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Rishi Sunak Net Worth, Education, Career, Life, and More


After the Prime Ministerial election and results in Britain, one of the greatest internet buzz feed is Rishi Sunak net worth. Elected as the first Asian Prime Minister in the land of colonizers is interpreted by netizens as the staunchest blow to the history of British colonization in Asia.

So, if you want to dig deeper into the background story of his rise and Rishi Sunak net worth, follow the article to know more!

While Rishi Sunak net worth can take you aback, the path to this success was not a bed of roses. So, here is a quick glimpse into his early life, childhood, education, political career, personal life and relationship, and finally, a grand look at Rishi Sunak net worth.

As Rishi Sunak net worth has taken the internet by storm, there might be a chance of many flawed interpretations of his history and rise to power. However, this article has taken its information from various government websites and other authentic sources to give the best accurate information about such a celebrity.

Who is Rishi Sunak

The grandparents of Rishi Sunak belonged to undivided India, in Gujranwala, which now falls in modern Pakistan. His parents moved to East Africa, where they migrated to the United Kingdom in the 1960s. He was born in Southampton on 12th May 1980. Later, he was fated to become the youngest serving Prime Minister in the history of the United Kingdom.

Rishi Sunak’s political career began as the esteemed Member of Parliament for Richmond (Yorks) in 2015.

After that, he became the Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Following this post, followed by which he served his term as the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Finally, he reached the epitome of his success. After the briefest 50 days of the rule of Liz Strauss, Rishi Sunak started his Prime Ministerial journey on 25th October 2022. Thus, he started his term as the Leader of the Conservative Party on 24th October 2022.

Rishi Sunak educational background

Hold your horses till we get to the part that deals with Rishi Sunak net worth. But, before that, let’s focus on the education career of Rishi Sunak that provided the foundation for such a successful career.

Rishi Sunak first stepped into Stroud School, in Romsey, for his preparatory education. After that, he studied at Winchester College, a boarding school for boys where the earliest signs of his leadership skills first flourished. He was elected as the head boy in that school.

Moreover, he also mentioned about he becoming a board member of a large youth club. Furthermore, he was an ardent volunteer to spread education opportunities among the masses.

Sunak’s summer holidays also had spots of mundanity. He worked as a waiter at a Southampton curry house.

After this, he graduated from Lincoln College in Oxford in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, where he bagged a first class in 2001. It seems like he had his visions straight right from his early years. This is further proved when we look at his internship period at Conservative Campaign Headquarters.

Finally, in 2006, Rishi Sunak completed his MBA from Stanford University as a Fulbright Scholar. According to Sunak, this was a life-changing experience.

rishi sunak net worth


Thus, if you have followed carefully, Rishi Sunak’s educational history was a mix and match of politics and business, and so were his careers.

This Stanfordish insight into business helped him secure the richness that maybe exceeds that of the British royals. So, before proceeding to Rishi Sunak net worth, let us keep the excitement brewing. Let’s first have a brief look at his business and political career.

Business career

Rishi Sunak’s business career is as shining as his political career.

In his own words, he co-founded an investment firm that collaborated and worked with companies ranging from Bangalore to Silicon Valley. With that experience, he also helped grow small entrepreneurial companies in Britain.

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Thus, the journey from his work in his mother’s chemist shops to helping small businesses grow into large ones humbled him to understand the importance of politicians’ support for free enterprises.

A happy union between business and politics seems to be on the plate.

Political Career

Before Prime Ministerial time

While successfully reigning in the business field, Rishi Sunak’s history will also consist of a discussion regarding his political career.

In October 2014, he became the Conservative candidate for Richmond (Yorks). Wendy Morton was his opponent.

Previously, William Hague, the First Secretary of State and Foreign Secretary, held this seat before Sunak. Also, no one could defeat the Conservatives from this seat in the last hundred years.

Moreover, the same year marked Sunak’s journey as the head of the Black and Minority Ethnic Research Unit of Policy Exchange, the think tank of the center-right.

Finally, in the 2015 general election, he became the MP for the same constituency. In parliament, he became Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Select Committee member.

Sunak’s term as parliamentary under-secretary of state for local government began in January 2018 after he got re-election at the 2017 general election.

After this, under the prime ministerial term of Boris Johnson, Sunak got his new post of Chief Secretary to the Treasury. He was also a member of the esteemed Privy Council.

Following this, Rishi Sunak gained a new feather in his crown when he became the Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2020. This was the high phase of the covid-19 pandemic. It was a time of enormous uncertainty, job loss, and financial insecurity. Some of the measures of Sunak didn’t also get high praise.

He got a penalty notice for attending a party when social distancing was made mandatory.

One of the famous schemes of Sunak was an employee retention scheme where businesses could get 330 billion euros if they met with any emergency.

rishi sunak net worth

After Prime Ministerial time

Finally, he got elected as the Prime Minister of Britain on 25th October 2022, which is the helm of his political career.

As the Leader of the United Kingdom, he has the ultimate responsibility of decision and policy-making. He holds the positions of First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Union, and Minister for the Civil Service.

