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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

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Buying a vacuum cleaner under 100 pounds might seem like a tricky task, but if you know which things to consider, you will quickly pick up the right one suited for your household. While buying an affordable machine, we often mistake which machine is the best for our use and overlook certain features. 

Here are some mistakes to avoid when you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner under 100 pounds. 

  • Too Noisy

Affordable vacuum cleaners can be a little noisy. The manufacturers cut the costs by using motors, making a lot of noise, or poor sound insulation. Since they cannot and should not compromise on the suction and cleaning quality of the machine, this is one area where they cut manufacturing costs to make vacuum cleaners under 100 pounds. 

While you won’t possibly get a noiseless cleaner at a low price, the machine should not be deafeningly loud either. It will disturb the neighbours, and you too will detest cleaning because of it. 

  • Not Capable of Cleaning Allergens

Your vacuum cleaner should be capable of cleaning allergens and pollen. While most low-cost cleaners can clean up regular dirt and debris, it is vital they also clean allergens and pollen to make your house clean enough not just for the eyes but also for health reasons. 

Check if the cleaner comes with HEPA filtration. It is capable of sucking allergens 0.3 microns in size. These machines also have excellent sealing systems to prevent any leakage of dirt. Do not make the mistake of overlooking this feature. You could compromise on some other aspects like the looks and style of the cleaner. 

  • Too Heavy 

While cleaning the house, it is only evident that you would have to drag the vacuum cleaner along with you. Hence, if it is too heavy, it will become a very cumbersome task. Try to opt for the lightest machine you can find within 100 pounds. 

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Otherwise, you will find no joy in cleaning, and consistently dragging a heavy machine  can give rise to problems like shoulder and back pain. 

  • Inefficient Pet Hair Removal

If you have a pet at home, especially animals that shed fur, you must get a vacuum cleaner that can clean pet hair. Not having one would be a huge mistake as your regular vacuum cleaner might get clogged or get filled up very soon from all that pet hair. 

You would have to end up emptying the machine now and then, and that could seem like a cumbersome task. If pet hair remains behind, it can be very unhealthy as it could give rise to breathing problems or even contaminate the food. It might even lead to pest infestation in your home over time. We recommend using the Bobsweep Robot Vacuum to effectively remove pet hair; for more insights, please read bobsweep Dustin reviews.

  • Not Cleaning Stairs

If your home is spread over two or more levels, you should get a vacuum cleaner that will efficiently clean the stairs. Most of us mostly concentrate on regular surfaces like flooring and upholstery, but if stairs are an integral part of your home, your vacuum cleaner should be able to clean them too. 

Cleaning staircases manually can be very exhausting. It will force you to bend, and you will soon develop lower back pain. So make sure your cleaner can clean the nooks and sides of your stairs as well. Also, it should be able to clean all kinds of regular surfaces like hardwood and even carpets. 

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By avoiding these mistakes, you will be able to buy the best vacuum cleaner for under 100 pounds and get efficient cleaning for your household at the same time. You can enjoy affordable cleaning without unnecessary exertions. 

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