When Should You Contact a Lawyer

Dealing with Sexual Abuse: When Should You Contact a Lawyer

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In recent years, the Houston police department has received over 4,000 reports of sexual assaults, out of which only 40% of these cases saw charges filed. Moreover, the department suggests a 12.6% increase in sexual assaults, making the situation grimmer.

However, if you experience sexual abuse, contact a lawyer in the Texas city, it is best to engage a competent attorney and look at your legal options to win your entitled compensation. Leading Houston sex abuse lawyers will uphold your rights in court while pushing for the maximum settlements in your case. Here’s when you should contact them to receive all possible coverage required for your recovery.

Fighting a Civil Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

In Houston, a sexual contact, not consented, is sufficient to file a civil lawsuit against the abuser for winning compensation for your injury.

An attorney can fight your civil case with ease, ensuring you receive your compensation for damages resulting from sexual abuse. In Houston, typically, the coverage is for medical and counseling expenses, lost wages, loss of earning prospects, pain and suffering.

Dealing with a Criminal Sexual Abuse Case

According to UHPD, one in 4 women and 12 men get sexually assaulted in their lifetime. And a large number of these attacks are premeditated, for which you can file a criminal case under Texas state laws.

But a criminal case isn’t easy to deal with; you will need the legal help of experienced Houston sex abuse lawyers. They will help you find the liable parties, collect proofs and court-related documents and bring your case to a jury in Houston.

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Fighting Your Sexual Assault Case as a Premises Liability Lawsuit

As per UHPD, acquaintance rape constitutes 84% of sexual assaults for college students. In such circumstances, the property owner is also responsible for the incident, as they allowed the event to occur on their premises.

An attorney will help you fight a premises liability lawsuit, bringing those responsible for the sexual abuse to justice, thus allowing you to win compensation from them.

Handling a Child Sexual Abuse Case

According to CAC in Houston, 68% of child abuse are sexual assaults, and 2% are sexual and physical abuse.

When a child is a victim of sexual abuse, you would wish to keep their identity anonymous during the trial. Whether it’s a civil or criminal case, an adept lawyer will ensure the child gets his or her reparation, reaching final settlements outside the court.

Dealing with Texas State Laws

Under the Texas state law, sexual abuse is a serious criminal violation and falls under Sections 22.011 and 22.021, Title 5 of Penal Code.

A Houston lawyer will be well-versed with Texas laws, from knowing the statute of limitations to the penalty sexual assault charge carries in the state. They will ensure your claim is valid by having you file your lawsuit within five years from the incident date if you are an adult and 15 years if you are a minor.

Preparing to Face the Defendant’s Arguments

A sexual assault is a second-degree felony in Houston, carrying a sentence of 2 to 20 years in state prison, with fines of up to $10,000. And if it becomes a first-degree felony, the jail term increases to 5 to 99 years.

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To escape from the stringent penalties, defendants in Houston typically try proving your consent, lack of intent and knowledge, along with similar defense arguments. But by being aware of the other party’s tactics beforehand, your attorney can build a strong defense for you, helping you register a confirmed win.

The universities in Houston register a higher number of sexual assaults per 1,000 students, with half of the accounts happening between Aug and Nov. Whether you are a sexual abuse victim at your Houston residence or workplace, consult reputed Houston sexual abuse lawyers. Rest assured, you can win the maximum compensation to take care of your expenses and help you overcome the mental trauma due to the incident.

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