest deals on Amazon that gives you any printed sneaker under Rs 550. Shop on Flipkart outstanding pointed heels at Rs 599.

  1. Aesthetic beauty with a full-sleeved t-shirt
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Let us now stick to a few aesthetics. Swap the sleeveless crop top with that of the full sleeves t-shirt. Button the whole shirt tight. It looks adorable. 

It’s always fun to match the shade of your t-shirt with your bottoms, so shop for matching shoes from Myntra for Rs 288. Go to Amazon and get your full sleeves t-shirt at Rs 341 and shirt at just Rs 480 on Flipkart. Use Ajio, where you can get an oversized shirt for Rs 499.

  1. Tuck the shirt into a skirt

If you want to look a bit sassy, we styled a look where you can wear a mini dress or a maxi skirt too below the oversized shirt. Button up the whole shirt and tuck the shirt halfway and tie it in a knot from only one side while keeping the slit of the other side popping out from the skirt. This is the best look you can wear if you are more a fashion follower. 

Flipkart is giving an extra 15% off on all the clothing items where you can get a shirt at a highly discounted price, and Myntra is having an ongoing sale of 50-80% discounted products, so get your skirt in this sale.

  1. Party shrug shirt

Do you also have a number of party dresses but still want something unique to stand out from everyone? Here is the party version of styling an oversized shirt. Wear the slim fit one piece and use the shirt as a cover-up. You can surely wear this for any dinner date or party. You may also wear a top and skirt instead of one piece and use an oversized shirt as a shrug. 

Grab your perfect one piece from Myntra starting from Rs 299. Buy classy translucent oversized shirt with the offer of 60% off on Flipkart. You can also search a top and skirt pair on Ajio for less than Rs 700.

  1. Twin shirt
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Compliment your shirt with another bright colored shirt. Tie button of one shirt with the button of your oversized shirt. Make it look like one shirt. Use the other side of the oversized shirt to cover up your normal shirt. Remember to put a colored shirt collar over the oversized shirt side and oversized shirt’s collar to the colored shirt. Add a belt to give it a very slim fit look. 

Get a printed shirt or plain shirt from Ajio, which will cost you around Rs 400. Grab your another bright colored shirt from Myntra at Rs 330 only. Style your look with a sleek belt that is of Rs. 84 on Amazon. 

  1. Half side off-shoulder shirt

Unfasten the shirt halfway down and take one side of the collar back to look like an off-shoulder top. Enhance the look by using a belt that will give you a slim fit. Wear this with tight fitted jeans or jeggings. Add a choker to enhance your neck and bring your whole beauty out of your look. You can use either high heels or flats, whatever you are more comfortable with. 

Get your sensual style ready with good jeggings that you can buy on Flipkart for as low as Rs 179. Amplify your look with a choker and buy a choker online on Myntra that comes with many different designs. You can buy any one or a set. Grab your rule the world high heels from Ajio at Rs 992. Search your sleek designed shirt on Amazon for just Rs 499.

After you know all the ways to alter an oversized shirt, bring it into existence. If you lack your wardrobe, shop for the stuff with online shopping apps such as Flipkart, Myntra, Lifestyle, etc., to get the perfect and trendy look for every woman out there. Acquire your desired products from Lifestyle on an ongoing sale of 50-80% off and up to 6.5% and 7% cashback on shopping with Myntra and Flipkart. Shop more for less and be in fashion.

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