Thus, how he fairs in his role as the epitome of power in the United Kingdom is something that the world is eager to see!

Rishi Sunak Net Worth

Now comes the most crucial question, how did Rishi Sunak make his money?

To know about the riches of Rishi Sunak, one will have to know a little about Rishi Sunak wife. Met his beloved while in California, Akshata Murthy, Rishi’s wife, is also the daughter of Narayana Murthy, the co-founder of Infosys, India’s tech giant.

Personal riches

According to an estimate by Forbes, the net worth of Infosys is $4.5 billion. Moreover, Akshata Murthy owns a 0.93% stake in the company, which amounts to $715 million. This comprises one of the most significant shares of the combined riches of Rishi and Akshata. Thus, their combined fortunes can be somewhere around $810 million.

Do you want to know the personal riches of the present English monarch Charles III? Well, his wealth amounts to $500 million, a quarter of a billion dollars poorer than the Sunak couple’s.

Real Estate

Apart from that, they also have their real estate portfolios. The four homes the two own in California and United Kingdom are worth $18.3 million. So, this might be a very sound insight into Rishi Sunak’s net worth!

Manor House is the largest property owned by Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murthy. Located in Kirby Sigston village in north Yorkshire, this property was bought for $2.3 million in July 2015. As per a report by Forbes, they are also investing nearly $450,000 to build a leisure center that will house an outdoor tennis court, a gym, and a 40-foot swimming pool.

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The official residence of Sunak and Murthy till the former became the Prime Minister is at 16 Hesper Mews in Kensington. Bought in 2010 for $7.1 million, this is a four-bedroom terraced residence.

He also has an apartment in South Kensington at Old Brompton Road. He bought this in September 2001 for $300,000.

Moreover, Murthy and Sunak had their oceanfront penthouse in California at 1705 Ocean Avenue, worth $7.5 million.

Thus, with this, the real estate part of Rishi Sunak’s net worth comes to a close.

Rishi Sunak wife worth

Apart from the real estate investment of the couple, Rishi Sunak net worth also gains an upward push due to the assets of his wife, Akshata Murthy.

We have already discussed Murthy’s stake in her father’s company. Along with that, she also owns Catamaran Ventures UK. It is a private equity firm of Narayan Murthy. As per the recent report, the firm’s latest assets stand at $million, along with a $4.8 million loan from her (interest-free). Before stepping into parliament, Sunak transferred his 50% shares of the company to his wife.

Murthy’s firm invests in several markets, including The New Craftsmen and Bloom & Wild. The former is a luxury furniture store, while the latter is an online florist.

Apart from this, Monica Healthcare and Hallmarq are also two essential companies where her company has investments. Reportedly, it also had some early investments in dara5, an investment firm whose founder was the ruling part of Qatar. Moreover, Loco, Reddit, and SpaceX come under the list of Catarman Venture’s $1 billion investments.

Murthy also has investments in India. Mauritius is a tax haven; thus, it is a company in that island nation through which she invests. Immassociates Mauritius has 50% shares of Sierra Nevada Restaurants, a chain that runs four Wendy’s locations in New Delhi. Moreover, it also has 100% shares of Dolomite restaurants. This group owns 11 Indian franchises of chef Jamie Oliver of Britain.

rishi sunak wife

Rishi Sunak salary

Added to his wife’s riches and combined real estate assets, Rishi Sunak’s net worth skyrockets with his salary as the British Prime Minister. The personal assets and investments of Rishi Sunak are not that public, but one can track his wages in different posts.

While being a Member of Parliament, he earned USD 95,000. When he started his time as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, his salary was nearly double, that is, USD 185,000.

So, the riches of Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murthy make them even more prosperous than the British royals. Rishi Sunak’s net worth might be an aspiration for many. Thus, as he rightly said, he is not guilty of the privileges that his parents’ hard work brought to him. Moreover, he wants to work hard so people can someday turn their aspirations into reality!

Interesting facts Rishi Sunak

  • Rishi Sunak practices the Hindu religion. He met Akshata Murthy while both studying at the Harvard School of Business. August 2009 witnessed the marriage of Rishi Sunk and Akshata Murthy.
  • Both of them captured the limelight of the native press when they were celebrating Krishna Janmashtami and were found worshiping cow at Bhaktivedanta Manor temple in Hertfordshire.
  • The couple has two daughters. Krishna, the elder one, was born in 2011, while Anoushka, the younger one, was born in 2013.
  • It is interesting to know that Rishi Sunak is a fan of Coca-Cola and even has seven dental fillings due to his limitless consumption.
  • He also has a cute Labrador Nova. Rishi Sunak is not a spoiled sport and takes much interest in horse racing, tennis, and cricket. He was also vocal about the horrors of racism in his personal life following the death of George Floyd.
  • James Forsyth, the political editor of The Spectators, is a childhood friend of Rishi Sunak. He was the best man at the wedding of Forsyth and Allegra Stratton.

Final Thoughts

So, with Rishi Sunak’s net worth assessed, I hope all the questions about his personal and financial life have come to a satisfactory close! Thus ends the story of the Leader whose riches exceed that of the British royals!

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