Cs50 Harvard Review - Why Should You Enroll for the Courses?

Cs50 Harvard Review – Why Should You Enroll for the Courses?


The University of Harvard is one of the oldest institutions in the United States known worldwide. The MOOC courses presented by HU have received enough popularity within a few years. The courses are cost-friendly and promote insight knowledge. Here, we will go into the in-depth Cs50 Harvard review and also tell you all you need to know about the courses.

Harvard University’s 2015 innovation, the Cs50, is an introductory development for computer science majors and non-majors. David J. Malan declares that the course helps students to think and address problems algorithmically and proficiently. Cs50 includes topics such as data structures, resource management, software engineering, and web management.

Cs50 contains several languages such as Python and HTML. It is usually available in the fields of biology, finance, forensics, and gaming. Harvard has also introduced cs50x, the on-campus version, and the institution’s largest course. The lectures of the course are found on YouTube, EdX, and iTunes.

Cs50 Harvard Courses

Cs50 has several other branches of its own. The main course is divided into three levels: the basic, core, and follow-up courses. The course mainly deals with the working of the internet, creating websites and apps, and the basic principles of coding. It takes place four hours in six weeks. The certificate is available free but also for $90 on EdX.

Basic Course

Cs50 Understanding Technology- The basic or optional course only contains Cs50 Understanding Technology as its only course. It can be regarded as the beginning course to the world of Computer Science. This Cs50 Harvard
deals with a general introduction as to how the working of hardware-level should be done. It mentions the creation of websites, insurance of security, and basic principles of coding.

Core Courses

The core courses usually include Cs50, Cs50 AP, Cs50 Law, and Cs50 Business. The Cs50’s introduction to Computer Science is one of the oldest courses available. It usually contains interesting topics such as web programming, mobile development, and gaming. It is a 12hours session which takes place for 12 weeks.

Cs50 Application of Principles in Computer Science- Cs50AP is another course that deals with computer science principles. It helps students to receive AP credit regardless of studying under HU. The course contains informative materials, assignments, and a final exam. David J. Malan is the conductor of the course.

Cs50 Computer Science for Lawyers- Cs50L or Computer Science for Lawyers is a boon for participating in the legal field. The curriculum focuses on both the small details as well as the big background. It provides knowledge in the fields of cybersecurity, data correction, and privacy, and internet properties. Doug Llyod, along with David J. Malan, teaches this course. It is taken for 4 hours in the time period of 10 weeks.

Cs50 Computer Science for Business Professionals- Cs50B or Computer Science for Business Professionals in the course dealing with business fundamentals. The course mostly talks about new fields such as cloud computing. Also taught by David J. Malan, it takes place for 4 hours in 6 weeks.

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Cs50 Harvard

Follow Up Courses

Five follow-up courses focus on a specific field or subject. These include Artificial Intelligence with Python and Web Programming with Python and Javascript. It also contains Introduction to Game Development, Mobile App Development with React Native, and Cs50 beyond.

Cs50 Artificial Intelligence with Python- Cs50AI talks about Python’s programming language, which deals with artificial intelligence. Certain concepts such as knowledge models and algorithms are a part of this course. It has advanced concepts like machine learning and optimization as well. Taught by Brian Yu, the course takes place for 20 hours over 7 weeks.

Cs50 Web Programming with Python and Javascript- Cs50W engages the students in the language, processes, and web app development. The main used languages are Python and JavaScript. The course also teaches about certain frameworks like Django and Flask. Heroku and Github are the services mentioned by this Cs50 Harvard course.  Also taught by Brian Yu, the course is taken for 8hours in 12 weeks.

Cs50 Introduction to Game Development- Cs50G or game development catches a lot of interest among students. The course deals with the languages, processes, and tools related to game development. Languages such as C# and frameworks like Unity are used. The main games used as examples are Pong, Mario, and Portal.
Taught by Colton Ogden, this course involves 8hours in 12 weeks.

Cs50 Mobile App Development with React Native- Cs50M deals with creating and developing mobile apps. The use of the Reactive Native framework covers areas like nature and components. The course teaches about tools like Redux and JSX and functions such as deployment and examination. Jordan Hayashi teaches the course for 8hours in 13weeks.
Cs50 Beyond- Cs50 Beyond can be considered as the other branch of Cs50W. It deals with the same contents and topics. Only the time frame and projects differ in both of the courses. The course takes place for 5hours in 12 weeks, taught by Brian Yu.

Cs50 Harvard Certificate

The enrolled student has to receive a score of 9 in the sets. He/ she has to also sit for the final exam taken by EdX. This is how one can receive a certificate from HU signed by Edx.
The grading system contains the options of Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory. Problem sets result in terms of design, style, and correctness. The course is usually not marked in terms of a curve.

Cs50 Harvard Syllabus

The Cs50 Harvard has got a massive syllabus that needs to be completed by the enrolled students. The instructor and the preceptor of the course are David J. Malan and Brian Yu.
The description of the course deals with computer science and programming. It helps the students to solve problems logically. The course culminates in both scientific and art-based subjects.

The course sections are divided every week—the first-week deals with the introductory section, following by C and Array in the next two weeks. Algorithms, memories, and data structures are the subjects taught for the upcoming weeks. The fifth and sixth weeks are all about Python and SQL. Week 8,9, and 10 deals with HTML, Flask, and ethics.

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Lab manuals, tutorials, and problem sets are also a part of the course. The syllabus also offers quizzes and tests. Lastly, a final test is taken, giving the final score of the student’s performance.

External Policies

There are certain policies that HU, supported by EdX, has presented. They are the lateness policy, extension policy, mental health, and academic honesty.

The lateness policy suggests that the course will deduct a 0.1% grade if the project is submitted late. Sometimes, too late work is not accepted only.

The extension policy says that the student can receive a 3days break. But it is not applicable for all the sets present in the syllabus. To receive an extension, a form is required to be submitted. But multiple times of submission can lead to cancellation of the course. If a work is submitted even after 72hours, it will not be considered.

A mental health department is present for all the courses under HU. If one goes through worry or problems such as stress and worry, this institution is ideal for them. You can take counseling sessions and psychological tests if necessary. Everyone has got access to this department. The room numbers have been allotted on the official site.

Academic honesty refers to being truthful regarding one’s own work. Students can seek help from each other while finishing a project. But submitting another person’s work as your own is unacceptable according to terms and conditions. The collaboration of all information in projects is acceptable, but cheating is not. Seeking help during quizzes and sets is unacceptable as well. Only the final project can have similar evidence that also under specifications.

HU has also provided a regret clause. The clause suggests that if an unreasonable act is committed but presented to the heads within 72 hours, the course may cancel or deduct the student’s marks. But, this will not be falling under any disciplinary actions if not repeated.

Cs50 Harvard Review

A huge number of students worldwide take the course. You may find the courses to be a mixture of comfort plus challenge. They usually start with the basics in the first few weeks. The difficulty grows up when there are classes on the languages Python and JavaScript.

Beginners tend to have a problem while understanding the flow of the subjects. But with proper effort, it is a smooth ride due to several factors. All the notes and videos, along with resources, are available in easy languages. If one faces a problem, they can call or email the professors of their respected courses.

The time frames of the courses are generally flexible. It will take you 12 weeks to finish the course. But students tend to struggle during Weeks 9 and 10 because of the final project submission.

The final project contains several new subjects, which makes it difficult to finish. But these new subjects are interesting and have got a connection with the course. You can submit it on time if you follow a proper routine.

Thus, Harvard University’s course Cs50 makes a student gain knowledge about the subject and factors such as discipline and time.

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